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They Think I Can't Do it!

There are a lot of people who think I can't do this. There are also a lot of people who think you won't show up because I'm not playing Madea. There are also a lot of people who are working overtime to try to discourage you from seeing Alex Cross as they do with all of my films... I'm hoping you'll prove them all wrong.

Can you believe we've done this 15 times? I gotta tell you, I'm so hoping you are planning on going out to see Alex Cross this weekend. I have never been more excited for you to see me do something. This is totally different for me. I loved it and I think you're going to love it too. You know that the opening weekend is how you're judged in Hollywood. So if you can, please try to get out this weekend. Be sure to check your ticket stubs to make certain they say "Alex Cross" and whatever you do, drop me a message to let me know what you thought. I love to sit by the message board and read your comments. You're the real critics. And judging from what I read on the board from those of you who went to last night's late night shows, you loved it too. TELL SOMEBODY... LOL

I know you may not know this, but there is a lot riding on this film. This is the first time that I have ever been considered for a role like this. Hollywood has never even offered it to me. I've done my best and I've done all I can. It's in your hands now.

I feel like a little kid in church about to do my first solo! :-)

Take someone with you if you can. This is an experience that should be shared.

Tom Joyner has "take a loved one to the doctor day"... Well today is "take a doubter to the movie day".

Alex Cross in theaters RIGHT NOW!!!

I love you guys so much. Thanks for all you've done for me, my employees and their families.

Be blessed,


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  • Merisa Boston, MA

    I've read all James Patterson books and the Alex Cross series is my favorite. When I heard you were playing the part of Cross I was so excited you're the perfect person to play the part. I was telling all my friends this is great news. It's going to be a fantastic movie and its so great to see the charactor come to life. I'm getting a bunch of my friends together and they are going to see the movie. Thanks for doing what you do.

  • Temi LA

    for one... AIN'T NOBODY CAN DISCOURAGE ME WHERE YOU ARE CONCERNED.... you are in a ministry... and have my full support... ***********************I always put my money where my mouth IS!!!************* am currently not in the US to watch... BUT I have bought tickets for four people to go in my place... so here will have 4 people going instead of just me and a friend!!!.*********************** don't mind DEM HATERS/DOUBTERS... i guess they don't know how well some of us are crazy 'bout You and all you do...lol..** I see your writing/producing/directing acting etc.. as a MINISTRY... like so many others... so REST EASY...you have no choice BUT TO PROSPER IN WHATSOEVER YOU DO... I got your back.. and so do the over 8Million facebook fans!!! *****************Hollywood will eat their words this weekend and come crawling!!!... So Dear, pop a drink and take a bow.... new records will be set this weekend and history will be made!!!..Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joyce A. Toronto, ON. Canada.

    Dear Tyler, I work in the evenings and there's no morning showing of 'Alex Cross' anywhere around me, so I've decided to take time off work today to go see 'Alex Cross' because you said its the opening day that counts. Clearly, your critics have not slowed you down or stopped you they seem to be fuelling you instead...good for you. I'm happy.

    • Temi LA #1756692

      good to go girl!!! welldone...!!!! why you are at it... take a friend... hugs

    • Temi LA #1756693

      Good to go girl!!! well done!!! while you are at it, take a friend... happy viewing..


    HEY TYLER, hope you are okay! don't worry about what they think you can and can't not do, we got your back baby. you are a wonderful and special person to all of as, and you have done for as even more greater things. you has bought so much hope and love plus inspiration to all of as in your work that the least we could do for you is to go see Alex Cross and invite friends and friends of friend and more family member lol. we love you and this is how we are going to show it to Hollywood how much we got your back!! their selling your short , they think you can't do this without MADEA!!! >WELL THEIR WRONG< Madea is sitting in the back line this time, it's time for TYLER to shine on his own!! love you always CYNTHIA ♥ ps can you follow me on twitter?? this is my tweet> AZUL_MARIE24 thanks love ya

  • Amara STL

    Mr. Perry, I was watching one of my favorite morning talk shows, Katie Couric and I was please to see you charismatic smile. It is such a blessing you are doing amazing things by the grace of God. I am so glad Katie showcased some of the families and organizations you have helped over the years. It truly shows that when the Light of God illuminates within you, you are compelled to share it with others. You are such a great leader. Thank you, and I look forward to taking the family out for our movie night to see, Alex Cross! God bless you, and I pray this is a great box office weekend for you. Take care. :-)

  • Desiree Johannesburg,S.A

    I love you my brother,you've got all my support and I know you can DO IT,u don't need anyone's approval just SHINE my gold star.

  • Latonya Evans Miami

    Mr.Perry you are blessed by the heavenly father up above and that is God. Nobody can take away what has already been written in the book of Life. You as a person have to stay strong and remember they talked about Jesus and you are a child of God. So please feed off their negativity because people are going to talk rather you're doing good or bad. We as your fans will support you as long as you're in a movie, film, play or show we are in for the long run.

  • Patricia Nyandoro Johannesburg, South Africa

    Have always admired your work Tyler & have no doubt this will be magnificent work. Pity don't know how long we have to wait for Alex Cross to come down to South Africa. Keep shining

    • Temi LA #1756696

      You could buy ticket online for a friend currently in the US... hugs

  • Keitumetse Kate Zondane South Africa

    Ingenuity + Courage + Hard Work = Miracles. You have been blessed there's no need to question anything you do from the heart. Every success is built on the ability to do better than "good enough". Love you Mr Perry

  • kim Hendricks South Africa

    Your work ethic has always been of the highest quality and I know in Alex Cross you will outshine and outshow your own potential. Will be sure to check it out!love from South Africa

    • CJ San Francisco #1756655




  • Aaron Nicolas Hernandez United States

    Do not worry Tyler, your fans have your back. Now my family and I are not the most wealthy people, but we go out to see your movies every chance we get. My friend was nice enough to give my family and I three movie tickets to go and see what ever we desired. Of course we all picked to see, Alex Cross. I just want to say that it was your best movie yet! It was very suspenseful and very exciting. You make me want to be a better actor every time I see you on the big screen. You make me want to keep going for my dream and always reminding us to not forget why we are all here in the first place. I think this movie is by far one of the best this year and I am going to spread the word for everyone to go and watch it. Please continue to do what you are doing and may God bless you along the way.

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