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  • Joshua Newkirk Tarboro, NC #1840800 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello, Mr. Perry. You are my inspiration. May you take a look at my play and tell if it is good. PLEASE. (13 years old)

  • Michael Joyner Durham Nc #1840799 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    That is amazing. I cant wait to walk down 34th street when I get hired. : )

  • Loretta Boston, MA #1840797 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler: Just wanted to let you know that when I'm down because of my husband's depression your e-mails lift me up and keep me going forward. I love Madea and all the plays and movies. Just wish you came to Boston with one of your plays. Keep up the good work. Loretta

  • Elaine Toth Huntington Beach, CA #1840792 » Posted in: My new Email system

    I have hosted four charity walks to raise money to dig wells in Uganda. They have been very successful, but I would like them to grow even bigger. I believe that you could help make the difference. I have a newspaper article that I'd like to send to you from our last walk, but I want to make sure that you get it and will respond to me. Where can I send the article? Thanks for your consideration.

  • I #1840790 » Posted in: My online family


  • I #1840789 » Posted in: My online family

    use to tell myself that all my problems are just a MIRAGE. I need to start telling myself that again cause I was much more happier and spiritually at peace then.

  • I'm #1840788 » Posted in: My online family

    Right by all the planes. I never knew there were so many different kinds of aircrafts. Now I can say I seen them all. A believed that they could fly,just like they believed they could talk on a phone and turn it into a computer or snart phone. They had FAITH that they could really do all these things and it probably came in a dream in order for them to believe and that's how it was successfully achieved. Jnts(M.H)

    • I like Aircraft too!! #1840791

      I'm waiting for my best friend to teach me how to fly one!

    • :) #1840824

      :) I fly all in my imagination.

  • wanda wilson Haven For Hope in San Antonio, #1840787 » Posted in: My online family

    Me and a friend met you in ATL. And now were at the haven for hope in San Antonio. The women's dorm here are given a play in the second week of August. The title of the play is: A women journey to faith-homeless women struggling to recovery from loss of faith in self, God and restoration. We're in need of a few things: sewing machine, angel wings,swords, a DJ& and mics. Because the play is based on the Bible message of the beatitudes. If their is anything you can do please let me know. Thank You & God Bless

  • Mara Hardy Knoxville, Tn #1840785 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler, Your movies really make people think about the joys and stresses of relationships. Please do a movie entitled WHY I DID NOT GET MARRIED....

    • Ha ha #1840793

      You got jokes!!

  • Ena CT #1840784 » Posted in: My online family

    Need help planning: Wedding Baby Shower Bridal Shower Kid's Birthday Party or any party or event, go to www.blockpartyservices.com

  • All #1840783 » Posted in: My online family

    Kids gone except for my baby for THE SSSSSSUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR!!!!!!! Guess it's my time make peace with myself and GOD.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥THE JOURNEY WILL START IN 30MINUTES.:) I'm walking to the fountain and then the pond and then the park. Right now I'm looking at two huge beautiful flags blowing one white and one blue..solid colors.Makes me think of jamaica and I never been there before but I feel like I have personally been there myself. Crazy,huh?

  • Marquisha Johnson Grand Rapids,MI #1840781 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi, Tyler My name Marquisha Johnson i'm 24 and have 3 boys i want to know how to deal with the fact that if you have 3 kids and your only raising 2 of them? Worrying about your first born every day for 5 years because you had to give him up due to the fact of getting raped and even though you think you did the right thing you tell your self every day that "YOUR A FAILURE AS A MOTHER" Cry day and night wondering if he's ok? or Will he ever forgive me? Also want anything to do with me when he gets that age? Some times i tell myself everything is going to be ok and just pray about it i know i'm suppose to move on with my life but it's kind of hard when all you think about is your baby.Please help get through this .

    • Marquisha J. Michigan #1840795

      Your child was the product of the rape? I believe that you have to forgive yourself, first. Just talk to God about it and things will be worked out in your favor. Tyler has been such a healing force for me because of "Colored Girls." I never bought that movie because it hits too close to home. The reason was because of the "rape scene." I was raped at nineteen, a virgin trying to get away from trouble. And walked right into the devil's camp. At a house gathering and the Holy Spirit told me to get out of there because of the way things were going. My girlfriend (who wasn't really a friend) didn't want to leave so I walked home by myself late at night. I stopped into a liquor store to get my bearings and a guy started following me. I was fearless-- you know how guys come up behind you and try to talk. He didn't want to talk, pulled me off the street corner as I was walking. I was trying to walk past the street because it was my street and I didn't want him to follow me home. I was grabbed right off the street into an alley. It was MY street, two blocks away from my house. Now get this--- was reciting "The Lord's Prayer" (looking up at the moon) all the while it was happening and that didn't go over too well with him. That's when things got violent, I am not LUCKY - I am BLESSED to be alive. It brings tears to my eyes soooo many years after this took place. It took me YEARS before I could look a man --- any man in his eyes. My family rushed me to the hospital so I couldn't become pregnant. The other men in the family were out with guns looking for him. Thank God they didn't find him. But God!!! So know this, that God is working things out for you even now. You have to believe that!! So once again Tyler has struck a nerve with one of his films for me. Stay strong.

    • Norma Sloan Pennsylvania #1840862

      @Marquiesha Johnson........of Michigan, Please know that what happen was not your fault. When the devil inflict pain on us that it is not our fault, the devil will torchure u into making u feel guilty its your fault....that why god died on the cross for sins because he knew that his people would suffer. Thats why u sincerely need to turn your life over to christ god will clease u of all the filth of this world, god will clean u up u will b amazed. Go to a church of your choice talk to the Pastor or Reverend of that church and let him know that u want to b relieved from the way u are feeling and especially for the sake of the other two boys, u really have to think of them as well to keep your sanity in order to raise them, its already hard to raise kids plus the anxiety that your going it would effect them in their life and that wouldnt b fair to them, if u donot do it for yourself do it for them. Plus dress them and carry them u all do not have to b dressed like a million dollars to go, some people feel they do not have the proper attire for church and they will miss out for that reason, the bible reads, come as u are, the people of the church would love u so u will begin to be relieved of your pain, and god will begin to work in your life loving u and caring about your family....God love u, he wants u to know that, that baby will b taken careof by god because that is gods child, all gods children come before him, but the only u have to do pray daily plus add the little fella in your prayers. Explain to god what happen, god already knows but he just want u to praise him and commit yourself unto him and his word, his word is written in the bible, God is the true answer to anyones problem....i sincerely hope that u choose god! May god b with u in your choice.......

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