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Marcus and Angela are Back!

OK, here we go again...

Tonight is the BIG premiere of For Better Or Worse on OWN. Y'all remember where it left off, right? Leslie was about to get married and Joseph was in an accident. Well, we will run the last bit of the marathon today starting at 2/1c, right up to the brand new episodes tonight!

Angela and Marcus are back!!! Tonight at 9/8c only on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

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  • Kylia Whitehead Philadelphia, Pa

    Hey, Here's a sneak peek of my new stage play "The Chosen Voice".

  • Kylia Whitehead Philadelphia, pa

    Donating $1 can make a difference. Please donate to my youth program so that we can offer affordable after school programming to the youth.

  • Temi Abu Dhabi

    Kudos on the opening.. am sure it was the bomb!!!.. a pity i couldn't make the date from my current location... But am sure that Angela and Marcus..delivered as always...Blessings

  • Secret Admirer

    I am so excited for you. Pray both events go well tonight. :) Looks like you are double booked. :)

  • Wanda Chicago

    Ready, set, go.... thanks for the reminder. DVR is set for the entire series. :)

  • Christine Washington NJ

    YAY!!!! Thanks so Tyler and OWN for bringing back "For Better or Worse". I LOVE all your movies, but esp "Why Did I get Married?" ( 1 & sequel). I LUV Angela, i have a friend just like her...lol. I love the way you bring honesty & truth to characters and situations. I feel so good watching your work. This will help me get over my HAHN fix until January. ...lol. Keep up the GREAT work. God Bless you & your team.

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