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How To Be Successful...


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  • Sylvia Washington Atlanta Ga

    Take me under your wings Mr Perry. i know i have potential that needs to be tapped into..HeLP!!!

  • Yamile Hazouri México City

    Love YOU really !!! Since 2012 I've been listening to your inspirational corner Over and over and over again I have all your movies, plays and series Please put more inspirational messages!!! Yamile

  • Priscilla United States

    Awesome message. I must share with my daughters!

  • Karleen Andresen

    How many celebrities would take the time to send a heart-full message for others to use. I'm putting this on my top 10 list of inspirational links. Thank you Tyler Perry.

  • Mildred Abernathy Six Flags area

    You are my INSPIRATION" the real Miss Mildred producer of GOD-INSPIRED television for children ages 3-9 years, "Dancing for Jesus" on ZION TRAIN" first stop: Atlanta GA. 2015 See: Facebook/zion train home email:

  • Rosa Ramirez new york

    May the Lord continue to bless you always. Thank you for your wise words of encouragement. It means alot to me.

  • Charlene Y. Robinson Dallas, TX

    Thank you for your humility, and willingness to share and uplift the next dreamweaver. You've just sparked my focus, and determination. I have much love and respect for you, and thoroughly enjoy seeing your dreams materialize! www.imdb.com/name/nm/

  • Dr. Tracey Brown

    Tyler Perry, you are truly awesome! God bless you!!!

  • TC Hartly, Delaware

    You have touched my heart...

  • Ertha Sams Tampa Fl

    Tyler Perry--Paise be to God for your honesty.

  • Elise Namibia

    You have inspired me Tyler Perry. I believe in God and I believe in me no matter what. Having family challenges since I was 14 years old, tells me there is something special and something different about me. Thank you for this video message of encouragement.

  • Elizabeth Alabama

    How can you keep going when all you do are trying to do don't work. You pray, you believe everything going to be ok and your trust God, but you get slapped in the face everything you get back up.