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  • deacon alonzo tacoma,wa #1887939 » Posted in: My online family

    Watch my praise dance class on youtube

  • deacon alonzo tacoma,wa #1887938 » Posted in: My online family

    Look out for new episodes of the deacon alonzo show coming soon only on youtube

  • Lucy Nebraska #1887937 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    Wow are nice,!!!!! again thanks for your movies and plays... I hope come soon more news movies, etc. No is only for laungh, are for the goods messages of faith and orientation in the goods things to the life. Will be wonderful that more young people watch your program

  • deacon alonzo tacoma,wa #1887936 » Posted in: My online family

    Greeting message board members subcribe to me on youtube help me get a virus

  • Lucy Nebraska #1887934 » Posted in: My online family

    God bless you, thanks for doing me laugh..., We enjoyed a lot every program. Everyone is special, congratulations and blessings. When we go to rent movies, always I decide ..yours Mr Tyler Perry. Good luck FOREVER!! . This class the programs are the world need and more faith in God. We love and pray to the Lord our JESUS. Happy next holy days.

  • Imani jackson MICHIGAN/warren #1887931 » Posted in: My online family

    When my mom was car jacked (i was already wacthing) she just needed a laugh and u helped her that made her feel better and when u was at fox theather for Madea gets a job i was in the second row U R THE AND I LOVE U

  • Yvette Davis Washington, D.C. #1887930 » Posted in: A Madea Christmas

    I so love all your movies and plays Tyler. You re truly a blessing to theis wicked industry. I am so blessed that I can watch you anytime i feel like which is most of the time, I do buy from your website and no bootleg. I am so glad that you exist and dont worry about the haters that come with the blessings. Love you

  • Imani jackson Michgan #1887929 » Posted in: A Madea Christmas

    When the movie come out i will be there that friday, IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN trust me i own All of ur plays and moives. I watched madea class reuion when the phone number came came up i called it the lady said this is tyler perry stuidos my mouth drop i could not say any thing then she hung up i started crying bc that was the best day of my life i just sat there and cried tyler perry u make me a better person I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  • faith margate #1887928 » Posted in: My online family

    hey Tyler cant wait for the new madea film just wondering if the film will be released her also in London cinemas thanks and God Bless

  • Lashaunda Alexander Shreveport, LA #1887927 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler, Let the Holy Spirit guide your life. When the children of Israel left Egpyt. A pillar of cloud led them by day and a Pillar of fire by night. The reason being is because Isarel had alot of enemies. SO, they needed protection. God sees the End from the Beginning of our lives and the dangerous zones. When the pillar of cloud and pillar of fire, symbolic of the Holy Spirit led the people of God, sometimes they would stay in one place a day, a week, a month. In other words a long or short period of time. Sometimes we don't understand why persons do what they do. But, trust in God. Its a reason for everything. Trust in the Lord with all your Heart. Lean not to your own understanding. Acknowledge Him and He will direct your past. Forget the past, look toward to the future. God remembers not what we do, so why should we. Live for Today. God had great things in store for You. The door is open for you. A Madea's Christmas. Looks Hilarious!!!Can't wait to see. Enjoy Madea(lol) alot. Reminds me of my grandmother.

    • Lashaunda Alexander Shreveport #1887932

      There was no one like Moses whom God knew face to face. God spoke to Moses face to face. This is true intimacy.(deut34:10; nbrs.12:6-7)not other. Jesus loves us very much. How do I know?His sacrifice on the cross. He didnt have to die. But, he laid down his life for us. The way we show our love to God is the same way. We lay our lives down that we may gain life. Alot of times we think we would lose more then we gain. Not true. When Jesus laid His life down. He saved many loves. And, He gain more. Greater honor, glory, etc. A great name in which we all know and love. When God leads us by His spirit, it for our gain, not lose. The disciples told Jesus we gave up everything for you( houses, friends, jobs, whatever we think we might lose)But Jesus replied, you will have even more. God wants us to have the best, not just in Heaven, here on earth. So, when God ask us to do something for him, expect even greater things. Look at solomon's lifestlye. He was the most famous, richest, honorable, glory men.

    • Lashaunda Alexander Shreveport, LA #1887935

      And My God will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.(phil4:19) Alot of times we look to others to meet out needs, whether it be emotionally, spiritually, intimately, socially, or even financially. The problem with that is that persons may miss meeting one of those needs. Only God, thru his son Jesus is able to meet 100% of our needs. Not just meet all those needs, but make us complete in every area of our lives. (Isa54:11)So, we want lack in these areas and others. And when He does, you tend to reach out to meet others needs, not out of obilgation or duty, or some kind of gain(getting something in return)but Love for God and compassion for people. This pleases God. Living our lives to please God is so much easier then the demands people place on us. Imagine have a 100 employees, trying to please all of them. Someone will be unhappy. Now, imagine, out of those 100 employees, pleasing 1. That one being God. I recall on an job I work at in which was competitive. Had so many demands to meet in a short period of time. I recall 2 men who happen to be christians. Now, out of the numerous employees their they were the top manager and supervisor. Now thats the kind of God we serve. Not in the back, but, the front. (deut28:1-)Are what about Joseph. He was the son of Jacob, who was the son of Issacc, who was the son of Abraham. Joseph was sold as a slave to hebrew workers in egypt. To make a long story short, he faced many trials. The last trial he faced cost him prison. As a result, God, Himself, without any help from "who you know"took him from the pit of prison to the palace. He was in charge of everything Pharoah(top man) in egypt had, except him of course. What a God we serve!!!!!!!!

    • Lashaunda Alexander shreveport,la #1887945

      Depend on GOD. Be less Independent on people, and more dependent on God. Now, God does bring people in our lives for reasons. When God brings them in your lives, it always for the good, not bad. Now, some people may ease or s*** into your lives, not God sent of course, for wrong reasons. That's why the the scripture says test the spirit. In other words, test their motive. What is their aim? Is it for the good? To build or tear down. When its God, it builds you up, or make you a better person. I had people in my life back home. But, mainly ones that would help me be a better person. "Iron sharpens, Iron." Look to God in everything, even the smallest details in your lives. He cares about not only big things we face, but little small ones. Until next time. Be encouraged. xoxoxo

    • Thank you. #1887997


  • Exploration #1887926 » Posted in: My online family

    At the bank I saw one red Explorer pull up and one purple Explorer pull up...cool...I kinda remembered it from a vision long ago....G-d is Good, I love my Creator who creates the Life story and the angels that helped...Smiles...

  • Emetic #1887925 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler, I went to the market place and I was reminded of being at a mini mini mini Venice...I saw a lady playing her banjo in front of noodle and co, and I saw a lady out front ready to paint a child's face...

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