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When a judge orders Madea to do 20 hours of community service at a local retirement home, the residents and staff are not ready for Madea's brand of "the truth", but all is well that ends well when Madea helps the residents of Easy Rest Retirement Home realize the importance of family, love and forgiveness.

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  • shakimer United States

    You have inspired me in all of what you do. You have given me strength when I had none. You made me smile when all I could was cry. You have made me a believer that all thing are possible as long as you continue to believe in him . I wanna say thank you and because of you I continue to dream reach way past the stars thank you Mr.Tyler Perry continue to touch an teach an pass the word and blessing along

  • shawntrezking 29010

    tyier peey madea love

  • june johnson south africa

    Mr. Perry I watched this play on DVD last night and it was funny, moving, all the usual traits of a Madea movie. I laughed and cried. I think for sure Madea has met her match with Ms. Hattie!!

    • PENNY chicago #1944340


  • Darryl United States

    I was a little disappointed with the film version of A Madea Christmas but I think his next Madea film gots to be this one I really would like to see what kind of trouble Madea gets into with police this time and what Job the judge orders Madea to work at ? I also will like him to play Joe/Brian in this movie and also have Cora and Mr. Brown in this movie I really think this movie is going to be funny

  • alana parris bronk

    madea is crazy

  • Taniya Atlanta

    I love this movie

  • Z. Asheville, NC

    This is who I would choose to be in the movie version: Tyler Perry as always Madea/Joe/Brian, Patrice Lovely as Hattie, Paula Patton as Carla, Faizon Love as Carson, David & Tamela Mann as Brown/Cora, Romany Malco as Allen, Maria Bello as Sue Ellen, Jenifer Lewis as Barbara, Gabrielle Union as Dalia, Margo Martindale as Mrs. Watson, Taraji P. Henson as Rebecca, Aml Ameen as Malik, Terrence Jenkins as Sam & always Mablean Ephriam as Judge Mablean!

  • Cheyron Houston, TX

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS PLAY!!! Tony Grant is my man crush!!! He is just sexy! The entire cast was awesome!!!

  • n taylor columbus, ohio

    What is the name of that song Cheryl Pepsi Riley sings on "madea gets a job"? She sitting at her desk, something about being alone.....

  • kaisia williams lancaster,Pa

    My favorite character is Ms.Mattie

  • Isaiah Williams Denver Colorado

    My favorite character is Sam.

  • Vauntez Purnell Indiana

    Hey ya'll long time no see. Well I was wondering if the version of the play that came out at the beginning of the tour will be on DVD. I loved that version as well and I wanna see it again that plot was excellent too, and there are pictures of that version on the set up screen so I was just wondering.