Tyler Perry Studios builds “Camp Quarantine” to safely get back to work

Wednesday, August 5

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Tyler Perry’s “The Oval” closes season with highest ratings

Thursday, July 30

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The Perry Foundation will partner with CORE to provide free testing in Atlanta

Saturday, July 4

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“Morning is Coming,” Tyler Perry pens essay reflecting on this moment

Thursday, June 18

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Tyler Perry will safely lead the way toward a return to production this summer

Wednesday, May 20

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Tyler Perry’s “Bruh” will make its comedic debut this Thursday on BET+

Thursday, May 7

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Communities come together in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis

Wednesday, April 22

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Tyler Perry’s brings friends and celebrities together in #HesGotTheWholeWorldChallenge sing-along

Thursday, April 2

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Tyler Perry’s “Ruthless” is Streaming Now.

Thursday, March 19

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Tyler Perry’s “Young Dylan” receives huge numbers on Nickelodeon premiere

Friday, March 6

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Tyler Perry’s “Young Dylan” gets premiere date on Nickelodeon

Thursday, February 20

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Millions watch “A Fall From Grace” on Netflix in first week

Thursday, February 6

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Monday, June 1

I was saddened today to hear about the passing of a true legend and icon, Dr. Joseph E. Lowery. As I was going through some of my personal photos I came across a few that I don’t usually make public, but this one said it all. Continued: https://t.co/aE0Qpj0DBE https://t.co/C33rKoP7pw

Monday, April 6

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