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Why Did I Put All My Money Into This?

Why did I put all my money into this? Is this going to work? God, do you hear me? Where are the people? I’m so scared. How will I pay these people? Why did I do this? I can’t pay my rent, they are going to repossess my car…

The year was 1992, July 8th-12th. All these questions were crowding my mind.  I was a 22-year old wannabe... but what I wanted to be I didn’t know. All I knew was that I had written this play about adult survivors of child abuse and I wanted the world to see it. I was so sure that it was going to work that I put my own money into the show.

I had worked as a used car salesman and a bill collector and saved my income tax check and my bonuses. I took that money and hired a cast and built a set and rented a very small theater in Atlanta called the 14th Street Playhouse. I had done all the math in my head: I was going to perform 6 shows, 200 people a show, for a total of 1,200 people. The tickets were $12 and I was going to make $14,000 and be rich… LOL. I was going to give my tithe to the church, give my mother some money, pay my rent (that was two months behind), get my car payment caught up and live happily ever after. I knew as sure as I am sitting here that it was all going to be all right. I had prayed that thang out, as they say in the Baptist church… LOL. Looking back on it now I can laugh, but back then it wasn’t so funny. What I quickly realized is that prayer alone will not always get the results you want. As much work as I did, I didn’t do enough to promote the show. More work was needed to go along with my faith.

I was expecting 1,200 people but only 30 showed up. I was devastated. I thought my dreams were dead. Based off this one thing I thought my life was over. Based on this one failure (what I thought was a failure but it clearly wasn’t), I thought that the rest of my life would be ruined. Needless to say, looking back on it, it was all a part of God’s plan and amazing design for my life. And God has a plan for all of our lives.

Today I celebrate my 20th anniversary in show business. It’s been an amazing journey, one that I will detail in my autobiography one day. You would be surprised, inspired, angry and blown away with what I’ve endured to be here, but until then I’d like to share a little inspiration with you. So many times we think that because one thing didn’t go as planned we should give up on it. So many people leave their dreams dying on the floor, gasping for air because it didn’t work out the first time. Be it marriage, business, children, faith, whatever your dream is, you can't give up because it didn’t go as planned. If I had walked away because it didn’t work you wouldn’t be reading this. I had to keep moving. Yes, there were setbacks. Yes, it was difficult, but I got to see my dreams come to pass because I never stopped moving forward, I never stopped praying and most of all I never stopped believing. DON’T STOP BELIEVING!!!! PLEASE DON’T STOP BELIEVING!!! Say this to yourself out loud right now: “DON’T STOP BELIEVING”, and repeat it to yourself whenever you doubt that you can make it.

What you must understand is that everything, all of it, the good the bad and the ugly, it all works together for your good. If you love the Lord you are called according to His purpose. What’s His purpose for you? If you’re not sure, seek it and all your dreams will come true.

To all my dreamers, to all the people who have invested in themselves, to all the people who have the same questions that I did, hear me when I say this: YOU CAN DO IT!!


God Bless you, in Jesus' name, AMEN!


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  • Lisa NJ

    Thank you for being such an inspiration and a pillar of faith and strength. Your perseverance is encouraging. Thank you for being you!

  • DELORES Memphis, TN

    (GRADATION)!!!!!! Tyler on your 20th Anniversary. I am so (PROUD)!!!!! of you.(LOVE YA)

  • Kim Perry Charlotte, NC

    Happy Anniversary Tyler ! I'm so proud of all of your accomplishments I'm so inspired by you! I'm the adult who was abused as a child still trying to find my way to success. I'm a Big Dreamer and I'm trying my best to continue to have faith that my Dreams will come true. This message really motivated me I have been down and facing many challenges but I WILL NOT STOP BELIEVING! I CAN DO ALL THINGS TROUGH CHRIST! I'm getting very discourage and early in the week I was saying that I was going to give up on my dreams and passion. I read your message and it made me believe again. You are a great guy and a blessing to many. Witness Protection was a great Movie :) I will continue to pray for God to open many more doors for you that no man can shut. Thanks for the words of encouragement :) Love Ya!

  • Blessed and Highly Favored The Windy City (Chicago)

    I'm celebrating 26 years of service on my job not including my vacation time. I recently filed my papers for retirement and they were accepted. God is Good---ALL THE TIME! I had to temporarily place my miniature schnauzer into a shelter, but by a miracle I was able to get him back. I never stopped believing. I may have gave up sometimes in the natural, but in the supernatural all things are possible. I never seen the righteous forsaken or their SEED begging for bread. I not done yet. I've only just begun to live! Thank-You for being an inspiration to all of us who need a little nudge from time to time and a good laugh!

  • hurt but healing cartersville ga .

    This post has really encouraged me to go on. Three years ago I opened a business, and in November of last year I opened at a new location. I thought that this would be a good move for my boutique. It has turned out to be a nightmare. I was deliquent on my rent because I was out of town for the funeral of my nephew. My landlord removed all of my inventory and changed to locks, and told me that I would not get anything out of the store......I have been crying al week. I don't understand how someone could do a person like this.....I put all that I had into that store. I did not get business loans or grants.....I am a mother of 6 boys trying to make a better life for myself and them.....he took all that I had......but you know what.....I am going to find another building, and keep moving forward.....the best is yet to come......those who know the power of prayer, please pray for me and my family.......#stillpersuingmydream....



  • maría del carmen palacios hurtado cali,colombia

    eres un gran ser humano y te mereces todas las bendiciones por que eres un luchador, muchas felicitaciones por estos 20 años, y que el camino siga siendo de exitos a nivel personal y profesional.

  • Prince Albany, New York

    Yesetrday I had everything, today I woke up with nothing. I just finished reading this, and as a 21 year old wannabe I can relate. I no longer live at home and I'm sitting here deciding if I should move on with my dream. Which is to become a physical therapist, I may not have the things I need right now to attend school. But I have the ambition and the belief in God that I can. I believe God has a plan, my plan is to wake up every morning and take a step forward. All I have are these bags, love, and the words I CAN DO IT in my head. It wont be easy but I can do this. Thank you Tyler Perry for the inspiration.

  • Ishmael Los Angeles, ca

    Thank you so much for Sharing this. It's exactly where I am and it serves as confirmation. I'll see you and Oprah at the top ;) May god continue to bless you, inspire, and speak through you and your works.

  • Asabe J. Toronto, ON. Canada

    Dear Tyler, Congratulations on your 20th year in show biz, you have done exceedingly well. Thank you for your timely emails that always seem to encourage me in a surprisingly effective way. I was wondering where I was 20years ago and realized; 20years ago I was studying law in the university in W/Africa and right now I am studying law...towards a license to practice in Canada. I was born the same year as you and although I am nowhere near you in terms of material success, I feel quite successful and grateful for my 'adventurous' life. On a good day I feel like a dreamer on course and other days like an incurable fool heading nowhere. I don't mean to sound depressing but only to say that even though you do not know me personally, you have ministered to me as if you do. My family thinks I shouldn't have to work so hard on a dream and suffer as I do, you know...they think I should be 'realistic' about my life as a single female at my age and s**** to the tried and tested. Fortunately, I cant bring myself to give up as tempting as it gets sometimes. One unique thing about my situation is that I've succeeded once before and I've also failed, so right now I am trying my best to enjoy the journey which in itself would be a great success. God bless you Tyler, I pray for you often.

  • Katie Asheboro, NC

    Hey Tyler, I just wanted to say congrats on being 2o years in show business. That is wonderful and I am so glad you didn't give up along the way. From the time I saw Diary of a Mad black woman to seeing Good deeds (which is now my favorite movie) I always felt God speaking to me through each movie or play that I saw. Thank you for sharing what God has done for you and how he has blessed you with me and everyone. I love you Tyler and I am praying for you. Have a great day and God bless.

  • shaza elarabi KSA

    Hi,Tyler my name is Shaza Iam 33 african woman from Sudan Ilive In Saudi Arabia mother of two children their father leave me and went China when my second son was 57 days now he is ten years old leave me in abad sitution in Saudi Arabia with out legal documents for me and my children Ihave big big big big problem to join my sons to school because they have not legal documents and that is hurt me and make me crying every day.Tyler all this years Iwake up and Iam very scary because we have not legal documents and that is against the law in this country.Isent my message over 700 times to mama Oprah email and thousands time in Harpo answer machine and Isent mail in 2008 with my photo and my children photos to Harpo Prodiction and not find replay.please please please Tyler help me you and mama Oprah to live in America to find chance of work and good teaching to my children.Iknow you are busy man but Ipray every day to read my message and call me.sorry about my English Iam not very good at English Ispeak Arabic.THANK YOU.

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