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A Madea Christmas - Now Playing In Theaters

Wow! Here we are again. Just know I'm not going to overwhelm you with this. You know that's not my style.

I'm just hoping that you are planning on going to see A Madea Christmas this weekend. The opening weekends are so important. That's how you're judged in Hollywood. You've never let me down before and I know you won't this time 

So please, take someone to the movies this weekend and see A Madea Christmas. I promise you, this is a good, heartfelt laugh that you will enjoy. Your family and your kids will enjoy it. It's a fun family movie.

As always, I'll be at my computer waiting to know what you thought. Thank you guys so much for ALWAYS having my back. May God bless you real good.

Talk to you soon.


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  • selena chicago

    when do madear christmas is out on dvd. i hope soon

  • L Craig Chicago

    I read your Happy Birthday tribute to your mom. She was a pretty lady.you have the shape of her mouth and teeth. I pray that you feel better from your broking heart.I'm looking forward to seeing more of your plays and movie.

  • Mary T Believe, Live and Speak

    Hey Tyler, I pray your Christmas was all you imagine it would be. let me Just get to the point you are one of the world most romantic man and your Movies are so Breath taking for women especially When A good man comes alone after She's been hurt, misused, and abuse. You are entitle to your opinion. You Told A****** Hall That you would not be A good Husband, do to your love of work. And not liking to check in. Unless you were being Cunning. However If It be the truth. You have yet to meet the one you cannot live Without. Something like Alex & Sierra from X Factor. No doubt you would be A good father. But Children of fantastic Father is deserving of a fantastic Healthy family. Tyler. like you I love my space and don't like feeling Crowded But these feeling are based on where I am in my life. I'll let you onto A little secret, I have not meet the one I can't live without. S0 don't speak as if marriage is not for you. You will be A fantastic Husband. You will feel and know her very heartbeat. You will know her well, and there will be no doubt in your mind that she loves you and wants you and not Just your money of the fame. Remember when you meet the one you can't live without your feeling will change. So Watch your words. Because Life and Death are in the power of the tongue. Have An Awesome New Year. Love ya........

    • frenetta gagia #1905115

      I love the movie that you make

  • Cate TX

    Awesome Work! Loved it!

  • Theresa Inglis Canada

    I just saw A Madea Christmas and as expected - funny from beginning to end. Good message!!! Thanks Tyler for entertaining us.

  • Tammy Bangor, Maine

    SO BUMMED! I wanted to take my mother to see this movie today... only to find that none of our local theaters are playing it! Not good! I'm going to email them all right now! Sad face...

    • D.J. Maine #1902680

      Yeah they told me at Bangor that they weren't showing it here because we didn't have the audience for it..... >:(

  • D.J. Maine

    First of all I've got to say we love all of your movies. You are a true inspiration and everything you do has a meaning and impact on everyone in some way. We have been looking forward to seeing Madea Christmas and the kids didn't have school today so we figured we would go to lunch and take the boys to see it but none of the Theaters in the Bangor area were showing it. I asked the lady at the counter if they were going to be showing it and she said they had people asking about it and when they inquired if they were going to get it they were told they didn't have the audience for it here. Obviously not the happiest with that answer and my family was really disappointed that we weren't going to be able to see it either after seeing all of the previews for it. Curious when it will be released on DVD. Not that I want to watch a Christmas movie in March. Was just hoping we would have had it showing here too.

  • ClaudeenWashington NYC

    Hey Friend, you've introduced us to more people to love, and we do love them! Those inlaws and Madea will have to take a roadtrip - too funny. I'm so impressed with the people who want to work with Tyler Perry! I cant wait to see the Single Mom movie coming up next. You heard our cries for more Mr. Deeds - cant wait to get the tissues; for the laughter and the tears. xo get some rest.

  • Temi LA-NG

    feeling so covetous right NOW of everyone that has seen this MOVIE!!!!!... its not in my current location and i sure hope it will be in my next location before Christmas!!! All the same .... I must confess that am not surprised reading all the wonderful comments... Tyler is super gifted... super talented ....a show piece of God's ever abiding grace. In summary? HE is in ministry and right in the center of PURPOSE. And as the year rounds up and the celebrations kick in... I wish every Tyler Perry board member A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY 2014 .... like him.. i pray that you & I will also discover and live in the center of God's purpose for our Creation in 2014 !!! ...xoxo

  • Raxine TX

    Yes! ALWAYS got your back! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the movie! And so did my family! Even caught my husband laughing several times! ;-) Want to say more about this film's rarity and the topics you touched on but still able to make us laugh with it, but headed to bed. Got work in the a.m. :-( (Unfortunately NOT working at TP Studios) But congrats once again anyway! Fan/Friend always! ~With Kindest Regards! <3

    • Smile #1901134

      Great... :)

  • White Shoes with Holes in them.

    Madea Christmas , LoL was great! My son had made me mad,so I went out to the movies and saw Madea Christmas and laugh. When I woke up Saturday morning, I gave my son some money to buy him some shoes, thank you:). Keep up the good work, God got your back.

  • tonya fountain frederick md 21701

    My family just saw madea's christmas as always you pick a wonderful cast. Its good to see that the sumpter girl played in a nicer role. That girl is too crazy for me in the haves and the have nots. It was too funny, I laughed from the beginning to the end. I was shock that madea ran from the kkk. I love the part when she said im not going to put my tush over the bush. Then you had sweet brown in it as well. Aint nobody got time for that. Lol love her too.

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