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  • chayasunshine chicago, il #1915048 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Perry, I am such a fan and appreciate greatly the gift God has placed in you; it blesses me to holla regularly. The Haves and Have Nots has become one of my FAVORITE shows - right up there with AHS. My comment is this... as you have explored so many different areas I think (and I know my place is not as the professional) you should add a choreographed piece to one of your plays/projects. You have found such great vocal talent from everywhere (IDK how you missed me) and I think to add that dance piece to one of your awesome productions would just make the people explode! Jusrlt a suggestion.

  • M.H ♥♥ I LOVE YOU PERRY♥♥♥ #1915046 » Posted in: My online family


  • M.H ♥♥BRITTNEY WAS♥♥ #1915044 » Posted in: My online family


  • M.H ♥ ME AND MY DOG!!!♥ #1915043 » Posted in: My online family

    Her name was brittney. I named her after my teacher who was beautiful as well. Brittney and I looked just alike!!!! I have a birth mark on the middle of my nose. Brittney had a mark on the middle of hers. The colors of her hair matched my skin tone. She had a mole on the side of her cheek like MARILYN MONROE. MY UNCLE SPOTTED HER AS A HOMELESS PUPPY RUNNING DOWN THE STREET HE CALLED MY GRANDMA CAUSE SHE TOOK IN STRAY DOGS AND SHE GAVE HER TO ME. I WRAPED UP LIKE A BABY AND CARRIED HER TILL SHE GOT TOO HEAVY. I LOVE AND UNDERSTOOD BRITTNEY. TO THIS DAY I SAY ♥♥BRITTNEY AND I LOOKED JUST ALIKE. BOO- YAW★★★★★

  • Thomas Shaw Shreveport, Louisiana #1915042 » Posted in: My online family

    I thoroughly enjoyed A Woman Scorned last night . The play and music were very entertaining. I loved the actors and actresses , their singing was phenomenon all ! The storyline was enjoyable and the set was very realistic . Please come back to my home city ANYTIME! GREAT ENTERTAINMENT! !!

  • Kim Tx #1915041 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Tyler, Hi. :-) Last question for the evening... ?!?... Who many UnderArmor jackets do you have? If more then one, can I pleeeeeease have one of yours? :-) .?. Okay, sir. That's formal.... If I were Queen, naw, I was going to say I'd Knight you, but, I'd have you as my King. ;-) Goodnight.. I need a new novel any suggestions?

  • karmine Union city #1915040 » Posted in: Let's Talk About Last Night's The Haves And Have Nots

    Well the Haves was hot- but your aren't given gay-boy enough play to come out in front of his Mom, and the mad child that hanna daughter let behind, The show is HOT_HOT_HOT just not long. LOVE-it yes I had homemade lemon-pie. Yes I have pay for your movies legal but my money is short so I will buy some New for $10,good one's,don't get upset i spend over $80.00 for movies and online movies of yours.

  • United States #1915037 » Posted in: My online family

    Thank you!

    • DEJA VU... #1915039

      Welcome anytime. ...POOHBEAR. ...

  • beanate fun #1915036 » Posted in: My online family

    This is something i like to share with you. You post a picture with your homie-dog, you would like people to see how you both have some-look-alike. Well in my book h*** no I don't see it- my be you both have a good sense of smell or people sniff. Just be proud of having your Genes look like you beside yourself comparing that M-F looks something like you!!! Now has your inter-committment became so F*-Up, that you can't look at something you produce looks good beside you? Doga you need to produce a human and stop comparing your dog looks like you not even your skin is the same African-Creole-American Man. Get back to nature and smell what is missing, breath,smell ,listen and leave the Hennie-liqueur alone. Yes I found $8ooo.00 moneys and I'm paying on loans,some bills.I gave a homeless woman with children that sleep in a vacant home what i had to give for her to get some heat for 3 months -food.I have what I need beside me the good book and that i will continue do my best with what ever life gives me . May you continue to look like your dog, doga.

    • UMMMMM..really. .. #1915038

      Maybe a room...but SHE is supplying the food.So $8000.00 ..I'm BROKE and didn't see any of that...REALLY. .MAN IS THAT HOW Y'ALL COMING UP..

  • Gina Ky #1915035 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr Tyler, Have a blessed restful night and just keep praising and glorifying (His name) J-E-S-U-S !!!

  • Karen Cali #1915034 » Posted in: I Thank God For Closed Doors

    Tyler this helps....just the kick in the pants I need to stop feeling sorry for my self because things are hard on the journey. Going back to the closed door really resonates because that is what I have done recently d/t job loss. I'm going to let that go and continue looking for other doors and avenues with prayer.....Thanks.....K

  • Kim Tx #1915032 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry! OMGooddaness!!! 1st even my male child, who knows he inherited his swag from me.. Lol... But true, said, Now that's a nice picture. I am going to surprise him one day, hopefully soon, and print it out for him. He collects pics. To tha subject at hand. THAHNs, Mr. Perry, Tyler if I may... I cried... I cried... I cried, OMG. I just want to hug you with my head on you chest. Ah man! Job Well Done! Outstanding! I watched it with my son.. He's not into drama, he says "it's Cool for real". You should have heard me updating him.. You are, I need a word here... Brilliant. Awesome. Fabulous. Fantastic. Wonderful. Beautiful. Sexy. You and that mind of yours. I just want to feed you. Lol. And just love you indefinitely. Wow! Wow. I love you.

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