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Life is but a moment

Okay, you guys know that I don't bother you unless its something really BIG that I want you to be a part of.

Okay...this WEDNESDAY is HOUSE OF PAYNE. Two brand new episodes. You gotta see what happens! Remember what happened last time at Calvin and Miranda's wedding? Well, next week the finale is going to blow your mind! You're not ready to see what happens with this Calvin and Miranda thing. And right after that there are brand new episodes of MEET THE BROWNS. I know you need to laugh and I promise you this one is going to make you hurt 'yo self'.....LOL. Clear your calendars for Wednesday and get yourself a defibrillator...LOL. You'll see all new HOUSE OF PAYNE and all new MEET THE BROWNS this Wednesday. You know I'll be on the message board don't you?

I was thinking about this and I wanted to share it with you.

Not long ago I was leaving a meeting with my lawyer Matt Johnson and my agent Charles King. We're all about the same age. They are happily married with beautiful children and wives whom they adore. These guys are amazing husbands and fathers but, like me, they work all the time 24 / 7...everything is work, work, work. No time for play. Just work. What made me think about this is that I was talking to Sidney Poitier, who is in his early eighties and is so wise. He said to me, "Life goes by so fast." That stuck with me.

Anyway, as we were walking out of the building and to the parking lot we were talking about a few things that had gone wrong in the deal and they both were a little frustrated. To tell you the truth I was too. I was venting and was about to start cussing...LOL, when I smelled the sweetest fragrance. I didn't realize that we were standing in the middle of a garden and all the roses were in bloom. I walked up to one of the roses and smelled it. They thought I was going crazy. I said, "Come smell this."

Now we are in LA outside of Paramount Pictures. You should have seen the look that these two very strong, very conservative Black men gave me... LOL. They were like, "Lets go!" I said, "COME SMELL THIS!" They indulged me. They smelled the rose very quickly and embarrassingly...LOL, but I think they got the point. I have to admit, it must have been strange for all the passersby to see these three big black men standing in a garden smelling a rose. But I didn't care at that moment. It stopped my complaining and reminded me of my God's goodness.

In this life we have so much to thank God for. And many times we take them for granted. That moment became about my life. It became a sign for me to take some time to smell the flowers. It was about me being grateful for every little thing. It was about loving as hard as I can and forgiving those who can't accept it. And to take that same amount of love to the next person that comes along. If you've loved someone as hard as you can and they can't accept it, don't punish the next person that comes into your life. Give them that same opportunity. And if you get hurt then "SO." At least you have loved. What good is getting to be 100 years old and being full of regrets? Love somebody and I promise you that if you give love it will come back. You reap what you sow. Love again. What do you have to lose? As you journey to love and be loved, stop along the way and take time to smell the roses. Life is but a moment.



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    I say that all the time..Love hard, if the person your giving your love to does not reciprocrate it will come from another...

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