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  • WILLIAM MCBYRD phelan ca #1807339 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler thank's for the circut story, are you listening in on my prayer's or are you listening in on God's phone call's...lol....wait until we meet in the future... God's favor..Will....

  • Key Key az #1807338 » Posted in: My online family

    Oh wee! Between the treadmeal and the hot bath I going to sleep like a baby, blood flowing so nice ice, god night tomorrow's another day to make it happen sweet dreams (wtih the way I feel mine will be ever so sweet)

  • Sherrell Leigh- Johnson Decatur Ga #1807337 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr Perry I would love for u to make a movie about my dad he was the first black man to go to the NFL without a high school dipolma my brother made a video called the Humble rise. I would love if you would look at the video and possibly consider making a movie out if a true story go on utube its called the humble rise of charlie leigh my dad passed away in 2006 but his life story is very humble my dad he was a poor child growing up but was able to have both sides of being ooir and having something and sharing with family his life had its pros and cons but he truly truly loved his family and never forgot where he came from inspite of what God blessrd him with it may not be movie material but its a story that needs to be told please help my family I've watched all your movies and plays and it gives a positive message all about family and love no matter what the situation is please help us much love the Leigh Family

  • Anisa Cooper Mcloud Oklahoma #1807335 » Posted in: My online family

    I just watched Madea gets a job, and wow! Loved it. I was soo moved. I have seen all your work and this is my fave. It really blessed me greatly. My family and I have been through a lot the last few years and your movies bring joy and hope me me. I could feel the Lord and his anointing. Just wanted to say, thank you. Thank you for having a servants soul. And thank you for hearing form the Lord and sharing with us. You are deeply loved by me and my family. You are in our prayers. Please, no matter what or how hard it can get please, don't ever stop doing what you are doing. God bless. Your sister in Christ. Anisa.

  • Tyrone V Spotsville windsor wi #1807333 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr Perry. I have so much i want to write however im going to try to sum it up in a nut shell. Im 47 had a great up bringing had dad and mom and the whole nine yards when it came to family NEVER DID OR TRIED DRUGS DONT DRINK (not even a cooler) NEVER BEEN INVOLVED IN GANGS AND NO CRIMINAL RECORD (ONLY SOME TRAFFIC PROBLEMS) and since i can rember i have had Wonderful People in my life. However i have been going out the world backwards. (as my dad use too say) and its been this way for a long time (i mean 20+years) and yes i have kids 3 boys 3 girls and none of them know each other two of them dont even know im there father and the other 4 are not talking to me cause i never told them about each other. Now here is the present life for me im working full time im married i have a nice place to live have a car (and its a nice one too) so hear is the problem none of those things are because of me. The job i got cause i have the gift of gab, and when i go to work out of 8 hours i might do 1 hour of work. the house ,the car is all because of my wife, and last but never least My Wife been with me 9 years married to me 4 here's the bad i didnt marry her cause i was in love she wanted to get married ask me many times and the last time she ask i said to myself what the h*** it was something i never done NOW IM NOT PROUD OF THIS AT ALL AND THRU THE YEARS AND UPS AND DOWNS I GROW TO LOVE HER AND FALL IN LOVE WITH HER.she has been my ROCK,ANGEL, AND A TRUE WIFE. Now this might sound (stupid) but maybe thats my problem since the day i was born i have had another human carring me in every since of the word Iknow we say GOD is carring us but GOD has some help while he carrys me . Now the future for me im trying to bring GOD in my life im trying to have great thoughts im trying to give more then take im trying to become a better person at this point im at stage one and thats why im writing this to you for some type of words or something that will s**** to me so when its my time to leave this world i left a postive mark on my family and friends. (I guess this is a big nut shell) Much Love

  • Khadijah Wiberforce Ohio #1807332 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey, I hope you read this. Recently I just got out of foster care at the age of 18. While I was in foster care I was told a lot of things. Those things made me believe anything. As a child I had big dreams such as walking the run way, or even having Eva Marcille be my mentor . But those things change when I graduate high school and entered the real world. I went to college on my own, and those people who said they will be there disappeared so now I'm struggling. My dreams are put on hold like always and after college my biggest fear is not having a place to lay my head because I have no family. I'm not writing you to ask for anything. I just want someone else to listen. Thank you..... Love Khadijah m conyers

    • MJ United Kingdom #1807336

      Khadijah, it may not seem like much but I am and will be bringing you and your situation before The Lord, praying that HE will show HIMSELF strong in everything that pertains to you. Just hold on, keep trusting in GOD, and don't let go no matter what. Things WILL get better. From someone who has been there.

    • Norma Sloan PennsylvanIa #1807566

      Khadijah M. Conyers....of Wiberforce, Ohio In readIng your post sound lIke your feelIng sorry for yourself and wantIng to gIve up because u dont have a famIly, look at It thIs way, your all grown up now and thIs would really b a good tIme to prove to yourself that u are able to pursue work after graduatIon and once u have work how hard Is It to start makIng a lIvIng for yourself. If your almost fInIsh college start searchIng In those areas where u would lIke to b start networkIng wIth people at the umployment offIce for Instance they post jobs on a board for people to vIew the college u attend should have an employment sectIon, check Into dIfference resources baby, Its only u make lIfe work for u, wIth the help and the love of god maybe u should joIn a church home churches always welcome newcomers In as famIly, belIeve It or not I lost my mom and dad a couple of sIsters, a bother and I feel akl alone, but I dIdnt gIve up, because Im left alone, I've joIned a church and made It my home and everyone just love me because I have that specIal love for god, I have faIth that he wIll see through the kInd of lIfe I desIre to lIve and that Is a peaceful one.....god b wIth u In lIfe the desIres of your heart, much success, BlessIngs!

  • sherry los angeles #1807326 » Posted in: We Can Do Better!

    Thank you Mr. Perry. I've got to find my breakers and turn all the light on so God can fulfill his purpose in my life. I really needed to hear that message preacher. God bless

  • Robin Vinton Louisiana #1807325 » Posted in: My online family

    I will be in Atlanta around the 2nd of April 2013 with a couple of my closest friends and was wondering is it possible to tour your studios. We just love all of your movies and you of course as well

  • Evangelist Ruth Byhalia #1807324 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler, I haven't written in a while,been buzy.I have been watching your movies and plays. Madea gets a job is absolutely one of your best plays yet. Love the song " I don't want Jesus to Pass Me By" I played it over and over again. Did you write that song? I would buy it as a single. I was telling my baby daughter that your plays are like Sermons, they get the message across that pastors and preachers wouldn't get to tell the regular non-church going person. God Bless You, Love You

  • Cynthia Mathews Chicago, IL #1807323 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Perry, Thank You. Thank You. Thank you for these encouraging words "circuit breaker". God is our circuit breaker. God is our source of strength. This "circuit breaker" has blessed me. Continue Mr. Perry be blessings to your loyal fan.

    • veronica jones United States #1807341

      Helor! lol~~Tyler. i ust love your Shows. the last Play was Madea get a Job. well it was the Great one i love. especially patrice playing in it and Pespi Riley i just love that Lady. you are very Talented, very Smart..you have come along ways from being homeless to making all the money..God has Blessed you so much.. and now it's time to Bless others.. and which i believed in you~~ you do...have a Giving Heart.i love the Circuit Breaker thing. this is so true.God has been good to us.. my breaker had flipped off but to God be the Glory for flipping my light back to where i n need to be.. Running for the race for victory...in 2013..God has power for anything..he said a Fervent Prayer avails Much. and it does.and your talent is so Blessed because of God highest gift awaken our deepest Gratitude..God Bless yo Continue your Journey of allthe things God is having a great plan for you onyour next go round of thes movie and plays i have not miss a bad one yet..love you Tyler and your entire Crew a Job well done..vj..

  • Darlene Davis Norcross, Ga #1807321 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler this the single grandmother who need your help very bad please contact me asap . please Mr. Perry help me save my car. contact me at

  • Clarence Graham Philadelphia, PA #1807320 » Posted in: My online family

    I just read you email titled we can do better and that one was very deep. I sometimes still live that way, not really understanding what makes me shut down. Your words have turned on a big light for me to pay more attention and to make sure I do things today instead of waiting for tomorrow since tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. Thanks for the words of wisdom and truth.

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