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  • TANGI FOSTER THE HALLELUJAH WORKSHOP #1983424 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler, Just wanted to drop you a line to invite you out to my new play, "Lawd Have Mercy, KINFOLKS CUTTIN' UP!" I just thought of you and thought maybe you would take time out of your busy schedule to come hang out with us. We are a Christian Performing Arts Ministry who perform "down to earth plays" for "down to earth people" with a heavenly horizon! I am an admirer of your work and would really like to know what you think of mine. The play is Friday, Aug. 1- 7pm; Saturday, Aug. 2- 3pm and 7pm and Sunday Aug. 3- 3pm. I would be honored if you could find the time. LOLM 2471 Riverdale Road, College Park, GA 30337 Tangi

  • Tylette #1983423 » Posted in: My online family

    Good Morning!

    • Good Morning! #1983427

      You and Me in paradise.

  • l!sa johnson yonkerville, new york #1983422 » Posted in: My online family

    what are your current projects?

  • M.h #1983421 » Posted in: The Upside and the Downside

    Good morning magnificent man, I call you this because I know a good human being when I see one. You proved in so many ways who you are. A man knows when he's being tested in good faith. You my sweetheart tested my faith . Now let's test others. Because beyond what a man sees, YOU have Faith. Build your church. Good day

  • l!sa johnson yonkers, new york #1983420 » Posted in: My online family

    i have seen you in town and you look nice i would like to meet you .

  • l!sa johnson yonkerville, new york #1983419 » Posted in: My online family

    much love you guys.

  • Melanie Carridine United States #1983418 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry, I was wondering if you would help me. I know that you get a huge number of requests for people asking you for your help. I am not asking you for anything that will put you out of your way. I would like to send you a copy of my children's book that I had published. I was able to get it published, but I wasn't able to market the book. I was wondering if you read it and like it if you could use it in one of your movies or plays to get the word out about my book. A little background about me: I am not a lazy person, and I have worked hard all of my life striving to be in a financial place so that I can take care of my family without having to worry about money. I have a B.A. in Political Science and a Masters in Early Childhood Studies... I was recently dropped down to part-time at my work because of grant funding, but I had to resign and I am going to substitute at the schools because it will pay more. I am a daughter of a farmer and I have had to load watermelons and cantaloupes, I have worked in the bean feilds. I am no stranger to hard work. But I want more for my family and I am pushing to get there. I am a Minister of the Gospel and I love the Lord. I am asking you if you would read my book and if you like it mention it to the world. This book is the first in a series and I haven't sold many at all... Will you please help me?

  • Carolyn Burton Bridgeton,Mo. #1983417 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Mr.Perry, well, today is the day the judge will win because I could get the money for my apeal.So I have to take a change on my life because I was convicted of a crime I did not commit.To top it all off the resuarnt next door to me came into my house while I am gone and stole my white hanging raintree lamp and over half of my old drinking glasses to stock their bar.I saw them using them the other day when I was in there.I am moving out of here as soon as i finish packing.You know I do not understand why this is happening to me but only in America. Well I am bound to this fate and I will never see the world the same. Carol

  • linda w #1983411 » Posted in: My online family

    Good Morning Everyone(Winking)☺☺☺♥♥♥

    • M.H #1983416

      May God bless your hearts ;-)

  • Birthday Girl Houston #1983409 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Tyler! Wondered if you would make my day and have breakfast, lunch or dinner with me for my 50th birthday? I know you're busy so if we need to eat between "takes" of the Have and Have Not's or If Loving You is wrong, that's all the better. Everyone knows that my birthday wish is to hang out with you so please, help me out. My birthday is August 31st but I'm flexible. A girl only turns "50" once. I look forward to hanging out with you. Take care!

  • Jackie Breaux Bridge, La #1983408 » Posted in: My online family

    Good morning, First of all I have to say I am SOOOO hooked on "The have and the have nots". I watch it every Tuesday, tape it, then watch it again. I just love it. I have been a fan, seems like forever. I have seen every Madea movie ever made, but this show here, it's beyond anything I ever expected. Every character is amazing. My personel favorite is Katheryn... OMG I love her, lol. Her character is what every woman should want to be,,, strong minded, powerful, good hearted, and the most obvious, wealthy. I just can't say enough about this show. You are so blessed!!! On last Tuesday's show, Katheryn had a black/white dress on, I have to have one like it. Can you please tell me what is the name brand, or what shop sells it?? I probably can't afford it, but they may have a "knock off" of that dress, lol... I look forward to hearing back from you, and I can't wait til Tuesday for another dose of my favorite show..... Take care

  • M.H #1983407 » Posted in: My online family

    Beauty is today. I hear you Father. Blessings

    • linda w #1983412

      Good Morning M.H.☺

    • M.H #1983415

      Hey Linda... :-)Good morning :-)

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