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Madea gets coaxed into helping a friend pay her daughter a surprise visit in the country for Christmas, but the biggest surprise is what they'll find when they arrive. As the small, rural town prepares for its annual Christmas Jubilee, new secrets are revealed and old relationships are tested while Madea dishes her own brand of Christmas Spirit to all.

TYLER PERRY’S A MADEA CHRISTMAS is written for the screen, produced and directed by Tyler Perry.

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  • Eden NJ, USA

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  • Debbie Washington Dallas Tx potters house

    I want to start by not sounding personal but, to say I love you, and all the plays you wrote. For some reason I cannot see the madea's Christmas movie right now but I hope to see it very soon. I have been trying to get a true story about my nephew's death in nineteen ninty nine. There were several interviews done on the investigation into his death that took more than four years. I found out what happened to him in every minute detail. Hopefully in two thousand fourteen the story or movie will come alive and, the true story about what happened to my nephew the circumstances surrounding his death will be revealed it is most interesting to say the least. Several interviews were done including the local Connecticut news channel three channel thirty, and local Connecticut newspapers. The one important interview was done by Dateline nbc it shows the actual body of my nephew either dead or dying. There is also a cousin through marriage who was literaly beaten to death on camera. Ajlot of information for your eyes only tyler you are the greatest love Debbie Washington The Potters house Dallas.

  • Vince Ok Lagos, Nigeria

    Hi Tyler, I can only encourage you to keep up what you're doing. I believe it's some sort of calling. There is hardly any of your plays or movies I have seen without a message, no matter how subtle. I pray the Lord strengthen and protect you as you do His will in Jesus name, Amen. You have been a great blessing to me, my family and friends. God really bless and keep you, Amen

  • Penny Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

    Thank you, thank you for sharing your talents. Can't say as I've ever watched a movie twice but this will truly be the exception. We were laughing so hard, and the jokes were so fast, I know we missed some. Oh and we laughed all the way home as we re-told our favourite scenes. Awesome, just awesome.

    • Brian DeBoard USA Florids #1906221

      For all that made using Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is alway's CAPITALIZE

  • Paula Atlanta, GA

    My family and I just got home from watching a Madea Christmas. The Mall of Georgia theater was packed full and everyone was laughing so hard and loud I couldn't hear everything that was said. I was busy laughing, too. I want to go see it again. It was funny and had great messages. We love Tyler Perry and Madea. Madea says and does things that sometimes that we'd like tosay or do from time to time but never would. I read a previous comment about race and that is the whole point. We all bleed red. Merry Christmas! I loved, too, the message about keeping Christ in Christmas.

  • Annie Kynard_Hackworth alabaster,ala.35007

    love you Tyler.Love all your work

  • felecia forestpark ga 30297

    I love this Christmas movie it funny I seen SM parts of it I just smile laffing hard.i think movie was very good fantasy madea.

  • Nay Cimcinnati

    Awesome I watched it and it was more than I expected..!!!

  • Michelle

    I have watched your plays and all your movies with Madea and I have enjoyed them so much and I cant wait for new ones in the future . God Bless you and thank you so much for all the laughs and giggles I get from your movies

  • thersa guyana

    Tyler Perry I cant wait to c the movie when it going to be out I wish u can come to Guyana we love u n all your movie and paly

  • Ray Nigeria

    ur movies are one of a kind...when lonely or having a terrible day i just watch ur movies n all d crazy moments wld sleep away..keep up the good work Tyler..Jah Bless

  • S. Green

    'A Madea Christmas' was funny, friendly and morally valuable for young ages to old. I love the messages you send in your movies, and the positive and classy images you give African Americans. Thank You for what you do in the realm of theater. God Bless.

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