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You Know I'm Reading Your Comments!

You know I'm reading your comments, right? I'm so glad you're pleased with Alex Cross. You seem to be loving it. May I just take this time to say, "I TOLD YOU SO!!" LOL. Tell somebody what you thought.

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  • Cara Atlanta

    Hi Tyler, Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I just watched a flash mob dance video! Love it! I was wondering if you might organize one here in Atlanta, maybe at Lenox Sq. mall, or at one of the MARTA train stations. My son and I will be waiting to participate. Love ya, Cara

  • Jaylend palmetto florida

    hey Tyler i seen all ur plays and movies i need a role in a play.

  • Stephanie Charleston, sc

    Hi Mr. Perry, My son Elijah Winfield auditioned for the role of Hakim for your upcoming movie please cast him. He's a great kid with a huge personality and a great actor. He even Came up with a character by the name of Peaches. He is 11awesome years old. Thank you, Stephanie Winfield

  • Jimalita Tillman chicago

    www.broadwayinbronzeville.com something special when we take children 'OFF THE STREETS' and puth the 'ON THE STAGE.

  • jasmine

    I love your movies

  • Glenda Dunlap belleville, il

    Im your next star if your ever looking for a cute black lady.....we need something popping around here besides guns....just a thought.

  • beth wilburn lawrenceburg TN

    I jus want to say THANK YOU for investing so much time into your work! I am a single mom and when me and my children have movie night it is a night we sit around and jus watch your movies or shows on repeat lol! I love the Class Reunion! My favorite part is where you say "I didn't mail my work up in here you ain't fixin to mail me no check" we laugh everytime! Of anything I've ever wanted for Christmas, its always been the whole Tyler Perry Collection! We admire you greatly, my 7 yr old daughter is Mr. Browns biggest fan..if she has a bad day she will watch your show and next thing ya know she's smiling! I just wanted to say hi my name is Beth you and your crew are GREAT on stage and we look forward to being able to own the whole Collection someday!

  • Nomsa South Africa Soweto

    I love your work very much & I'm looking forward to more of your great work. You're an inspiration to many. Keep doing the good & showing the world the greatness in you. Much love to you

  • Taiesa Morrison peoria,il

    Greetings Mr. Perry!.....Just wanted you to know I absolutely LOVE your work!..The good Lord has truely blessed you to be a blessing to others. I pray hHE continues to use you as his vessel!....Thank u for all that u do~~~~

  • Tina Robbins Pulliam Florence Alabama

    I really would love to see u..I have a play idea on How to restore a broken heart that once love her husband. After so many times of forgivin him and once that happen u get married and a week before your birthday u fine out on facebook he had a new born and u cant even have a child by yr husband. but u have a messy mother inlaw that stays in her son bizznes. it just hurt really bad im in a place No trust please help biggest fan

  • Yvette Newark, NJ

    Hi Mr.T Perry, I am a huge fan of yours when I first seen you do Madea! I could not understand about the negative comments about you(in a f** suit). I do not want to be to candid, but I will..What is wrong with black people(some)?! The fact of a man wearing women clothes goes back to Flip Wilson(God bless him) when he had played Geraldine. Martin Lawrence played, ShaNaNa and his mother, Jamie Fox played Wanda, and the Wayan brothers were playing feminine characters. I did not hear any heat about them!!! Mr. Perry your job is to bring laughter to people and we need that instead of too much negativity in the world! Dr. King would be proud of You among other leaders. I want you to continue to do what you do..you made History! In the future your name will be among The Iconic/Legendary Actor, Director, FilmMaker, Writer, etc. Nationally!!!;) Two things I wish for is that my start up clothingline will become Successful and I will have the opportunity to see you!! Mr.T Perry you ate oOne of a Kind..God will Bless you as you continue to Soar!

  • Jean SC

    Just love the new charater!!! Hope to see you in more like this. God has certainly blessed you with talent. Just keep on making your people proud; you know we need it. Much love.

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