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My First Real Break

For the first time in 5 years I took the entire summer off. My first real break. It was hard at first because I'm always busy. I didn't know how to unwind. But now that I've been off for 8 weeks I'm trying to figure out how to go back to work... LOL.

Anyway, I go back to work September 17th. That's the Monday after my birthday. I'll be 43, getting better with age buddy... LOL. 

Hope you got your tickets to Madea Gets a Job. I'm coming to throw down :-). Tickets start at $25 and are on sale everywhere. Hope to see you on this last leg of the tour.

See you out there,


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  • Dee'Jay Akron Ohio

    Whats up TP, just wanted to say I enjoy a lot of your work and I'm looking forward to seeing that Alex Cross movie next month. Hey I also wanted to say that I'm a big fan of house of Payne & wish you would bring the show back. It's not really a lot of Tv Shows with substance & Value or relatable. I could really relate to that show & I liked how the characters evolved especially Curtis who is an amazing talent I hope u continue to use that cat in your future Projects. My last comment is about your other show For Better or worse. I was actually more in the show when you aired the first 10 episodes & it didn't have a laugh track. I feel that this show uses the laugh track to much like every 5 seconds is a bit much, & it also insults the intelligence of your audience trying to guide us when to laugh when certain things arent funny. But keep up the good work man

  • Teresa Hooker United States-"The Carolinas"

    Hello and THANK you so much for your email to me today! It described how this past summer was your 1st break in a LONG LONG time! Much needed for yourself TP! I am SO glad you had your much needed break, and also I am so thankful and humbled by your email this afternoon! Thank you! I went tonight and bought some of your other movies (I already have a lot) but there were some at my local Wal-Mart for sale-and it was affordable and your work and movies (and MADEA) always put me on a higher "plane" and "higher level" and to a better place.....so I not only bought "entertainment" but an investment in MYSELF! Thank you for your work...your work was blessed by GOD because your work helps other human beings. It's difficult to know all of us out here but know that you have helped myself and countless thousands of others. You give us a laugh, a smile, a good cry and when faced with the unbelievable (death in the family, cancer, horrific economical obstacles-that YOU at one time faced yourself) we can overcome all of it - just by watching some of your movies-and I will also be blessed to see you live and in person in South Carolina SOON-thank you for the energy to perform here once again-I appreciate it along with your other fans! Thank you and GOD bless you always & in ALL ways TP! Love from your new friend, Teresa Hooker in SC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Monic Carey Chicago via Amite-Greensburg LA

    Hi There Cousin Glad you found time to replenish your well. So very important to do consistently to prevent burnout. Hope you had a chance to read my blog. It's just a few memories of growing up with our family. Http://soulfullbites.blogspot.com Happy Birthday! Many blessing and more birthdays are my prayer for you. Always love ~M

  • Jennifer Smith Pembroke Pines, Florida

    Tyler, you are so funny...Sometimes I wonder are you really that funny in person. Hmmmm....Lord Willing I'll soon see. Yes it does get better with age. Happy early birthday to you. You'll do just fine adjusting going back to work. It's what you do. Did you receive my pre-pitch? Jennifer. Detour Project is not your typical everyday project. It's a once in a lifetime project that is God Sent.

  • Pam United States

    Madea Gets a Job! I having been waiting for this day - The day the tickets are available in Tampa, Florida. And, Baby.....I'm There!!! See you on November 11th Mr. Perry. And, if anyone tries to get my tickets from me I'll be sayin...."Hell to the No!!"

  • ma judith zenz fort campbell, ky

    Dear Mr. Perry, First of all thank you for the show you made that makes me happ And forget for a while my saddness cause my husband just got deployed in Afghanistan especially the house of Payne eventhough its always a repeat every morning that's the show I always watch and by that show I more miss my family back in the Philippines god bless you always and hope I can meet you in person,and I told my husband We will watch one of your play especially madea when he comes back from deployment Thank you again sir Respectfully yours, Ma Judith

  • Gail Chicago

    Hi Tyler, It is very important to take care of you! Glad you recognize that. When is your birthday? I have a birthday this weekend also and it is a big one for me .

  • Mellisa Jamaica

    Hey Tyler it's me again sorry i didn't get the chance when u were oline but nevertheless i really do hope uu see the message n soon. My mom was sent to Jamaica by the Lord after studying theology for about 7yrs wonderful woman of God n she is in need of some money to start with. She as already found the peice of land which belonged to the family. She has already clear the ground of whatevr trees are not needed and planning now to take some money from her account to start the building. In my other messages i ask that u contact ms winfrey on her behalf for a donation and this message is no different. Please do all that u can as souls are dependent on us to bring the gosple to them n in the words of the late Jim Reeves May the good Lord bless n keep u wether near or far away till we meet.

  • lovegod Georgia

    Hi Tyler, Happy Birthday in advance, may God bless you even the more on your special day. I just wanted to say well deserved vacation for all your hard work in entertaining others. I know it must be God that keeps you going, especially when you are a part of so many things.. I saw the news yesterday and what you did for the young lady who had her van stolen. I am so proud to see that you still are living out the word, "give and it shall be given, pressed down, shaken together and running over." Many can see that is your testimony. You are a Blessed man of God, just keep doing you and God will continue to Bless.

  • GRACE Florida

    Helleer Tyler, I am so happy you got a break ... now get back to what you love and will never get tired of doing.(laugh) I am a mother of a six month old little boy and Mommys dont ever get breaks until the day they go to eternal rest. God bless you Tyler ,keep real !!!

  • Z. Asheville

    See you in Greenville SC on October 11 on my birthday. Sittin 7 rows back, front row from the stage. This will be my first time seeing a Madea play Live see you there Tyler Perry/Ms. Mabel "Madea" Simmons; hopefully and praying that I will get to meet you in person CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

  • Anon Texas

    You took a break?! Luckey *in my Napoleon Dynamite voice*! Lol I hope you enjoyed it and even more so, your Birthday :) wow 43.... I've got 12 years to imagine what that age is gonna feel like ;-D Haha.... Love you

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