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I Write These Emails Myself, I Really Do

Hi There,

I'm so sorry but I only have time for a quick note. When I tell you I'm running 100 miles per hour...last week I was in LA, Cleveland, St. Louis, Baltimore and Orlando over a four-day period. Pray for me, please.

I just wanted to make sure you all are still with me, and I wanted to be sure you are planning on going to the movies next weekend to see THE FAMILY THAT PREYS. In every city I've done screenings, the reaction has been the same as WHY DID I GET MARRIED?. It's been crazy!

For all my movies in the past you all have come out in record numbers, dragging your family, friends, sorority sisters, choirs and single's ministries. I just want to say thank you for that. I hope you are planning to do the same next Friday, September 12th (my birthday weekend). A lot of people have asked me what they can get me for my birthday. I say go to the movies and see THE FAMILY THAT PREYS next weekend (smile). I never take you or your time for granted. I really hope you can make it. It would mean a great deal to me. Thanks.

OH...by the way, next week is crazy too. I'll be on GOOD MORNING AMERICA September 8th, LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN and RACHEL RAY September 9th (RACHEL RAY won't air until September 18th), THE VIEW and a lot of local news stations September 11th, and finally the TOM JOYNER MORNING SHOW September 12th . Then I'm going to take a nap (smile).

One more thing then I'll let you go. For some reason I have never been on the cover of EBONY...don't ask me why. I don't know! Well, they finally asked me to do the cover and I gotta tell you, the writer they sent was so great. Margena Christian is her name and she got a lot out of me. Pick it up if you get a chance. I think the story is so inspirational. I love inspiring people.

I gotta go. They are blowing the horn now for my next interview.

See you later....



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  • Monica Martinez Zion, IL.

    Hi Mr. Perry, First I want to say that you are so inspiring to me. The faith based stories that you create with that brilliant mind. I have laughed, cried, got angry, and twists and turns. This is probably a long shot but, I wanted to know if you would be interested to hear my family story. I know a lot of people have a story, perhaps you could think about it. We are a Hispanic family and my mother faced many heart aches. This is mostly for her and my brothers, they have not healed yet from all the tragedy in our lives. Thank you so much for who you are and if these stories that you tell are a reflection of you, then you are "Greatness" and we are blessed to have you in this world. One of your Fans Monica

  • Virginia A Anderson Houston Tx

    Mr.Perry,I would love to be on anyone of your shows, Please give me a change and let me know,Please please please please, I have a story of my life (please) help, I am 55 yrs old have one son and I gave everything up for him , I alway wanted to be a model .help Thank you

  • Dellia Cooper Birmingham, AL.

    Mr.Perry, I'm excited to know that you personally respond to these emails. There is so much I'd like to say about the all the work you do as a writer , producer and director and a contributor to chairity. However like yourself I'm a very busy person . I'm currently a volunteer at Sav a Life Pregnancy Care Center in Springville , AL. Recently I became the founder of Pathfinders Of St.Clair which is a christian based 501 (c) 3 non profit organization. The vision I have for this organization is to help the struggling families in this community without regard to being income based. This idea came to me after the tornado tragedy of 2011, so many families torn apart by the loss of their homes and family members I have plans to make the funds needed to make this a reality by writing a book about the dirt roads I've traveled in my life , it began with my father being murdered when I was 2 years old then the journey of being sexually abused by my stepfather which lead to me becoming a homeless mother of premature twins at the age of 14, and to make a long story short, I overcame very much to become who God designed me to be. I can not afford to hire someone to write and publish the book, because I'm already helping those in need without the help of outside resources, In my spare time I paint and do crafts to help those that are within my financial ability. I would greatly appreciate your advice on how to self write and publish this book .... I've sent a portion of my story to some local authors and publishers and it was sent back as "Return to Sender" .... what am I doing wrong. Thank you for your time in advance , should you be able to advise me the proper way to approach an author or publisher. I pray God bless you and keep you, increase your territory and provide rest , peace and understanding in all things. Amen, Dee

  • Tanish Memphis Tn,

    Hi, Mr. Perry I, would like to know if you would be intersted in doing a movie on someone who would like too share there life story as a child growing up?I think you'll find quiet intersting yourself if you'll willing Thanx, Tanish from Memphis P.S. Do you think you you'll every come Memphis ?????????

  • Nikki Brooklyn NY

    I love you Mr Tyler Perry I would be a great addition I told you I will be writing everyday love you ❤️

  • Kaia johnson Greenbelt Maryland

    My perry, I am writing this letter for; Kaia Johnson It bothers how that our community and because It's. So many r***** people within community With like kids in her. Kaia dreams are crushed in here dream of being drama major This is something you may use people. Love You color, light dark brown.

  • #1 FAN

    HI! I pray you are getting some much needed rest. I love you!

  • Sharon Jones United States

    Dear Mr. Tyler I am writing to about my daughter, Tatiyana who is 13 years old. She was born 26 weeks gestation and has struggled a lot with health issues as well as academics. She strives very hard and she push to be the best she can. We lost her father when she was six and it has been very hard as I am now the true single mom. She and her friends always keep positive as I hear them in her room singing and dances, creating videos of themselves. Some can use a little work but for the most part I am impressed by their efforts. I call them The Girls from Cascade bec where we live there are only a few kids here and they seem to bond together. There is very little around us and they have to make their own entertainment. Mr. Perry I am asking for your support in giving these girls a chance in the entertainment industries as I know it will not just give them hope but confidence. Please email me @ call . Thank you Mr. Perry and help me support these girls!

  • Laureen detroit

    Dear Mr. Perry I'm writing you because I would like to know if you could please email my son and encourage him, he's twenty four years old a Christian and very talented . He's a huge fan of yours along with a million others however, lately he hasn't been spiritually uplifted due to trying to find a job and get into school, no matter what his sister and I say to try to encourage him it seems to not work. So if you could please call him I believe that would help him to move forward in what he would like to do. Sincerely Grateful Mom,

  • latonia williams montgomery al

    Mr.Tyler I am LaTonia Joy Williams a dear friend of Stacey Porter. She showed you a picture of myself and children way back. Well now there is a play I feel u may be interested in. It is called the GLORY TRAIN very different from the other plays that are out. The lady who wrote the play is Ms.Bessie Patterson. My mom plays a character called Ms wanna be. They show the play around Buffalo NY. Knowing you are very busy. Check it out when you can. These women are awesome.God Bless you. Your church friend. LaTonia Joy williams

  • mike Reality

    Mr. Perry, Go to hell. How f****** ignorant can you be?? You accuse two Atlanta cops of racial profileing you because you are a d****** makeing a left turn out of the right lane??? Are you kidding??? Would a white person not been stopped for the same offense? Go figure you would be quick to drop the race card, just look at all your stupid f****** movies. You are an ignorant f*** tyler perry who broke the f****** law. What the f*** is so hard to understand about that. Im sure you started off with an attitude with the cops right off the bat, and they should have beat your d*** ass. People like YOU, TYLER F****** PERRY, are the reason this country is so racially divided. So f*** off. You dont like it, get the f*** out of Atlanta.

    • Mare North Carolina #1807630

      It's not very kind of you to speak to anyone that way! Shame on you!

    • T.Townsend Charleston, wv #1947208

      Mike its sad that you cannot have a conversation without all the abusive language; Mr. Perry does not need me to offend him, but I am. You see life sometimes will throw us all curve balls and its up to us to catch them. You ever throw a pebble in the water, then stand and watch the ripple affect? Well if you have, you would see how the waves ripple out until they hit the sides of the banks; the thing about it is that those waves have to always come back to where ever the pebble was thrown. It is a cause and affect; everything you put out comes back to you; yes I am my brothers keeper (Mr. Perry). In other words I do have his back; if you look at the man in the mirror you would see yourself. Which it is so easy to for us to judge others, and not look at ourselves. You see God" said touch not my anointing nor do my profit no harm; so when you look in the mirror and find faults in yourself, maybe then you will be able to touch the hem of his garment; and be made whole, just as myself and Mr. Tyler Perry have done. God Bless you

  • Vickie Chicago, Illinois

    Hi Tyler Perry, I just want you to know that I have been a fan since the beginning. I saw your first play at the Chicago Regal (I know I've have changed) which was an excellent play. I was wondering if you can put that on a DVD. I know most of them are not with you but just wondering. No. 1 Fan Vickie

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