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When a judge orders Madea to do 20 hours of community service at a local retirement home, the residents and staff are not ready for Madea's brand of "the truth", but all is well that ends well when Madea helps the residents of Easy Rest Retirement Home realize the importance of family, love and forgiveness.

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  • James Paynter new jersey

    The last song at the end of the play that you designed for the cast was great I enjoyed it very much keep up the good work. Don't never stop making the plays or the movies.

  • robert

    Mr. Perry you should make a movie of madeas class reunion its still one of my favorite plays you made

  • Niki nc

    Can you please start making a soundtrack for your plays?!?!? I love some of them but can't find them anywhere.

    • Chastity Wichita Falls, TX #2021241

      Yeeessssssss!!!!! LOL That's what I need! Tyler knows ew can write some songs... his fans would surely appreciate having those songs at their disposal any time, without having to shuffle thru the DVD. Love you TP!

  • katmine myb

    You need start renting theses movies on your page for $1.99 cents just for the days with your movies, Amazon does this. TYLER You must don't want the money? I guess you got to F******-Big for the dollar and pennies to come in to your small hip cup, and if that is the case then send me by Vegan 7-up CAKE-B*****!

    • Chastity Wichita Falls, TX #2021239

      HOW YOU GON TELL SOMEONE ELSE WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR BUSINESS? AND THEN INSULT THEM, ON TOP OF THAT?!? ... like they're really gonna take your idea into consideration after that nonsense! Have your ever heard of a suggestion? How about you go back and try again.

  • Roshanda Masonro texas

    big fan love hattie aka patrice lovely, but my grandmother loves the song hattie sing and would love to have that song. If anyone can email a copy or send one then that would be just lovely. Keep up the good work and continue blessing and helping those that need it. Sincerly, One Of Gods Children❤❤❤

  • Phil South Africa

    Can anyone send me the lyrics of the song done by Patrice Lovely: Hattie. Thank you!

  • Sam Ellison Hoover, Alabama

    Please make into movie.... Love your work always oh and let your haters hate and keep drinking hateraid...

  • Camryn Cleveland ohio

    When are u coming to cleveland

  • Isaiah Williams Denver Colorado

    I'm watching this right now and I'm acting like Sam

  • tyrese guyana

    very funny watch it every time i get the chance

  • Mayaunna Evans Macon,Ga

    This is so funny I watch it without stopping

  • TawnyaNikole KCMO

    Hello Mr.Perry, Can you make a movie similar to why did I get married but with singles, with advice and wendy raquel robinson, golden brooks, tyreese gibson,michael ealy, and some sould series cast members. Thanks

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