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  • Dauhlleen cooper #1868046 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry I really enjoy your fantastic contributions to the entertainment world I am really enjoying the tv series The haves and the have nots are you planning on putting this great work of art on DVD or blue ray please say yes I would love to have it in my collection of your work once again thank you for sharing your talent of acting and writing with the world peace be with you and god bless A fan forever Miss Cooper

  • catrina cameron Pasacgoula MS #1868045 » Posted in: My online family

    Thanks for emailing me God do things for a reason if u ever have a part for me to sing let me know so I can use God's gift.

  • Hey Bey in my tired don't wanna move voice #1868044 » Posted in: My online family

    Just received the phone call to go get son son out of jail. I'm calm though. Very calm now :-)

  • Tamika Clinton Twp, MI 48038 #1868043 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Tyler Perry were a big fan of yours. I have some of your collections. My favorite movie of yours is Why Did I Get Married Part One, and my favorite play is. I Can Do Bad All By Myself. I'm a single mom of 2. I was woundering, if you can help grant some of my wishes. I'm having a hard time Financially.

  • AWms Havana, FL #1868042 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr Perry, I'd just like to say you are doing an awesome job. As a Christian, I find it very refreshing having someone as yourself hold tight to the word of God and Jesus Christ. I commend you for doing it all with the level of talent to entertain as God has blessed you with. I'm praying that you continue to let the world know that through Jesus Christ you can be delivered. I've seen movies addressing many of our sins, such as prostitutes being delivered, drug dealers being delivered, self righteous/judging being delivered, mean and hateful being delivered, the womanizer or woman beater being delivered, some form of a liar being delivered, the molester being called out or delivered, but I don't see anyone tackling the most trying issue of the day. No one is standing firm on man with man and woman with woman. It is very clear that way is not God's way. God said be fruitful and mulitply. Two negatives can't do that. He gave Adam a wife name Eve. This world is out of order and needs the truth from our powerful leaders. No we should NOT hate the sinner but we should not be petting the sin. Yes we all fall short of God's glory somewhere, some were even born liars but it doesn't mean that the should remain. I've heard so many hollar the word judgement, but it doesn't make any since, it's not judgement it's the Word of God. There are rules, but they are followed by choice. We address all other sins and no one hollars about a problem with judgement. The bottom line is Jesus Christ has all power, we have a choice to accept that we must be born again!! It's up to the sinner! All I can say is if we make the choice to sin, don't call it Jesus Christ. Either chose the way of Christ or the way of the world. I know you have other things to do, I just want to thank you for listening. Truth!

  • Kim Davis Waterbury Ct. #1868041 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry, It's a blessing to have you come in my life through your sitcoms. With all do respect, lets talk about the have and the have nots. We as african americans finally have a soap opera that we can relate to. I'm asking you to keep it flowing the way it is when somethings good like the have and the have nots you don't put a finale on it...lol please think about and pray about it.....thank you

  • kemmy Nigeria #1868040 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Friend I really admire your uniqueness in the movie industry, especially your effort in trying to send a Godly message in all your movies. Your fame has brought you worldwide recognition and for this you are faced daily with both positive and negative criticism. The positive comments are signs of love from your fans all over the world and this will keep you going when you are tired and discouraged. However, please do not let the critics fall on deaf ears because they are as important as the positive comments; I know that they are not as exciting to receive, but they are the once that will keep you in check and humble. talk to you soon love kemi

  • Ora Richman Marion, Arkansas #1868039 » Posted in: My online family

    Good evening Tyler! It's great that you got your 5 miles in. What did I do? I sent my boys off to school and then I relaxed all morning. Then I went to church and got the word of God in. Love you!

  • Sharon Jackson, MS #1868038 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    I hope you had a good day. You and Oprah will be on Kelly and Michael tomorrow.

  • Olden O Smith Columbia SC #1868037 » Posted in: The Haves And The Have Nots

    totally awesome!

  • RaVanda IL. #1868036 » Posted in: My online family

    Good great afternnoon Tyler, I hope and pray all is well with you. I'm telling you now, I hope your show is off the air for a historical short time. "The Have's and The Have not's" needs to stay on. I'm sure what you have for us will satisfy, and appease us all. It probably won't blow us away as this show has done, only time will tell. Now, may our God continue to Bless you, until you are better paid, in Jesus mighty name.

  • Eluisa Byrd BxNy #1868035 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi SPIRITUAL Dad. "The HAVES and THE HAVE NOTS", so so AWESOME. I'm going to miss them.It's just so good.The actors and actresses are all so great. And by the way, those upcoming dvds for September, sound like they will be winners. Spiritual DAD... Be BLESSED ALWAYS.

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