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Maybe You're Being Hidden On Purpose

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  • billie abbott United States

    I just listened to your inspirational corner you are such an awesome man when I hear you share words of wisdom and hope as you have here it brings tears to my eye's because I know you not only are speaking from your heart but you have lived and been through everything you are talking about . Thanks so much for just being you and allowing God to use your life as a light that's shining all over the world you inspire me thanks be blessed .

  • Lakisha P Detroit, Mi

    I shed tears watching this video and felt as though you were speaking directly to me. I'm only 23 year old and I've always felt as I've been walking in the shadow of others. Waiting to be noticed, seen, and have my voice heard. I let lack of support and negativity stop me from believing in myself. So many situations in which I thought I was missing out when it was only God preserving me for something far better and I didn't even know it. I was being hidden on purpose all along. Thank you Mr. Perry, I admire you not only for your success but for being you and believing in yourself when no one else did. Shy and timid I will be no more. I'll walk this path proudly as I pursue a career in my passion for writing and storey telling. If you ever see this please know you've changed my life. I aspire to inspire others as you've done for me. Thank you

  • Elsie Hayward, Ca

    I've always felt in my spirit that the Lord was not allowing me to expose my talent to the right people until the right time. I see in this entertainment world you can be around people who will promise you things and I always wonder why am I so talented with this singing and is not using it or why am I so shy have potential but is afraid to use it and now I know because of this confirmation. People can mislead you and when you're young they will take advantage of you because my dream is to be able to help my family as well as anyone around me. I know if I keep believing , keep praying and keep on being faithful one day he will let all my dreams come true. You know when someone is telling the truth because you will feel it the feeling of discernment, just like when you know someone is telling a lie. I won't give up the fight I will keep on doing what God tells me too until he bring it to pass. Love you Tyler God Bless you

  • Michelle Chesterton, IN

    Awesome message that I really needed to hear! For 7.5 years I worked for a regional airline. When I began my flight attendant career I felt one day I would be able to take my career higher (no pun intended) than a commuter airline. In January I resigned from the regional company, believing God has something so much better. The past 5 months I have applied for over 75 customer service positions with NO prevail, not even a phone call for an interview. I must confess, I've had a few moments of discouragement and frustration but recently I felt God was hiding my resume on purpose. Only He can take my mess and turn it into my message. This was conformation for me, thank you.

  • Sharon New Jersey

    Thank you for that inspirational message. Many of us feel we should be brought to the forefront all the time. We look for acceptance and we'll do just about anything to get it. In Your Words. "Maybe You're Being Hidden On Purpose". One day I would just like to write children's books that inspire a generation. We need to help them be strong in a way God wants them to be strong for this space in time. Pray for me. I thank God for your gifts of kindness to the Americans of the African Diaspora.

  • Ruby Lynette Turner Murphysboro, Illinois / Southern Illinois

    I Attended Edmond Elementary School In Chicago, Illinois When A Company Came And Selected My Picture And That Of Greg Baker For Modeling. I Could Had Been On The Cosby Show Had It Not Been For My Nearly Deadle Auto Accident.

  • C.Reynolds Austin,Tx

    Are you sure you're not supposed to be preaching on the side?(lol) But thank you for this, I need it, and not to forget about the piece about goal setting ( listened to that sometime last yr or the top of this yr, not sure & it has stayed with me); I need to pick one thing & slow down even though I feel like I am ready to take on the world. Not in my time but in his. Amen & Amen

  • James M. Orlando

    Thank You! Mr. Perry

  • Bianca A. Houston, TX

    Thank you for your wisdom :)

  • Treasure Atlanta

    Thank you for that. I'm very hidden right now. I knew I was, but I didn't understand why. I will stay the course and keep preparing.

  • Angelia J. Poole Charlotte, NC

    Good Afternoon, Sir. I'm so glad that I decided to browse through your site! This video was such a blessing. Thanks for sharing it!!

  • Elaine Cleveland, Ohio

    Thanking you Tyler for taking the time to post these inspirational videos. I love your work and the way you always give thanks to God. The videos are helping me with my depression. Keep them coming please.

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