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  • I could really use some chocolate... US #1931683 » Posted in: My online family

    Like a snickers bar, chocolate donuts, chocolate ice cream, chocolate candy, oreo cookies and YOU!

    • OMG #1931686

      chocolaty delicious. sugar rush. too sweet. diabetics beware

    • M.H #1931688

      :-) oreo's without the filling

    • Not all at once! US #1931695

      Just a little of the other ones at time, but a whole lot of you all at once! No more type 2 diabetes for me- I am completely healed now, but I know too with my condition gestational diabetes could be a risk factor too so it is definitely time to cut back on the sugar and start using organic sugar as well!

  • Rachel Dominique Holly Springs Mississippi #1931682 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Mr. Perry, The play, H*** hath no fury like a woman scorned, was incredible. Cheryl Pepsi Riley and especially Patrice Lovely were the highlights of my night. So moving...so captivating! The comedic genius of Miss Lovely was like no other I'd ever seen in a live production before. Also the newcomers...eh Monica Blair and Mr Ellis were two of my favorites from last night as well. The husband at the beginning...oh so fine and funny! The young wife's voice was amazing. The policemen at the end was so funny. Randy, yes, even him, played his part to the tee. The props, the lighting, the incomparable singing...everything held my attention from beginning to end. I was on the very front row and the only downer was not seeing you, but I know I will meet you one day soon...until then keep the great and moving work coming! Hats off to all the characters in Memphis TN last night! They did an incredible job!

  • T.W Anniston, Alabama #1931681 » Posted in: My online family

    I love you as person and a artist. I wish you would start back hiring full figured woman. Full figured women get looked over alot until you came along. You put us all on the map. I'm so glad God put that on your heart. mrs. Tamela Mann, she is so pretty inside and out. Mr.David mann, he remindes of my brother only with the humor. my brother can see only out of one eye due to diabetes. He don't dress like a clown:). I love the way they sang. Ms.Chandra too. Now thats old school. I love you Tyler, Oh yeah I seen you with that model. I don't appreciate you cheating on us real women; full figured and all. call me im just a whisper away. Need to audition for you please. Thanks for making me laugh again. please respond! Please,Please

  • Anaele Anthony Nigeria #1931679 » Posted in: My online family

    i have an interesting move written by me. which i believe that can get international recognition if handle by a good and honest producer. sir i need you to handle this my movie production. thanks as i wait for your response.

  • Sandra Gilliam Buffalo, NY #1931678 » Posted in: My online family

    I wish I had emailed you sooner. We are doing a production at the Paul Robeson Theater part of the African America Cultural Center, Buffalo's oldest theater. It's called Branches From the Same Tree by Marge Elliott, directed by Paulette Harris. The show is wonderful, we have had great crowds with it, and the actors are worthy of a Tyler Perry show. We haveextended our run to just one more show next week, Sunday at 4pm.

  • GM! Peace #1931675 » Posted in: My online family


    • u gonna cry boy! u gonna cry! #1931676

      u are gonna just cry!

    • M.H #1931680

      Make him cry happy tears. He deserves a great wife!:-)

    • Yes he does! US #1931735

      In fact, he has already found her- she will eventually be introduced to the world all in their due timing- it has to be strategic, perfect and precise- in due time; in due time!

  • I'm ready now! US #1931674 » Posted in: My online family

    To come back home to you for real this time! No more playing games- get ready for me!

  • M.H #1931673 » Posted in: My online family

    My selfish ex-husband called me to pull his b*** from out the fire. That man broke me down in the marriage. A strong beautiful black queen and I was building a empire for him. Door closed but wound opened. He went out there to make him a son. I gave him a daughter now I can't have none. He hurt me and our home, our home. I have to build from scratch now. Look through old wood on the side of the road stuff. I have sons, smart too. Because of him I got to start all over again. Going to watch and listen to tamela mann on A diary of a mad black woman

  • Tyler! Ps 42 read it. #1931672 » Posted in: My online family

    Come home Boy!

  • barbara yandal Kentucky #1931671 » Posted in: My online family

    Traveled to Memphis to see "Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned". Saw the 7:30 Show and had a blast. Really "ON POINT" as usual. Pray that God continue to Bless You Mr. Perry and all the Tyler Perry Family. Continue to bring the messages. We love you in Kentucky and Support You. [We don't buy "bootleg". Waiting for your next project.

  • Awesomeness Augusta Ga #1931670 » Posted in: The Haves And The Have Nots

    Umm...who was that cop?? He was nice looking!!!! Can we see him in some more episodes!! #eyecandy

  • Cecilia M. Wells Sumter, SC #1931668 » Posted in: My online family

    Strawberry Letter : Youtube: Tyler Perry Soulmates

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