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Our story opens very early on a Monday morning, at the home of Grandma Hattie Mae. Hattie has allowed her daughter and son in law to move into her home with their son Wallie. The morning silence is broken by the ring of the telephone. Hattie is afraid to answer. The bank has given her three days to pay up the mortgage, or the struggling family will be evicted. Tensions are rising for Frank who feels responsible as the man of the house. Frank has been out of work for months, causing the family to be supported by the sole income of Rose who works as a maid for a wealthy real estate giant, Louis Willis.

After months of avoiding phone calls from the bank, Frank finally gets a break when Louis hires him to be a handyman at the Willis estate. Rose is elated that her prayers have finally been answered. Frank is cautiously optimistic, but excitedly prepares for his new job as a handyman. That morning at the Willis home, Floyd, played by Palmer Williams Jr., is hilariously negative about Rose allowing Frank to work for the wealthy couple. Floyd is convinced that Louis’ much younger wife, Diane, will snatch Frank right from under Rose’s nose.

It soon becomes painfully clear that Floyd’s madness was not craziness at all. Diane goes after Frank the moment she sees him. Rose is completely unaware of the depths to which her boss Diane will stoop when trying to satisfy her insatiable appetite for strapping young men. While Rose and Frank consume themselves with saving the home that Hattie has lived in for over thirty years, Wallie has been deeply affected by the fears of being homeless. Only Hattie is aware that Wallie has been running the streets at night. It is not until Wallie is arrested for shoplifting that Rose discovers that her honor roll son has decided to walk a different path.

Frank and Wallie finally face off when Frank overhears his son lashing out about how Frank is a sorry husband and father. Wallie has learned on the streets that all men have a side hustle, and are always able to support their families. It is a bitter pill to swallow when Frank realizes that his son has lost respect for him, and blames him for the family’s impending doom.

It is under these circumstances that the struggling family will have to pray for a miracle when their worlds begin to spiral out of control. Hattie, an old woman who has survived a mountain of challenges, finds herself more afraid than she has ever been. Rose, the strong and virtuous matriarch of her family, stands firmly on her faith when she tells Hattie that she has to meet God for the first time. At the end of her rope, Hattie lifts her arms in a miraculous and desperate show of faith and power. It will take both of the women to battle the principalities coming against their family unit.

Meanwhile Frank is put in a treacherous situation when Diane maligns Rose with lies and deceit, while offering to write a check to Frank in exchange for sexual favors. Frank is tested like never before when he is presented by an opportunity to save his family by betraying the sacred relationship he has with his wife.

Frank’s impeccable character lifts him out of the situation in time to discover that Wallie has become a money making drug dealer. When Frank finally discovers the stacks of cash and drugs, he is ready to give everything he has to fight for his son’s life. Wallie has been so brainwashed by the streets that it will take the strength and love of a tough father to win the heart of his son back to the principles he was raised with.

It almost appears that Diane may have been successful in breaking up a happy home when Louis finally sees his young wife for what she is. Troubled by the truth, Louis must make the hardest decision he has ever had to make. Seeing the love that Frank and Rose have for one another, Louis intervenes to help the couple who are about to lose everything they have. In doing so, Louis experiences firsthand the power and the beauty of a family’s love.

Tyler Perry’s “The Haves And The Have Nots” is a powerful story of love and honor told with honesty and brutal truth. The show features powerful new music written by Tyler Perry, and a cast of extraordinary singers and actors who make the evening a heartfelt experience. Hattie, played by Patrice Lovely, and Palmer Williams Jr. as Floyd offer up enough laughs to keep audiences chucking for the rest of the year.

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  • karen b lakeland, fl

    I just saw the show last night. I like it but I do have a comment to make about the characters. My family is from Savannah, GA. The actors need to work on their accent. They don't even sound southern. A Savannah accent is very distinctive from other southern accents. It's a very slow southern drawl.

  • Jeff Canada

    The haves explains your ability to keep producing garbage the have not's explains your lack of talent.

    • Debra houston #1853782

      Jeff how about you do yourself a favor and hop off his d**** Because while you're on his website commenting about how much you didn't like his work he owns ,i think, 88% of TBS has a T.V. show called House of Payne and is still making plays and movies. So please for you own sake... shut up.

    • gigi09 Dallas #1857862

      Is it me or...are people so easily influenced by what they see on TV that they for some reason...they just don't see the show as entertainment? After many years of 'All my Children' the 'Y&R' it is refreshing to see a woman of color as the diva/vixen. The cast is getting better each week and I find myself looking forward to the next episode. I am so proud of Tyler Perry for what he has done with his life, and the positive influence he is making on the generations to come.

  • Jeff Canada

    Typler Perry please kill yourself, all your movies,theater, and tv is a pile of s***

    • Bralon #1853057

      i find it funny that you dont like his material but you took the time to come to his website. Grow up please...and do it really quick.

    • brian Harrisburg #1853189

      "Jeff" When I last recalled I never seen nor heard of anything you ever did or accomplished so if you don't mind me asking, who are you again????? My point exactly...

    • Jeff Canada #1853360

      I am a biophysicist, so in your words because I didnt make some second rate movies or theater productions I cant have an opinion on entertainment. I have seen many theater productions in NY and LA and it makes Tyler Perry's work look like that of a incompetent high school drama teacher. As far as his movie aside from all the cliche movie rip-offs you could probably hand a camcorder to a mentally retarded chimp and get better results. Not everyone appreciates outdated,cliche, low budget garbage. Not to say that there arent plenty of films that are low budget just none of them with Tyler Perry in there credits.

    • Jeff Canada #1853386

      So basically just wanted to add you are having a full scale text based argument with yourself as I was not a part of your conversation. You might wanna see help with that as it seems a level above one verbally arguing with themselves. There is also no point in arguing I cant make Tyler Pery's crappy movies and theater productions good, he clearly enjoys spewing this s*** out regardless the broad felt low quality and expressed ratings. Look anywhere that covers movies an example IMDB which is also used by members of the film industry from actors to directors and producers, none of his movies have a positive rating and his reviews often far worse than my comments.

    • Jeff Canada #1853435

      I took the time to come here a talk about my opinion just as I took the time to view Mr.Perry's material, so in your eyes a person is not a grown up if they come and comment that they didn't like his contributions. I didn't realize the internet was only for positive feedback or criticism. Apparently in your world it is immature to express your opinion yet attacking someone because you dont like their comments isnt.

    • Bryan #1853501

      Jeff you're saying you took the time to view the material and comment on it but your comments are so directly negative and offer no details on why it was bad. You told him to kill himself and that he has no talent and that he keeps producing piles of s***. I can't say whether or not you watched all of his material but if you thought his first few productions were c*** then normally a person would've stopped watching. I also find it hard that someone as intelligent as a biophysicist would come out and say such general and narrow-minded comments. That's something young and ignorant people do so I do think your comments revealed your immaturity. And yes, Tyler Perry does have some bad reviews, but if everyone thought his movies were bad, IMDB included, he wouldn't have had 25 nominations and 7 awards in his career up to this date. Plus if you really did your research on Tyler Perry and his movie style along with the reviews he gets overall, you would have noticed that his "critics" all come from one demographic group. Granted almost all of his movies include and seem to draw one demographic group, but like i said if you've done your research his recent productions were made not only for him to keep doing what he love, but to reach out beyond the groups of people he already draws. Personally I think that Tyler Perry focuses more on the values and overall message in his plays and movies and not so much on what people think will and will not be good and that to me is honorable and is deserving of respect. So if you think his movies are c*** then at least give details on why it is rather than throwing out bashing comments and calling them your opinion.

    • Prudy South Africa #1860360

      I like Tyler perry's movies a lot. It the only movie that I really and I am a christian and I learn a lot. Some times I pick up a song, a coat or an act that really touch me at the place I am at a time. If you don't like the staff leave it, stop waisting time. What you say is what comes out of your heart, so I would say you very bitter inside, you need Jesus to come in.

    • DARLA Stockton CA #1946217

      First of all Jeff his name is Tyler not Typler apparently you must like his work you have seen enough t.v. shows and or plays and movies to form a opinion that wants the man to die. Why don't you look at it this way Tyler is making money, yours and mine included. Get off the man's back he is doing something positive trying to keep people laughing, and in other shows or performances causing people to take a look at real life situations, and say hmmm?

    • ms,renee baltimore #1978878

      jeff you need jesus .if you dont like it dont watch it.watch benny hinn

    • frances Albuquerque NM #2021938

      To Jeff biophysicist It takes one to know one....what you say to people is already done to you...forgive yourself....and move on to something else. I hope you have time to watch PASSION OF CHRIST.....

  • kate Birmingham' AL

    I love your shows: Are we there yet, are you going to continue with new series. And I love ( Love thy Neighor) and The Have Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The show's are GREAT. Sometimes went I am away on miilitary duties I record them.

  • Jeannette Blackwell Decatur, GA

    The Have and Have Nots is the best television show you've ever created. I would love to see more tv dramas coming from you. I'm a seasoned actor who's just relocated to the Atlanta area from Chicago, so perhaps there's a role for me in that creative head of yours. Congratulations and thank you.

    • Dee California #1854268

      I'm loving the series (Haves and Have Nots) but I just saw a big uk-oh in the latest show ... why would Crier think that David had anything to do with the issue with Hattie's son??? This makes no sense.

  • Cynthia Willis United States

    Hello I look forward to each and every episode of The Have and Have Nots// I loved Dallas, Dynasty, Grey's Anatomy. When one talks to the TV... you know your heart is into it.

  • kim scott detroit.mi

    Tyler Perry im into the have and have nots I love the show I could play a role I'm a bit of a diva myself if and when you're casting I would love to be apart of the show love u Tyler muah.

  • Helen Philadelphia, pa

    I love the show. However, I get tired of the rape angles. To have an entire conversation after the rape was offensive. You spent approximately 5 mins on this scene. Is the girl that retarded? I'm not blaming the victim, just whoever thought this particular scene was ok to continue on for the time that it did.

  • helen Nigeria

    This is a good production and more grease to your elbow Tyler . Lets not kid ourselves till forever some people will always feel they are better than another group of people no sentiments. The black girl who seems to be the major focus now is just one of those children who think the world owes them a favor. Get a grip girl do you know how many people desire a family that you have and do not appreciate. I feel sorry for your Mum and brother you took the wrong turn and their is a price to pay. Well I look forward to other episodes since we are not opportune to see the play live . All the best to the various Actors and Actress good cast. Well done.

  • Sabrina Houston, Texas

    Tyler you will never be able to satisfy everyone! Continue to do as you have done: Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness...I absolutely love both shows but The Haves and the Have Nots is actually better than CBS' Y&R. I personally think that a new door has opened for you, as this has introduced a new style of talent for you. You've also successfully starred in new roles in movies that were probably not 100% in your comfort zone; but you still did an amazing job! When God is for you, it's more than the world against you! You are awesome and I pray for your continued success. Be blessed!

  • Nene Alabama

    I have always prided myself on never getting caught up in soap operas. But I am absolutely stuck on the Haves and the Have Nots! I wish it came on more than one day a week, but I can keep my cool until the following week to see what crazy Candice is going to do next. She is fabulous! She acts while acting! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to at least one day of the week that is utterly entertaining! Oh yeah, forget the negative comments. Your true fans have been with you from the beginning and we love your work. Stay true to yourself Tyler!

  • Sukaih Las Vegas

    I love the show and would love to know if they're having a play in Las Vegas. ..:-)

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