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There Is An Appointed Time For Everything

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  • Mary Hill Highland, CA


  • Vanessa Laurence Chicago, IL

    Tyler I enjoy everything you have done to entertain & inspire people. This message board is truly inspiring me. My spirit was so low today and has been for weeks but receiving your email lead me to your web site. Thank you for sharing your gifts from GOD with the world. I Thank your parents for being the vessel to bring you the gift into the world. I have live long enough to see & experienced many good & not so good living long enough to see a Dr. King fight for change during the civil rights area & a Beautiful Black Family in The White House President Barack Obama & now your success! I'm all good now looking forward to more years of change for the better. Thanks TP

  • Tracy Ross Baltimore, Maryland

    Thank you Mr. Tyler for your words of inspiration and encouragement. Faith in God is very important to me as well. I can go to HIM for all of my needs including love, peace of mind,protection and guidance. Peace and Love and Blessings to you. And I wish you continued success.

  • sylvia Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Tyler, dear you are right on time with this msg. I am a senior with a young heart and spirit .I dedicated my life to helping substance abuse user or anyone with an addiciton.I am kinda semi retired and it seems as if all careers doors are closing for me .They have made it that you need a Masters to get a job,although I understand it"s about insurance company money for the services ,it leave those of us who don"t have a masters out of the game hoping to find a job in the field .I am a recovering abuser and am fighting hard to remain so . I can get the masters but,I would have to do it on line ,now listen it"s easier for me to watch reruns of all in the family than understand how to work that on line stuff. What"s a girl to do ?. Thought I'd add some humor to this moment,family pray that I can learn how to effectively work this on line stuff. as always sylvis sanctious

  • Tammy Bomar-Thomas Spartanburg, SC

    This message is right on time for me. I can't seem to get a lot of support from other people that I thought would have my back. I'm learning to depend on God like never before, only now I'm actually ok with people turning their backs on me. I use it as motivation and my faith is growing each and every day. Without faith it is impossible to please God. When I think about it, He is the only One who determines my destiny and eternity! Thanks so much for truth and transparency Mr. Perry! God Be With You Always~

  • Mary Frances Arlington Tx

    Have you ever felt left out not welcome out off place like you don't belong Being a writer sometimes I feel lost and lonely. I been writing now for so long until I'm lost within me. I dream of it I sleep on it I want so bad for my work to be seen by someone else other than me. I love writing. Sometimes I drown myself with a pen I write just that much. You would love my ideas just like I do yours. Put me on board. God is good and he have blessed me with this talent. Watching your shows keep me inspired more.

  • Yanira STX Virgin Islands

    You are such an inspiration. Thank God for wonderful people like you.

  • Elois Stafford Moultrie georgia

    Mr.Perry I'm a true believer in god an wat he got for you is for you only trust an believe in him an he will open the door when its time for you.I lost my mom about year an a half ago its has been the hardest thing for me to deal with but every day he gives me a little more strength to hold on.l have a thirteen year old son an he cry all the time cause he miss his grandma so on this pass sunday after his audition we went to the grave site.I think wanted her to know he gonna make his dream come true I told him gotta have faith an patience that god will make it happen if its for you.well thanks for your time may God continue to bless you

  • Walker new york

    Thank you.Just been going through. Thank You Mr.Perry

  • Mrs.Catherine L. Cook Trussville,Al 35173

    You're a blessing to my family. God's Blessing to you.

  • Vicky Lee San Clemente, CA

    This is so powerful, this message. I graciously receive it into my heart. Thank you, Tyler Perry.

  • Pearly Smith Oklahoma City,OK

    I enjoyed everything you had to say,it is so very true. Sometimes GOD gives you so that you are able to share with others. No I ask not for money only for help. I am a published poet, (only 5 for now) with more to come. At present I'm trying to get my book published. I am a deli worker at Wal-Mart in Mustang, Oklahoma. I simple need direction as far as getting published goes and having one not charge me a fortune to do it. My poetry is centered on Father God, things He has brought me through, and life. If you wouldn't mind it I'd be honored if you were to read and advise me on this matter. May Father God continue to bless all your hands touch. Respectfully Pearly Smith