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Seriously, You Don't Want to Miss This

All you single mothers who've ever gotten into it with your young adult kids, you need to see For Better Or Worse tonight.

Remember when I told you that Bobbi Kristina was so good that I went back and wrote a whole episode of For Better Or Worse around her? Well that episode airs tonight on TBS at 9/8c. THE ENTIRE SHOW REVOLVES AROUND HER CHARACTER!! It's great and she delivers. It's also the one I was most nervous for her about because the whole story is about her character and her mother's character, played by Cocoa Brown. All you single mothers will appreciate this show tonight. I know you will. You'll be hitting me up bigtime with your messages about this one and I'll be reading... LOL. For Better or Worse tonight on TBS!

And as for House of Payne, the last two of the 254 episodes air tonight on TBS at 8/7c. I've seen all your complaints about this being the last show. I know that millions of you still love it and tune in to it every week. To tell you the truth, I'm not ready to say goodbye to the Payne family either. I think there's still some life left in the show and that great cast. I guess we'll see.

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  • Adia United States

    Awwe. Really sad that House of Payne is ending! When i get home everyday from school/practice, i really look forward to watching the show and having good laughs. House of Payne is one of my favorite shows and i really don't want to see it end just yet, and on top of that, it's the best show on TBS! Hopefully there will be some kind of miracle and House of Payne won't have to end so soon! lol Well that's all i have to say for now! God Bless you Mr. Perry!

  • Arizona Moses Newnan, Ga

    Hi Tyler, It's sad to see House of Payne come to an end, but it's not a big shock to see how Calvin and Maranda ended, they should never have gotten married. Both had lots of growing up to do before they tried to live with someone else. Now about for better or worse, Bobbie Kristina needs to study her craft a little longer and she'll do alright. Don't get me wrong, she has some talent, but it needs to be worked on a little longer before taking on a major part, this week's show lacked something. Looking forward to next week's show.

  • Paula California

    Hi Mr. Perry, Please bring house of Payne back. I have been watching since the beginning and love this show! Maybe I missed something? Why is it not returning? Please bring it back next season.

  • Marie Columbus, OH

    House of Payne needs to come back on the air in some way, shape or fashion. That last episode just does not cut it for me. I personally like HOP better than For Better or For Worse. So do whatever you have to do but please bring the show back.

  • Jacqueline Burns lakewood, nj

    You have truly been a blessing over the years and i will not believe that you're going to leave us hanging with this ending. I must say it wasn't an ending, but a definite to be continued. My biggest disappointment was that it was definitely time where you could sit down with your family and watch. I have 4 children ages ranging from 1 to 8 and they were right there sitting with me more content than i was. This is definitely a sad moment if this truly is the end because you did bring back TGIF which was a wonderful 2 hours of family inspired shows. Please add more seasons!!!

  • Jacqueline Burns lakewood, NJ

    Jacqueline Burns

  • TaWanda louisville,ky

    This can't be the end :( Echoing what everyone else said who's bright idea was it to end HOP.

  • simone

    i dont like how you end it. plz add another season.that is not how to end it with miranda and calvin. PLZ

  • lawanda bellflower ca

    Tyler I love house of payne and I'm very sad that its ending. However you can't let that be the last show there was no closure for Calvin and Miranda or the rest of the Payne family and also the millons of . Give us two more shows with some closure please.

    • elizibeth #1727093

      PLZ ADD BACK TYLER PERRY HOUSE OF PAYNE PLZ. it my favorite show on tbs PLZ

  • Fee fee Arlington, texas

    This too shall come to pass. Good or bad just be glad that you had the show. I did not watch the show because of too much drama. who wants to be married after seeing the newlywed couple? That was too much for me. Love should not be that hard. When its right its going to be right. You are not going to fight everyday. David and tamela mann said they never argue and that is what I want. I don't watch the other show for that same reason. I'm not going to support you cuz I'm black. Its simple if I like something I like it. We need to stop trying to manipulate and control others. I will support you if I like your stuff. Nikki minaj is black and I'm not supporting her. The show is not an ending its a beginning. A brand new start is what it is. Keep your head up and remember to be grateful big country. Love you lots!!!

  • Stacey New York

    Bobbi Kristina was great! Just seeing her on screen reminds me so much of Whitney! Just beautiful. I grew up with Whitney and to know her daughter can give us a bit back of her just warms my heart...it makes losing Whitney just a bit easier. I pray for Krissi every day that she finds peace and happiness. And I know she's in good hands with you, Tyler. Keep her close, keep her busy, and let her know Whitney's fans have now become her fans!!

  • nina Louisiana

    I can't believe House of payne is going off the air. that was my fav. show! I cant believe it. I think the show ended oddly, b/c they have more to say. so i think that u, Mr. Perry will b moving the show from tbs to your own network or on OWN. That sounds like a great idea. everybody loves raymond, seinfield, modern family; these people on those sitcoms made/make millions of dollars per episode. why cant house of payne, i mean ur show is a reality. showing wat people go through everday + with faith in God. People will try to make u fail if u include God n anything and its very sad, but its that sad world we live in. God bless you, hope what ive said is very accurate.

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