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WOW! OK I hear you!

WOW!! I saw all of the messages about For Better or Worse being “REAL.” I saw the messages from some of you saying that it hit close to home. “Just what I was trying to do,” YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!
I see a lot of you saying Angela should be patient, pray and wait to find out the truth. Some of you say she should lose it on Marcus.
And surprisingly, a lot of women believe Marcus!
So, I got a question, now that she has the letter, how do you think she's handling it?
By all accounts, Angela has been doing a good job at staying calm…Well, UNTIL NOW!!!
This Friday, Angela is going to LOOOSE IT!!!!  WAITING TO EXHALE STYLE!!!
Nothing more to say about this… You’ll see and be back on the message board! Only 2 more weeks of For Better OR Worse. Friday nights at 10pm on TBS.


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  • jeremih louisville,ms

    I love for better or worse on these particular days that for better or worse and house of payne comes on I'm enjoying every moment of it instead of people putting his show and Tyler Perry down hold up just think about it things he comes up with put together for all his fans to enjoy but if you wanna be grouchy and ungreatful than go ahead tyler you are a good person and you are an achiever and all of your work has a great meaning to it everyone on this earth been through something and they can't lie and say thwy haven't because everything you write someone or a lot of people can relate to it so I bwouldnt stop doing something just because some ungreatful folks want you too there are a lot of people who wants you to keep up your tremendous work.

  • jacquie maryland


  • randell oklaohoma

    do you want you lay up with me? this randellthompson

  • Tabitha Cook Chapmanville, WV

    Tyler, just curious, has For Better or Worse been cancelled or will it be aired at a later date due to all of the holiday programming? I know other channels had "mid-season" finales and was curious if the above named program had the same thing or a cancellation. For Better or Worse has really been a very interesting program and I would hate to see it not be around any more. I actually looked forward to Friday nights. I have to say, it goes very well with all of the other work that you have done, in my opinion. Take care and God Bless!

    • ann des moines,iowa #1625919

      I'm also curious about your new show for better or worse, has the show been cancelled?

  • Sharon Las Vegas, NV

    Tyler, please tell me if I missed something. I Tivo many shows and For Better or Worse has not taped. please tell me if it was canceled? I was eagerly waiting to find out what the next episode emtailed regarding Angela and Marcus. I assumed Marcus wss was drunk from the picture. Can you please advise if you are going to go another route with this show? I loved it!

  • Double J New Kent, Virginia

    Hello TP! I am a huge supporter of all of your work. However, I am not feeling For Better Or Worse...Angela is to over the top and never believes or supports anything Marcus does. You never focus on the other two couples and that Jennifer in the beauty salon over acts. So I've called it quits for that show...looking forward to bigger and better things from you in 2012.

  • A Jones ATL, GA

    Was For Better or Worse cancelled? It is an incredible and unique show with strong messages. I hope it comes back on the air. God Bless!

  • c. richmond, va

    mr. perry, i would like to say that i LOVE the Angela character because all too often, we see men in positions of dominance who just walk all over women. But, you show that women too, can be aggressive and not take mess at any costs. none of us are perfect, so please keep the drama coming!

  • Latesha L. Wallace st. louis, missouri

    I am so excited about the show. I love watching For Better or Worse! I want to know whats taking so long for the show ratings. I look forward to seeing the eposides on Fridays. I am waiting patiently. I know that it will be back. I am praying for you. Keep us posted! May God continue to bless you in all that you do.

  • cassandra burns Conyers, Ga

    I love watching the new sitcom For better or worse but I noticed that when it comes to certain funny scenes that there is no laughter, and that takes away from the show. Laughter is like medicine and that's the one prescription that is missing. What I do enjoy about the relationship between Marcus and Angela is that despite the adversities that they face he continues to walk in his authority as the head of his household.

  • LaToya & Friends chicago

    Hi Tyler I really like FBOW the explicit messages about relationships and what people are feeling, and thinking,, HOWEVER.......I have 3 issues and Im pretty sure im not the only one.... 1. THE INTERN...please get rid of him....he suck! his wanab jokes are place at the most sensitive and emotional times and don't fit the scene...im not sure if the writers have him acting like that BUT he is over the top and soooooooooooo annoying... and he looks just as old as Marcus and the crew...so the references he keeps making about Marcus and his partners being old just don't make sense...please find someone else... 2. THE 20yr old (12 yr opld)...Tyler, Tyler, Tyler... please get rid of him TOO...now i hope u didnt think you could pass a semi-grown man acting as a adolescent child.... it doesnt work, it doesnt fit, threre are plenty of REAL 12 yr old black boys from Mcdonald, Burger King, and cereal commercials you could have picked toplay that role....that dude muscles are bigger than Marcus...please find someone else... 3. THE FAKE (Sherri Shephard),, you dont have to get rid of her BUT please tone her down.. she talk entirely too much about everything...and give ANgela bad advice I do wish you would spend a little more time on the other two relationships.. lets find out about their life and what's going on.. instead of the entire show being about Marcus and Angela (who I love) BUT... you obviously have those other people there for a reason,, so let us know more about them.. maybe you can make these changes befor season 2 start...My Friends and I really appreciate your show, movies and message... p.s if you need a writer or show ideas I can help...i'm a writer too LaToya

  • kaylah atl

    Dear Mr.Tyler Perry, My family and i would like to say we wish you a Blessed new years, we know you will bring bigger miracles to many! We have watched madea christmas so many times, i dont want to bring up to much about how i would like to be apart of the tyler perry stage family, i just wanna say you are my role model and i wish you a Blessed New Years Eve! God bless you, Kaylah P.S- I hope you will help me with a chance to be apart of your life changing messages and movies forward to come!

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