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From prolific, writer, director, producer Tyler Perry, The Haves and the Have Nots is a new television drama that follows the complicated dynamic between the rich and powerful Cryer family and the hired help who work in their opulent mansion set in Savannah, Georgia.

From the outside, the Cryers are the enviable face of success and wealth, but behind the veil the family’s dysfunction threatens to destroy their world of privilege. Cryer family patriarch Jim Cryer (John Schneider) is a powerful judge whose double-life, including tawdry affairs with high-priced escorts, puts his family and political ambitions at risk. His wife, Katheryn Cryer (Renée Lawless), is the ultimate matriarch portraying a loving and dutiful wife, but she is willing to do anything to protect her family’s status. Their son Wyatt (Aaron O’Connell) is a troubled angry jock who cares little for his own image and finds himself in and out of rehab. His sister Amanda (Jacyln Betham), a struggling law student, tries harder to live up to her parents’ expectations, but unknowingly has befriended a scurrilous young woman, Candace Young, with the power to ruin the entire family.

Hanna Young (Crystal Fox) is the Cryer’s maid and the matriarch of her family. Despite having no money, she has found other types of wealth through religion and virtue. She prides herself on her dutiful son Benny (Tyler Lepley), the glue who helps keep the family together. Hanna does have one dark secret, however, her estranged daughter Candace (Tika Sumpter)—a manipulative opportunist who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Other characters in the series include the Cryer’s chef Celine (Eva Tamargo), their wealthy friends Veronica (Angela Robinson) and David Harrington (Peter Parros), and son Wyatt’s rehabilitation counselor, Jeffery Harrington (Gavin Houston).

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  • Lena Evans Flint,Mi.

    I for one wish that black people would refrain from worrying so much about how the white man thinks we should be behaving. The white man this, and the white man that! Come on yall! How are they behaving, and how can they point any fingers?

  • Sharon persleys Dallas Tx 75216

    Do u have the: The have and have not on D v D?

    • Aj #2197439

      get the show on dvd here: havesandhavenotsdvds. blogspot. com or send an email to: jalalaliyu2@ gmail. com for seasons 1 to 4

  • Not So Sure Pennsylvania

    Though I find the show to be real in some ways I have to ask how much are Black women ready to deal with in order to be entertained. Why can't Candice be a successful Black lawyer who Jim is chasing but she doesn't give in? Why do we as people find cheating and killing so entertaining? What can we say to Causasians whose have that opinion of us when we ourselves find it entertaining? When Candice and her friend beat up the social worker, didn't that represent Black on Black crime? Isn't that something we are trying to stop? Why did Candace's brother have to sleep,with Veronica? He is a very handsome man and could probably get any woman he wanted. I think we have to make some decisions about how we want people to view us and do more to make sure they view us that way. If our own people portray us in a negative way and we enjoy it, why do we get upset with other cultures when they view us the same way?

    • lorraine #2197428

      Not So Sure, you make some good points, but let's be real: white folks' feelings about us are so ingrained, they aren't going to change anytime soon! They continue to paint us all w/the same brush b/c all they see/hear of us is negative! It's up to the hard working regular folks, through their behavior, to change our image (and I DON'T mean by sucking up to the white man)! Just be the best YOU can be! You can't change other people...that's THEIR job! *Violence sells, but it's also part of our reality, unfortunately!

    • alvitta Burton #2198291

      This is a show for entertainment, why are you being so dramatic. If you don't like the show watch something that you like.

    • rhonda NJ #2198364

      Agreed 100%. there are lots and lots of other shows to watch. Just hit the surf button and do your thang. Got it? The remote buttons are your best friend!Just let your fingers do the looking.

  • Billie Houston, Texas

    Love the show, I really don't like War. I think he needs to die out like Quincy because his character is so vile. Hate to see Black men portrayed this way, hustler, taking what's not his, a loser. No loyalty to his life-long friends, Hanna, Candice or Benny. Get him out of the picture some kind of way.

  • glo patte

    Tyler Perry you know you are writing. I love, love, love the HAHN. That Veronica is something else. I did not think Wyatt would be killed off, especially since the Cryer's had lost Amanda. I'm sick of War and hope Candice gets the money back. You keep us on edge. Waiting for if loving you is wrong to come back on. Thanks Tyler

  • Wendy Akron

    Hahn is the best show. Tyler Perry needs to spend more time on it and less time on the other ones. #love Veronica. Are you making any Madea movies soon??

    • Jalen Orlando #2197374

      He is, Boo! A Madea Halloween comes out October 21st. You can see the channel on this website!

  • lorraine

    I don't understand why so many folks seem to think Wyatt is still alive?! If we're talking reality here, he SHULD be dead, w/the amount of drugs he consumed! His 'friends' left him high and dry on that bed...IF the writers chicken out and keep him alive, I'm done! it's so phony! IF he lives, he should be a brain dead vegetable in a coma! And as far as I'm concerned, he has outlived his usefulness on the show, just like Amanda; they are not the focus of the show anyway, so why keep him? The DA already has all the info she needs on both families, so she doesn't need him now; and Jeffrey needs to move on b/c Wyatt is a loser and he doesn't even love or respect Jeffrey! It's all about Veronica getting what's coming to her, along w/Candace! The causes both of them have made, have to come back to b*** them big time! I like War, but I knew he'd be set up, and War is going to take his vengeance out on Candace by having Benny killed anyway, to make her suffer! Mitch won't be able to do anything about that b/c he won't see it coming!!

    • thebrasta #2197280

      I feel the way you do that Wyatt is dead. The promo suggested that someone want him murder so he may have been killed as we will not know his true cause of death unless they do an autopsy. You may be on to something having Benny killed by War for revenge in believing Candace set up the drug bust.

    • Shelly #2197297

      I agree with you Lorraine. Except War killing Benny. War is the new bad boy like Quincy it seems. Benny will. destroy War. Candace got hers coming. I know one thing she better not miss NO payments.

  • Takyla Arkansas

    Where Can I Watch These Episodes From Season 1 Up Till Now ??

    • AJ #2197277

      For dvds of haves and have nots visit havesandhavenotsdvds. blogspot. com or send an email to: jalalaliyu2 @gmail. com

  • Tehebrasta

    Veronica provoke Jeffrey to stabbed her in saying all those cruel things to him. I hope the police officer can help Jeffrey with his dilemma. War and Jim will meet up in jail and talk about how to get even with Candace. Hopefully Mitch will not do time in setting up War. I thought by now Quincy sister would be questioning Veronica as the whereabouts of her brother Quincy.

    • Carmen Sacramento #2197438

      Interesting point. Didn't think of that, Jim and War meeting up in jail. Wow!

    • AlleyCat Michigan #2197603

      That is interesting! Because Jim will tell War that Candace blackmailed him for 7.5 million and Candace told War it was 4 million (lied to him again)

    • lorraine #2197644

      Hi, Alley Cat; actually, War already knows she got 7+M when he found out how much her house, Benny's house, and the tow yard cost! Benny told him! She had told War she ONLY got 4M and gave him a measley 10K, that's why he was so p.o.'d when he found out how much she really got! Hey, I'd be mad, too! 10K for all the things he did for her??? That's chump change! She could have at least made it $100K! But she's such a conniving wench, she just took advantage of his feelings for her; sorry, but I have NO sympathy for her, just the unfortunate folks who have to pay for her sh-t!

    • cityoflaurel Maryland #2197992

      I believe it was more than 10K. Go back to rewatch. I think it may have been about 150K. but I know for sure if wasn't 10K.

    • Lena Evans Flint,Mi. #2197994

      You are correct! It was 150,000 dollars that she paid War for helping her kidnap Jim. He thought that she had only blackmailed him for 400,000.

  • Jean Louisiana

    Veronica needs to be put in a coma until next season. When she awake Jeffery is married to a Man. Her Husband had control of her Funds. Now she is broke. The young Lady had a miscarriage. Wayatt is alive, the Proscutor Jennifer get whipped by Catherine. War needs to be off the show, he has played out.

    • ANNA THOMAS Houston #2197227

      I so agree, I have become tired of war, the same way I did with Quincy. It is time to have Veronica committed to a mental institution. I also believe Wyatt is still alive. So tired of Jeffrey letting his mother dictate his life, no matter what she thinks she has on him, she can't prove that Jeffrey was involved in it. I wanted to stab Veronica myself.

    • alvitta Burton #2198294

      That was great when he stabbed Veronica. She was way overdue.

  • Delnisio Alexandria

    Wow last night show was good, Wonder what's going to happen with WAR and Candace. I saw that coming with jeffery, but didn't think he would stab her. Just wish it would come out on DVD, I will buy it in a heartbeat

    • AJ #2197278

      For dvds of haves and have nots visit havesandhavenotsdvds. blogspot. com or send an email to: jalalaliyu2 @gmail. com Seasons 1 to 4

  • Renee Louise' Martin New Orleans, La

    Love the show have been watching since day 1! Last night was great but some of the comments made by Veronica about growing up in the hood really pissed me off!!!! I know its a show and I know snooty folks like her feel that way but its a bit too much! Thanks for the show and I am really ready for Veronica to go! Thanks!

    • ANNA THOMAS #2197229

      I am so not ready for Veronica to leave the show, no matter how much she pisses me off... Her character is so sinister and compelling that's she keeps me on the edge of my seat. But it is time for her to reap some of what she has sown. She and Candace.

    • Rhonda NJ #2198682

      Please forgive my occasional errors... Yeah just because Veronica pour the luminol all over the floor in candices livingroom doesn't mean Jeffery has anything to do with whatever she might think went on in there. Just because LaQueeta told Veronica, that she believe candice had something to do with her brothers disappearance doesn't mean it is written in stone, though we do know she is correct. Don't let Veronica be right for a change. Veronica's the person you love to hate! I really wanted David and Maggie to have a fling for awhile to give her a good taste of her own medicine. Amd as for Melissa I don't think she is pregnant, just a way to take care of her parents. As for Jeffery getting married with whom will that be? The cop is already married.

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