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  • Have you been? #1920968 » Posted in: My online family

    You must be baptized in the name of Jesus Not as a Boy or Girl, as Man or Woman.

    • Who's #1920969


    • Yes I've #1921005

      Been baptized as a grown woman.

  • Veltee Davis #1920967 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler, why people don't believe that it ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun...lol My mom said hey, hope your day is going great. Be bless.

  • angeline green summerville sc #1920966 » Posted in: My online family

    hi tyler! i just wanted to let you and all your staff know that y,all are doing a great job on the haves and the haves not .i truly think this is one of the best yet,don,t get me wrong i love all y,all shows. and i have all of them.i sure hope that you put on dvd real soon for better or worst the haves and the haves not so they can go in my collections also.tell everyone that candy from summerville said hello and may god bless each of them.

  • Angie Dolton #1920965 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry, It's been hard watching "The Have and the Have Nots" It's like experiencing my son in his coma all over again.I called one of your offices and asked your secretary to ask you to pray for my son per my mothers' request. She told me she was going to fax you the message. I too refused to pull the plug, although the staff and doctors counseled me to do so. I called my family who I had not spoken to in over 30 years and asked them for their forgiveness and prayers. 13 Aunts and Uncles plus cousins. With you, your staff, and a small nation of Saints, my son woke up from being clinically dead. The nurse told me someone called for the autopsy results, but she laughed and told them, she will get them to them as soon as my son stopped walking around the room, entertaining his friends. His first words he mouthed was "I love you, Dad" Although he had never seen his father before. I told his father the hospital wanted me to pull the p*** on his first born son and I've made every decision his whole life, but I needed help with this one. His wife let him fly to Chicago and he stayed two weeks.(No he was not married when I got pregnant) The Reverend that was with us, almost had a nervous breakdown after witnessing my son's recovery. My son will never be the same, kind of like what happened in Pet Sematary the movie, but I love him so much. He was going on tour with his band, before his sudden illness. Our lives have totally changed. Me watching and judging everything he does has put a strain on our relationship. Enough of that. Just make sure Benny wakes up. If you want more drama, make Benny almost impossible to deal with and bring Candace and her mom together, like me and my youngest son are in order to deal with my son(like Benny) mood changes. Thanks for the prayers from you and your staff.

  • Jose Manuel Cruz Raleigh, NC #1920964 » Posted in: My online family

    I would like to know if you can take a look at my Art Work at www.cruzwearstudios.weebly.com to see if I can have the opportunity to have my work on your sets on television as well as in your featured films. I also wanted to know as the chair of my middle school art department if it will be possible for you to donate your professional services and revamp our auditorium which only sits 150 people with our school population at over 11oo students and more the half that number title one. I look forward to hearing from you soon to see if we can get together and discuss these matters. Thank you and continued blessings and success. Best Regards, Jose

  • Jane C Washington. DC #1920963 » Posted in: Let's Talk About Last Night's The Haves And Have Nots

    Hi Tyler, Love the The Have and The Have Nots show. My sister, our 97 year old mother, and I can't wait until Tuesday night. keep up the Genius Work. The best show on TV. Also , Love the comedy Love Thy Neighbor, too. See it evey Wednesday night. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and GOD BLESS. Jane C

  • Shana Brooklyn newyork #1920962 » Posted in: My online family

    I would like you to do a movie about a real life story I have a topic that I want the movie to be on so if you could contact me and check out my ideas that would be great

  • Marilyn Teague Lumberton, NC 28358 #1920961 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Tyler Perry, We are so thrilled that we are going to see you in your new play in Fayetteville, NC on 2/27/14. Look for us at the Crown... our sign will say: REMEMBERING ANNE MARIE Would you give a pint of blood to save a live? Help us collect 1,000,000 pints of blood! I will never forget your kindness to me when Anne Marie was killed by a vehicle (2/18/12) in Brentwood, California. You are truly doing God's work every day. Marilyn Teague

  • BRITE-I Calming Spirits #1920960 » Posted in: The Upside and the Downside

    How did you quickly go from the blessing of giving,the children, and your mothers smile.. to the curse of prosecuting them under the fullest extent of the law... From something so beautiful and warm to something so bleak and dark... I am slowly becoming convinced that regardless of your success that emotions will flow from the left to the right until inner peace and forgiveness is found. If I had one wish: I would wish for world peace or should I say a sense of peace about the world.. That would be a need, but I also have wants... yet I have enough sense to know if I get all of my wants, there will yet be a void because my need will be missing. My need, my purpose, my passion - Is greater than me... Yet as you said it will make room for me.. I have been reaching out to you through this mode of communication for years now both in the attempt to give and receive.. gaging your temperature by turning negatives into positives, and utilizing your words to calm my soul and remind me of God Grace, and sometimes just to say AMEN :) Being snowed has become more calming, The ground is still covered with snow and ice, yet there is a calming in the blue sky and hearing the birds and the dogs.. This is a sign that my physical storm has come to an end... What Next??? I have to assume that I have not been alone and that you have heard my words, for believing that bring me peace. What are your intention? is the question that the old folks usta ask... My intentions are to feed and be fed the word of the Lord, with no expectations. If I had one thing to ask of you, Id ask for a safe place.. There that word safe goes again.. I would never want for anything that was intended to be of God to be tainted, I have prayed and shared thought in privacy now I am sprawled over the internet.. I can give all of the why not, but I cant even think about the whys?? Be blessed and have a wonderful day, I would ask for prayers but I know if you are hearing my you are already praying.. lol

  • L us #1920958 » Posted in: My online family

    Oh please. Hi Tyler. If you pass by this window, Stay safe. Oh my gosh..

    • Ora Richman Marion, Arkansas #1921047

      I know a man with schizophrenia and he is an athiest and do not believe in God. He hear voices when he is not on his medication and is far from being violent. He is 35 and never had motives to commit murder. Actually people with schizophrenia fear big crowds and loves to talk a whole lot nonstop. They are harmless people that live in fear and is always paranoid of others using or hurting them.

  • William Winston Salem, NC #1920959 » Posted in: My online family

    I had the privilege of seeing the new play by Tyler Perry last night in Greensboro, NC "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". If it comes to your city or a city nearby, you should definitely take the opportunity to see it!

  • Jerry Mike USA #1920957 » Posted in: Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor

    It's awesome and amazing. My name is Jerry Mike from the United States. Getting my wife back is what i least expected and could never imagine. I and my wife have been married for five years and we have been living happily but all of a sudden she changed completely and turned away from me but i never knew what was going on, and i tried to ask her but she refused to tell me what the problem is, and as time went on she sought for a divorce. I was so worried and confused. During my search for a way out, a friend of mine who had similar problem told me about a great spell caster called Great Ovoko who helped him with his situation. I never use to believe in spell casting in my entire life because i never thought it will work but i tried to give this man a chance and to my greatest surprise it got me a positive result and i was able to get my wife back. Even after the spell caster did his work, i discovered that my wife fell so much in love with me unlike before. This spell casting isn't brain washing but he opened up her eyes to see how much i love and needed her. Now i am a happy man again and do not know what to do for him and so i am using this opportunity to tell anyone having similar problem to visit him on and just tell him your problems and he will help you because he is so real and his spells is so powerful. Once again thank you Great Ovoko and may your gods reward you for your good deeds.

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