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And The Winner Is...

With over 16,000 submissions into the talent search contest it was difficult choosing a winner. To all of you who entered the contest, I just want you to know that you have all been entered into the Tyler Perry Studios casting database, and my Casting Director has been instructed to use people from the contest whenever possible. So you may get a call for upcoming movies or TV shows. A lot of you are super talented. Thank you so much for auditioning!

This was a hard decision. The winner of the talent search contest won for several reasons. One is the number of votes, but more important than that is the level of talent. I'm very excited to work with this person because I love breaking fresh new talent. I was so inspired by this person's work that I can't wait to create something for this person to do.

And the winner is Darmirra Brunson.


Let's get to work,


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  • C Jackson McKinney Texas

    I am disheartened at the number of negative comments concerning Kim K, so for those of us saved by grace, grace should be extended. 1 Timothy 1:15: This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief. John 3:17: For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. Mr. Perry has been blessed to be a blessing, let's all follow that example. I'll see you in Heaven. Chaunda J.

  • Rosa Abrams Augusta,Ga

    Congratulations on your 20th year Anniversary. I truly pray that God continues to strengthen you as you continue on this journey He has purposed for your life. Be Blessed

  • Kel Lee Ohio

    WOW!!! This young lady was GREAT. I watched her Youtube channel and she possess quite the talent. I cannot wait to see what she has in store for you and vice versa. I had voted on plenty of videos, but none of them were this awesome and professionally created....not that I saw them all. CONGRATS TO MS. DARMIRRA BRUNSON. She is THAT DEAL!!!!

  • Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue New York

    Thank you for the opportunity to audition for you & congratulations to Darmirra!

  • Kelvin L. M**** Indianapolis, IN

    I was so privileged to audition for the walk on roll. I just wanted to thank you personally for the opportunity. I think that was an awesome thing you did. Thanks Kelvin L. M****

  • Cyn Happy

    I'm self employed I work around 45 hours a week and I take care of my mom about 40 hours a week so there is no time for out of office entertainment. I found a ram in the bush in the talent search videos. I'm having the best time viewing all the great videos. The winner is incredible. Mr. Perry you are genius. Can't wait to see the town of Ur. Cyn

    • Mickey Determination #1706596

      Town of Uz

  • Sandra Turner Desoto, TX

    Even though I was disappointed that I didn't win your contest, as I'm sure we all were, I have to say the winner totally deserved it!!!! I really enjoyed her audition and I wish the very best and much success for Darmirra. I am really looking forward to what's in store for her. I rejoice when God blesses others because that shows me that if He did it for you, He can do it for me. Love you Tyler!!!!!!

  • christine powell chicago,il

    hello MR. Perry how r u well , iam looking to tlak to u in a private converstion if that is ok with u it is a personal matter that i wish to share with only u and jesus. i know i am steppin out my box for askin u to do this but iam really discourege and dont have no believe in no one but u and god. so can u please. sir please. from my soul of a child of god please. get back with me. u r my life grace and savior. i love u from the bottom of my ackin soul. hope to hear from u soon i love u. yours truley. a lots soul.

  • Kya Maryland

    Congrats to Darmirra! :) Her hard worked paid off. Thanks Tyler for making things happen for up and coming entertainers.

  • Sarah Jamaica

    Hi Tyler, Please keep me in your prayers, as you said in one of your messages life is all about fighting. My father passed away last week and it's been a hard battle trying to survive emotionally and keeping the family together.Keep doing your thing it's reaching somebody.I wish i could get to talk to you someday if even on the phone just to say Hi.

  • Majella Atlanta, Georgia

    Happy 20th anniversary, Tyler! I want to share a quick story with you. I was in Inman Park earlier this year and I saw a movie company set up around the church. I asked the police officer who was directing traffic "What's going on?" He said that you were shooting your latest movie (which turned out to be "Witness Protection" -- by golly, you are quick in post production since this was in April!) I was really excited since I think that you are this generation's Eugene O'Neill. (Yep, I was a theatre major in college and O'Neill was my favorite playwright and I am equally fond of you.) I asked the officer what he thought of you and he said that he first met you when you were living in your car on the streets of Atlanta. He said that every so often that they would have to request that you move your car. He said that you were so polite and such a good person even in such dire circumstances. He said that even with your great success, that you are still so kind and still so polite. He said that you are one of the finest people that he has ever had the privilege to meet. What a testament to your character and to your upbringing! I hope that this story is a nice 20th anniversary present for you. Anybody can show their best side in public but to be a consistently kind and polite person in your every day life when you are not in the glare of the spotlight: good for you! God bless and I am looking forward to enjoying the next 20 years of your career!

    • Kel Lee Ohio #1707313

      Your message was very well put. I just had to comment. Thanks for sharing your story and what a great story it is. A true spiritual person's light will not only shine when they are on top of the world, but in their time of darkness as well. What a great story/gift for the 20 yr anniversary of Tyler Perry Productions. A brand that continues to produce magic at its best!!! Well stated!!!

  • Ty NC

    Hi I'm watching Sunday's Best. I love to hear great singers. Some of the auditions are so hilarious. You would be laughing if you were watching. One of the contestants made me think of Mufasa in Lion King! lol Kim Burrell's responses are too funny! :-)

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