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  • geri patterson chicago, Il. #1795654 » Posted in: My online family

    It May Take Awhile, thank you for always sharing such inspiration. Whatever we do, we do it unto God, so we only look to Him for a return or reward. It is out of the love of our hearts for God and fellow man that we help others, as you do. Sometimes we would like to hear a "thank you" from the recipient. Thank you Mr. Tyler Perry for sharing with us! Love you so, you are God's gift to the world. Yes we are getting your Videos! Alex Cross was excellent to me! God Bless you.

  • Shondanette Turner Freeport N.Y. 11520 #1795653 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Tyler, I couldnt send the intro to my book b/c I had to copy in paste the first message. But I'm sure that there is another way to get it to you some other time. But soon thanks again God bless you :)

  • Felicia Mississippi #1795652 » Posted in: Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor

    I read my e-mail this morning and to recieve such inspiring words from someone such as you (Tyler Perry) means so, so much. It is just so amazing how certain things people can say, that actually touches right at home, then to say that you have never spoken with that someone about your thoughts is truely a person that is touched by God. Continue to do what you are doing God has bless you for a reason. I have and will continue to purchase your work, thank you for being who you are, both Tyler Perry and Madea. There are a lot of people that may or may not admit to it, but they need your work in their life... Thank you!

  • star valdez Modesto, California #1795651 » Posted in: You Can Get Anything You Want

    Stumbled onto your inspirational site and thought i would see what you had to say. I enjoyed the biblical principles you share with others. I also thought how great it is that you give all the glory for your success to God. It shows that God's spirit is alive and active in your life when you try to inspire others using God's word. Thanks for the good news, blessings to you and your staff family and internet friends. : )

  • Sylvia Ca #1795650 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler, those are the best calls to receive. Have a blessed day

  • Shondanette Turner Freeport N.Y 11520 #1795649 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Tyler, and thank you so much for your words of wisdom & encouragement this truly blessed me & put a smile on my face. I'm learning to be content and wait on the Lord with Good Courage I sow many seeds as you said but the hardest thing about it is that at times, I too get discouraged & nobody sows into me. But anyway I know that God will take care of me as he's been doing & that there is nothing to hard for God. This Christian journey is not easy but Gods GRACE is sufficient. I LOVE the Lord & I appreciate the mountains & valleys now. Those who are CHOSEN & DESTINED for GREATNESS face some of the most difficult challenges. I wont be weary because this too shall pass. Sometimes I feel that even God has forgotten about me. But I know that he has a divine PURPOSE & PLAN for my life. I'm BLESSED to still be alive & in my right mind after all that I've been through. I'm not sure if I mentioned to you that I'm an author in my previous emails but I want you to read my introduction to my book titled "Change of Heart". In Ecclesiastes 3:1- says that for everything there is a time, season & a purpose. Being homeless is only a temporary situation & with every trial & tribulation character is built, & wisdom is expanded. These tests that we are called to endure brings us closer to God & sharpens our effectiveness for ministry. This email & your testimony is POWERFUL I'm beggining to feel like the 3 Hebrew boys. If God never brings me out I will still serve him. I'm a DREAMER & every desire of my heart will be fulfilled & it shall come too pass. I'm blessed to be a blessing & I'm patiently waiting to for Gods deliverance. I feel like I'm reaping in JOY, PEACE & the fruits of the spirit because I'm not moved by my situation like I used to be. I walk by faith & not by sight & I refuse to allow what I see hinder what I believe. Thanks again Tyler I'm inspired by you & hopefully & prayerfully I will get to meet you 1 day soon. What God has for me is for me & he will get all the GLORY out of my PIT experience. Like Joseph I may be in a pit right now but God has already blessed me with a PALACE by Faith. Be blessed & thanks so much Have a blessed day Love, Shondanette Turner P.S. heres my introduction to my book & I self published. They are currently working on my book so in the beggining of March it should be done. I'm EXCITED :)

  • Patty Connelly Beaverton, Oregon #1795648 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry, I read your post on Facebook today and it touched me deeply. I have recently found faith in my life and was baptized on Christmas day. I have been going through great struggles in my life since October of 2012 and me and my 3 kids have been homeless since mid December. I also had my grandfather, whom I was very close with pass away in the beginning of January 2013. Please know that I am not asking for anything from you as that is not the type of person I am. I was just wondering if you have some words of advice for me on how to hang on when life keeps pushing you down? I pray several times a day and have found my testimony grow through my trials, however I also feel my urge to fight growing tired. I understand you are a very busy man and if you don't have time to reply please know I will totally understand as you don't even know who I am. I just had a very strong prompting from the holy ghost to send this message to you and I always try to follow those promptings. Have a great day. Thanks, Patty

  • Ashford Thomas Los Angeles #1795647 » Posted in: My online family

    Im actor/writer and would love for you to check out my short about what guys go through on Valentines Day. Youtube - ashford j thomas' Vday

  • Julie Russell New York #1795646 » Posted in: My online family

    Your letter really moved me. About the lady that helped you when u were homeless.

  • Georgia Maryville,Illinois #1795645 » Posted in: Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor

    Dear Mr.Perry,Iam a 70 year old white women and I have seen every movie you have made.Iwant you to know that I hope you make another Alex Cross because you were great in this movie. You have made me laugh in all your movies before and now this movie I didnt know if you could carry this one off,well I could'nt leave my seat to go get my popcorn. I just want you too know I hope you do another different movie because I don't think there is any part that you can't play. My best to you in the future in all you do. Yours Truly Georgia a loyal fan.

  • LATRISHA FOREMAN HOUSTON,TX #1795644 » Posted in: My online family


  • Milica Djukich Highland, Indiana #1795643 » Posted in: My online family

    Bless you tyler, that was such a beautiful message, I love your whole attitude, you are only one person in the interainment field who is not ashamed to talk about the lord and your belieif in him. That's why I love the browns, and the payne family they are the only shows that mention jesus, God bless you a zillion times tyler. That shows you that when a program mentions the lord, it will be popular.Thank God for you. May the lord bless you in everything you do. sincerely Milica

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