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Just Saying Hi

Just a quick note to say hi,

You all know that I don't dwell in negativity so all I'm going to say about that foolishness in the tabloids is, "You know the truth". What's sad about this business is that you can't have friends, male or female, without some dark-seeker trying to make it into something wicked. Anyway, enough negativity. I can't live in that space and I refuse to complain. I've been too blessed!

On to the reason I'm writing. You know that I don't bother you about HOUSE OF PAYNE unless I think that it's something special. Well, on tomorrow the 100th episode of HOUSE OF PAYNE airs and all I'm going to tell you is, YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS! I'm telling you, this show is so powerful. Wait until you see it. You'll be blowing up the message board. I know it. I'll be online tomorrow as I'm watching to see what you have to say about it. You're going to be shocked and you're going to love it.

By the way, let me say thank you again for the support on all of these 100 episodes. The ratings have been amazing! The highest in cable history for a sitcom. So, thank you. Only God! Wow!!

There is also going to be a sneak peek of THE FAMILY THAT PREYS during the show so let me know what you think.

I've gotta run, but all is well. I'll talk to you soon.



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    Are you engaged or getting married? If so congrats.

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      It's that the same thing? :)

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