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My Peeples

Hello Peeples :-)

I sure hope you are planning on going out and supporting Peeples. The movie is in theaters right now.

This is a movie that was written by a first time director, Tina Gordon Chism. I'm very proud of her. She is the first writer/director that I'm presenting. I'm hoping to find many more and help usher them into their dreams. Kerry Washington, Craig Robinson and David Alan Grier all star in this really fun and funny movie. Hope you enjoy it.

And happy Mother's Day.

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  • Tyshonne Jackson Austin, Tx

    Hi Mr.Perry, I'm not sure how often you get to read comments but i was wondering weather you have ever considered starting an internship for graduating high school and current college students. I am 21 and in college studying for medical school. However i cant ignore my love for writing. The problem is there is nobody other then yourself that i can really compare my writing style to and i would love to just be able to learn how you take your creation from just a thought and turn it into a masterpiece. Even my friends who took journalism and other courses to help guild them in writing say it did nothing to help them learn how to write screen plays or script writing. I believe that knowledge is power and just being able to talk to you and know more about your creative process would be a blessing for sure. I know there are others like me who are lacking the knowledge to even get there great ideas down on paper and present it in the proper way. So if you would c0nsider starting a summer internship where teenagers and young adults could receive some of your advice and wisdom i know we would all be very grateful. Feel free to contact me if the idea interest you. I would love to hear from you and just know that my voice is being heard. Have a blessed day and i cant wait to see peeples in theaters tomorrow.

  • Patricia

    Thank you! Have a nice weekend.

  • Linda Washington Brandon,Florida

    Congratulation to Tyler Perry and Tina Gordon Chism on your movie. I will be going to see it. I know I will enjoy the movie. So may God Bless the both of you. Have a Bless Weekend.

  • Cassia Atlanta

    What a wonderful funny movie. Laughed myself in great pain and many tears. Your are evolving gracefully. Continue to trust God and follow the steps of Christ Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit direct and embrace the fullness of the all them and be open to new love, real love that experience similar events and will help both of us grow closer to me!

  • Eve garden

    Praying that God gets you through with His JOY, during this Mother's Day and may God's peace and comfort surround you. God bless you and Tina for a movie to celebrate this Mother's day weekend. Love always.

  • Gerri Iquo Abuja,Nigeria

    Congratulations to you Mr Tyler Perry and Ms Tina Gordon Chism. Wishing you all God's awesome Grace,success and all the best. God bless you both real Good.

  • Mark R Moss sicklerville nj 08081

    MR Tyler can you find a placs for me in the haves n havenots i really wanna work with you soooo bad i hope you watch my video i sent you your new theme song your the champ. please gi e me a chance i will do watever i need to do please.

  • Mark R Moss sicklerville nj 08081

    I sure am going out to see and support congrats and GOD bless you all always.

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