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Our story opens very early on a Monday morning, at the home of Grandma Hattie Mae. Hattie has allowed her daughter and son in law to move into her home with their son Wallie. The morning silence is broken by the ring of the telephone. Hattie is afraid to answer. The bank has given her three days to pay up the mortgage, or the struggling family will be evicted. Tensions are rising for Frank who feels responsible as the man of the house. Frank has been out of work for months, causing the family to be supported by the sole income of Rose who works as a maid for a wealthy real estate giant, Louis Willis.

After months of avoiding phone calls from the bank, Frank finally gets a break when Louis hires him to be a handyman at the Willis estate. Rose is elated that her prayers have finally been answered. Frank is cautiously optimistic, but excitedly prepares for his new job as a handyman. That morning at the Willis home, Floyd, played by Palmer Williams Jr., is hilariously negative about Rose allowing Frank to work for the wealthy couple. Floyd is convinced that Louis’ much younger wife, Diane, will snatch Frank right from under Rose’s nose.

It soon becomes painfully clear that Floyd’s madness was not craziness at all. Diane goes after Frank the moment she sees him. Rose is completely unaware of the depths to which her boss Diane will stoop when trying to satisfy her insatiable appetite for strapping young men. While Rose and Frank consume themselves with saving the home that Hattie has lived in for over thirty years, Wallie has been deeply affected by the fears of being homeless. Only Hattie is aware that Wallie has been running the streets at night. It is not until Wallie is arrested for shoplifting that Rose discovers that her honor roll son has decided to walk a different path.

Frank and Wallie finally face off when Frank overhears his son lashing out about how Frank is a sorry husband and father. Wallie has learned on the streets that all men have a side hustle, and are always able to support their families. It is a bitter pill to swallow when Frank realizes that his son has lost respect for him, and blames him for the family’s impending doom.

It is under these circumstances that the struggling family will have to pray for a miracle when their worlds begin to spiral out of control. Hattie, an old woman who has survived a mountain of challenges, finds herself more afraid than she has ever been. Rose, the strong and virtuous matriarch of her family, stands firmly on her faith when she tells Hattie that she has to meet God for the first time. At the end of her rope, Hattie lifts her arms in a miraculous and desperate show of faith and power. It will take both of the women to battle the principalities coming against their family unit.

Meanwhile Frank is put in a treacherous situation when Diane maligns Rose with lies and deceit, while offering to write a check to Frank in exchange for sexual favors. Frank is tested like never before when he is presented by an opportunity to save his family by betraying the sacred relationship he has with his wife.

Frank’s impeccable character lifts him out of the situation in time to discover that Wallie has become a money making drug dealer. When Frank finally discovers the stacks of cash and drugs, he is ready to give everything he has to fight for his son’s life. Wallie has been so brainwashed by the streets that it will take the strength and love of a tough father to win the heart of his son back to the principles he was raised with.

It almost appears that Diane may have been successful in breaking up a happy home when Louis finally sees his young wife for what she is. Troubled by the truth, Louis must make the hardest decision he has ever had to make. Seeing the love that Frank and Rose have for one another, Louis intervenes to help the couple who are about to lose everything they have. In doing so, Louis experiences firsthand the power and the beauty of a family’s love.

Tyler Perry’s “The Haves And The Have Nots” is a powerful story of love and honor told with honesty and brutal truth. The show features powerful new music written by Tyler Perry, and a cast of extraordinary singers and actors who make the evening a heartfelt experience. Hattie, played by Patrice Lovely, and Palmer Williams Jr. as Floyd offer up enough laughs to keep audiences chucking for the rest of the year.

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  • valerie alfre 12171 ferrari garden grove ca.

    of all my years watching tv.this happens to be my all time favorite.it keeps me on edge not knowing what is coming next.keep up the good work.

    • shelia aiken #1972100

      I love the show it keep people on there toes

    • willie usa #1972101

      I love me some tyler perry shows my husband like him to he is so.......... funny

  • joan morrison ivor va.

    Not since Dallis & who shot J.R has a show been as riveting as this one.

  • charles san antonio

    the final was weak to many lose ends.there must be a part 2 to complete

    • JFC Los Angeles #1932847

      I love The Haves and Have Nots. I can't wait to May,,,,,It left me hanging over a cliff.

  • Roberta Page Lakeland Fl.

    Mr.Perry, I was surprised how much your into RCA. My brother in law Ernie Huber made and flow his own helicopers . His birds were in Tower Inferno, Capicorn, Blue Thunder..he also ran a school in Cresent City in Fl. which students from all over the world attended. My sister tried writing everyone in Hollywood if they would want the Birds and never got answer, I believe the Green Monster is in a Museum in Mass. since he was in the Air Force she asked for some help closing the school and a few of military men came and helped and for their help she offered their choice of any of the birds of course they were lost for words and said no we couldn't not accept anything she replied oh yes you've done enough for our country and Ernie would be Honored if you accept. I just thought that you would like to hear a story of a man would loved building and flying as you do. If you would like to contact my sister I would be proud to see I she would share his/her story. Thank you for your time and I Love the show and can't wait for the next season.

  • Deidre Memphis

    I love all your movie and plays I can't wait the movie come out I no it going to so good

  • ofranklin cordova, tn

    I admit it - I'm biased! Pro TP, I have loved Tyler Perry and his talent from the beginning and love every single thing he does is wonderful to me. I adore The Haves & Have Nots & never miss an episode. I wish there were no season finales. I will share later my character hopes & wishes!

  • Leana Maryland

    Ok Tyler, this is how the show should go. Benny lives, Maggie and David should have an affair, it would serve that awful Veronica right. She's terrible, blackmailing her son to do her wishes. Candice gets kidnapped by these Malone brothers and Jim saves her. Celine gets sent to jail for something, she's rotten, she gotta go. I have great story line ideas.

  • Jasmine CA

    The TV series needs to come to Amazon, Xfinity,Netflix or DVD I dont care which one I don't have cable but was able to watch 5 episodes at my sisters house 5 star show and I'm missing out I love your show Tyler! -A fan without Cable

  • beverly pendelton ksnsas city, mo.

    Please let the miracle happen and save benny.

    • Leana Maryland #1927567

      I'm sure Benny will live. And I'm sure Kathrine moved him out of that awful hospital, into a good facility with good doctors. And he will live.

  • Frankie Chicago

    Can't wait for 8:00 on Tuesday. By far the best show on T.V. It is second to none. Thanks for showing our community beliefs. Some affluent family will go to the extent that Varonica is trying to go to not except her sons sexual orientation. Thanks Tyler for such a good show. Keep the creative juices going.

  • Tracy St. Louis

    On the episode aired on 2/11/14; there was a scene when Hannah and Celene were arguing and fighting. One moment Hannah had on earrings and the next moment she didnt and vice-versa. That was strange no one caught that before it aired on tv.

    • Ebony SC #1924053

      I saw it also, but thought maybe she lost it in their little tussle. I didn't pay it much more attention. So small yet so weird for the producer and his team to miss.

  • Isaiah Williams Denver Colorado

    My favorite character is Floyd.

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