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A successful, wealthy businessman, Wesley Deeds (Tyler Perry) has always done what's expected of him, whether it's assuming the helm of his father's company, tolerating his brother's misbehavior at the office or planning to marry his beautiful but restless fiancee, Natalie (Gabrielle Union). But Wesley is jolted out of his predictable routine when he meets Lindsey (Thandie Newton), a down-on-her-luck single mother who works as a cleaning person in his office building. Outspoken, impulsive and proud- and also recently evicted- Lindsey struggles to make ends meet for herself and her young daughter. But when Wesley offers to help her get back on her feet, his innocent good deed ignites and unexpected attraction- and suddenly Wesley finds himself caught between the life he thought he wanted and the powerful desires of his heartÂ….

A moving, uplifting romantic drama about relationships and the defining choices we make in our lives, 'Tyler Perry's Good Deeds' is written, produced and directed by Tyler Perry, and stars Perry, Thandie Newton, Brian White, Rebecca Romijn, Jamie Kennedy, Eddie Cibrian, Jordenn Thompson, Beverly Johnson, with Phylicia Rashad, and Gabrielle Union.

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  • Janella Houston, Tx

    This movie is amazing! The cast. The storyline. From start to finish. A wonderful masterpiece. What I have taken away from this movie is the ability to relate to each of the characters portrayed in the movie. Especially Tyler Perry's character. He portrays a man who looks through the depths of his soul and finds out who he really is and what he really wants out of life. Excellent work Tyler Perry. This is real acting!

  • Mikia Haywood Inkster MI

    I love the instrumental music playing in the beginning scene of the movie and it plays on the dvd title selection. What is this song? I love this movie thumbs up!!!

  • Pat

    I have Good Deeds on DVD and I look at it every night. I don't know what it is about this movie that I keep watching it. I is such a powerful movie, and so real. The leading lady is off the change, and you play such a powerful role yourself. You were in love with her from the start, but you were so groomed from a child, you just did not know how to handle it, but after you through she was not going to get on that plane, you handle it well. The way your mom looked after they shut the door to the plane, she act like she known that Linsley was on the plane. It was a beautiful love story, wouldn't be lovely if love was really that powerful? not in today society.

  • Jyn Seiger Picard Jacksonville,Florida

    This movie captured and ignited a passion in me,it made me examin myself and have a fresh new perspective outlook on Life.It is possible to be living a life that is the life that others wants you to live,it encourages people to take a leap of Faith and begin to explore the true inner voice that is constantly reminding us of our true nature as individuals.I'm a strugling writer,producer,director,actor and I know one day by watching the favor upon Tyler Perry life,I know my chance to share with the world my desires and inner passion will come all over sudden.the movie is well written and well directed it capture my emotional side and erected my desire to be more like Tyler Perry.Keep at it,the best is yet to come!!

  • Vicki Tellez United States

    This was the best movie ever. Your movies always have the greatest morals, and this world needs this. Thank you Mr. Perry Vicki Tellez TEXAS

  • JD SF Ca

    One of the best romantic/drama films I've seen in a very long time. Very well done! The ending was brilliant! Mr. Perry, you're amazing! :) More!!!!

  • Kimberley Chula Vista, San Diego, California

    Mr. Perry.... Loved Good Deeds.... Loved it... Loved it... Loved it... It touched almost every emotion possible. Love Your movies but this one is yet My favorite. Thank You for Your hard and dedicated work. You Rock!!!

  • Dee Dee Jacksonville, Florida

    Hi Mr. Perry: Everytime I watch your movies I think about where you came from and how you pulled yourself up. I am so proud of your representation of how being relentless pays off. Good Deeds: I could not get enough of this movie. I wanted it to go on and on. You were fantastic in that movie. I am a teacher, as I transitioned from business to education. There are so many myths in the education industry and so many inequities. It would be great to shed light on this industry for awareness sake.

  • Christina west berlin,nj 08091

    I must say this was a great movie just like the rest of them but some how tyler perry u seem to always get me crying and i can relate to alot of the stuff in couple of your movies and play's thank you for being you .

  • Charmaine North Carolina

    I finally got a chance to see your movie GOOD DEEDS. As I watch tears begain to roll noticing my life in Lindsey's life. The only differnece between myself and her is that I did not loose a husband, I did not stay in my car and it took a little while to find a job... I've been a single mother since day one.. With prayer, favor, and faith I am still trying to pull myself up and to be a better mother to my 6 year old. I have moved into my own place and now working 2 jobs.. I'm planning to go back to college, but thats going to take some time.. I just want to thank you for showing that real people live in this world with real life problems.. God has blessed you with such a talent.. Thanks agian.. .. Still waiting for my Mr. Deeds...LOL....

  • Addie Detroit, MI

    This is my favorite Tyler Perry movie, and I think I've seen the majority of them, if not all. I thought the more serious role of Deeds was a breath of fresh air. The whole story line was very touching. I could definitely sympathize with Lindsey and some of the hardships and difficult decisions she had to make as a single mom. It tore me up when they took her daughter away, and I don't cry watching movies. I was boo-hooing! Can't wait to see more serious character roles played by Tyler Perry.

  • Eferoma Noel Lagos,Nigeria

    Seeing this movie has helped me in making the right decisions in my relationship.Now I know the word "I LOVE YOU" is just not enough. Love you Tyler (more than enough)

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