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Based upon Tyler Perry's acclaimed stage production, MADEA'S FAMILY REUNION continues the adventures of southern matriarch Madea begun in the hit film DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN.

An unstoppable force of nature, Madea may have finally taken on more than she can chew. She has just been court ordered to be in charge of NIKKI, a rebellious runaway, her nieces LISA and VANESSA are suffering relationship trouble, and through it all she has to organize her family reunion.

As the reunion approaches, secrets are revealed and tensions rise. Madea must use every tactic in her arsenal to not only keep the peace, but keep her family together.

The cast of MADEA’S FAMILY REUNION includes Tyler Perry, Blair Underwood, Lynn Whitfield, Boris Kodjoe, Henry Simmons, Lisa Arrindell Anderson, Maya Angelou, Rochelle Aytes, Jenifer Lewis, Tangi Miller, Keke Palmer and Cicely Tyson. MADEA’S FAMILY REUNION was written and directed by Tyler Perry. The film is produced by Tyler Perry and Reuben Cannon.

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  • Jeff

    Which actor is preacher officiating at wedding towards end of movie?

  • J. Jones Phoenix, AZ

    I want to know who did the make-up for the lady that Boris Kudjoe married in Madea's Family Reunion?

  • Liz Litts AZ

    Keep coming back to this movie--all the Madea movies -when I need a really good laugh--and a pick up. Loved the grits and frying pan thing!

  • alicia United States

    your so awesome tyler perry

  • Nataylee Givens Longview, Tx

    I love the bridemaids dresses I would love to know who designed them?

  • Flychick86 Alabama

    First, the picture. It was ok. I also thought about the fight scenes as well.

    • misty lexington mo 64067 #1709978

      dear mr. tyler perry you are so funny i have watch all of yours movies and play and i can repeated every line in all of your movie and plays you do a wonderful job keep up doing what u do the best doing the lord work the lord give u this gift to help people like me or anybody and everybody by giving people a message to the the lord and u do it for people can understand and have fun at the same time while they are leaning your message and i want to think u if it was r you i would have gave up on the lord along time ago so thank u so much

    • kaydean treasure jamaica #1920184

      the first time i saw this movie it bring tears to my eyes even the diary of the mad black woman i was watching it last night and it broght some thing to my mind not to ever give up cause god has the power to show who is god

  • Hamza Belgium

    Love your movies

  • mya perth amboy

    Madea u are are funny

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    The wedding was just outstanding! The mother of the 2 daughters was a complete fool! Madea saves the day once again in this movie. The human angels hanging from the ceiling was the best I've seen. I was glad the daughter who was set to get married didn't marry that man who beat her day in & day out. And I happy for the other sister who was mistreated, misunderstood, & hated was blessed with a man who could love her & her 2 children. Thanks for telling us about the grits & the skillet action. Lol... Off the chain! You have given us what no other could even think of. :) You're the best of the best. :) Sweet

  • shelbi walser Wills Point Texas

    When i first saw that movie it was like i couldnt get of the chair..... :)

  • Mihelle Williams Jamaica NY

    I saw the movie it waz gd and the only thing i got 2 say is that she got those griits

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