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  • Thinking of you still! SC #1894250 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler you are hard to resist! I won't change how I feel about you though. You will just be dormant in my mind. I will still gaze at your wonderful smile. Read all your comments and fantasize of holding hands walking in a park with you. No harm in dreaming I guess. I love the picture of you in the gray suit the most. Tall, chocolate,and so handsome! I really got a love jones for you. I just want to Shake You Down(Gregory Abbot) Good song! I listen to music more than watching TV. I listen to some of everything. But grew up on oldies but goodies. So that's my favorite. I'm going to workout now and do some Yoga. Still working on my figure! Have a good night and enjoy yourself!

  • T Ft Worth, TX #1894248 » Posted in: My online family

    Happy Birthday Tyler! Wishing you many more and make it a special day! Love you!:-)

  • Love You More USA #1894247 » Posted in: My online family

    Happy Holidays

    • Love YOU more! Mumumumuah!! #1894257

      Happy Holidays to US all

  • Jax new york, ny #1894245 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Tyler, I am a fan and I find your movies, not only funny, but heart warming. I wanted to write to you to ask if you could make a movie out of the book "The Color Of Water' by James McBride. I have read the book many times and thought how wonderful it would be if it were made in to a movie for the world to see and experience. I think you will do it justice and stay true to its content. Happy Holidays, Jax Libb

  • Here I am LORD! SC #1894240 » Posted in: My online family

    Please forgive me, I know not what i do, Please forgive me, I can't stop loving you( Bryan Adams) I understand I need to just embrace the boredom. Take my mind to another place. So I will break every chain from now on. Reality is....whats next for Sheryl?(tears) I really don't know. Jah take me where you want me to go. I give up! I can't do what i want, go where I want, live where I want, have who i want. My heart aches because I just can't seem to do it RIGHT! So please do it for me. Every step I take, move I make, direction I go, no matter what is NEVER good enough! I pray and pray, act with my prayer, I treat ppl how I want to be treated, I give even my last, and sacrifice myself. But still seem to be standing still and getting no further. What more can I do? I will do it! Feeling tired out! Exhausted in my integrity like JOB. But enduring like JOB. Summer Rain(Carl Thomas song)...Let it rain on me God. Still waiting with every ounce and fiber of my being. Just my true feelings!

  • G D #1894239 » Posted in: My online family

    Yahoo! hello Sir Tee Babe, well its that time again, just normal, not knowing ! so, talk later again! aha, ox, thank you, gee = tee + GT, pee beep. awe,

    • Asia #1894241

      Birthday wishes to the truth

    • KP #1894244


  • susie q CAPE COD MASS #1894238 » Posted in: My online family

    happy thanks giving if i was near u ilove to cook the turkey for you ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Ashley New Jersey #1894237 » Posted in: My online family

    I love you so much Tyler. I love how you started from the bottom and now you’re on top! You are truly an inspiration to me. I feel like I am getting to old for my “TV star” fantasies to come true, but oh how I would love the chance to actually meet you. I wish that 1 day I could star in one of your shows or movies.

  • Calla Smith Canada #1894235 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry, I have a story within my heart that I'm not sure is going to get out. I'm so Fearful to write it that I am beginning to doubt if I can. It's about The Black Family of Light. And it doesn't really deal with the dysfunction of the Black Family, but what was the Black Family like BEFORE the dysfunction began to happen. So before crack, before welfare, before segregation, before slavery even, what was the Black Family like? Well I came across this Ancient Story of Black People & apparently they were DNA Masters and it was NO coincidence why I came across this story & the timing within my Life when I heard of it. Mr Tyler, I think the Family DID exist & I am somehow RELATED to them? I feel -- I don't even know how I feel about it -- I mean I can't even decide if it's a Fictional or Non-Fictional story? The intent behind the book is to reveal the TRUTH about FAMILY but coming from a Mythological Source? My Spirit feels I HAVE to write this book and but physically I am NOT doing it, Do you have any words of ENCOURAGEMENT for Me? Even if it's to say that the Story sounds INTRIGUING so go ahead & write it! Kind Regards

    • Calla Smith Canada #1894236

      Oh! And the reason WHY I feel this book is very IMPORTANT is because the understanding of this Ancient Black Family's Consciousness can GIVE BIRTH to a New Way of Consciousness within our Time. And even though it deals with The Black Family of Light, this understanding of Consciousness is for ANYONE who has DNA. It also brings understanding of the Darkness within the Light by bringing understanding to the consciousness of the Light within the Darkness. It's like a REVELATION then one must EXODUS out PREJUDICES in order to come into the PROMISED LAND and RE-GENESIS HUMANKIND. I really, really, really feel it's a WHOLE UNDERSTANDING of the Spiritual Awakening that's happening on our planet. It's PHENOMENAL Tyler, the Story WITHIN ME IS PHENOMENAL. Please, please help me to get it out ;)

  • M.H Atlanta, GA #1894233 » Posted in: My online family


  • Calla Smith Canada #1894232 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    Beautiful Studio! I've got a story for you Tyler, however it's still in my head ... I can't wait to send you a Self-Published version of it. It speaks on Power, Love & Consciousness in a way like NO other. I'm going to dedicate it to the World, however in my Heart it is dedicated to my Stealth Mentors especially: The Divine Male - That's You! The Divine Female - Ms. Oprah Winfrey The Mother Womb - Dr, Maya Angelou. Sow stay tuned, you're in for a BLOCKBUSTER of a SURPRISE! ;)

  • Feeling lonely today! SC #1894230 » Posted in: My online family

    My head is always in the clouds when it comes to you Tyler! But hoping, wishing, and dreaming can also become reality! I guess you have made your choice because there is no response from you so I will stop flirting with you. I feel like Calgon take me away when it comes to you. I can't help but desire you. I am suppose to go to the beach this week with my family and needed this ME time. But my peeps don't want to go now. Feeling sad now. Its never the right time or season to do things with them. Still going to be lonely. Well at least I got God. He's still the only person to not give up on me. I feel like Peter the Apostle....where should I go Lord, you have everlasting life. No where for me to run. I just have God, me, myself, and I. Whats wrong with wanting to have a special someone to be close to? Where's my somebody to hold, cherish, trust, and laugh with? Oh well

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