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  • Raxine TX

    TV shows are good, but movies are even better! Whatever you decide, please just keep all my babies working (from all your shows). Pressure huh?!?...well you shouldn't have introduced us to them! :-p #Love to support!!!! ...and the answer is YES. ;-)

  • Ms Proverbs

    Good Morning to you sir Hope all is well and I just know you enjoyed your birthday :-) and yes Tyler that would be lovely to see new episodes of House of Payne love that show....Have a Wonderful day God Bless You :-) Ms Proverbs

  • Eric Oklahoma City, OK

    Yes!!!!! Bring back Curtis PAYNE. Ya heard me?? Huh?

  • melissa glass Philadelphia, Pa. United states

    "TO GOD BE THE GLORY". FOREVER AND EVER AMEN. Hey angel, hope all is well with you . Let me ask you , Something was that a trick question. That you ask us :-). Really ,Tyler. Seriously , you know "House of Payne and Meet the Browns. Was the Two best sitcom that we loved. Especially , if you know you real fans , or did you really did not know that . You use to . Are you to busy, Angel that you not keeping up with the thin shows or sitcoms or movies we said that we love . You use to love what we thing in want we want to see Are you tryingto tell me. That you doing so much your loyal fans, That you not taking time. out anymore to see to like before lol. Come on my angel Paid attention. You use to love what your fans , Think are you telling me, Now it doesn't matter anymore. What you going to do try out own. You do that . But , please it will be a hit. So , please keep it on there. You really have to stay with you loyal fans , angel you have to I know that you all over the place . But, remember this one thing. You know this with you heart. These real loyal fans, That you have are send for God know that . Just like you are send from God to Us. Just like we know you know. You ministered that God put in Order is for all that are true Gas of your. Those one that are your fans that in Hollywood don't know what you are being . Use yet ! Believe me, you are being use for them to come back to God . They don't know it yet, But, believe me ,this a lot of us know it. It will be done in Jesus name amen. Time is at hand. Hope you know angel , You have to still hold on! in stay encourage . You know , what we like, don't play. :-) God is still in control Gotta go, l am very busy these days. Even more than you lol. No, trying to straight my situation up With God help. Boy am, l glad . I have God . Cause , if it had not been for god that was on my side. Were would, l been Hallehuah. Glory be to God. Thank you Jesus. Praise Him. I got to go , Love you very much my brother&friend. Goodnight.

  • Phyllis NC

    I want to thank you in advance for bring it back..by faith I believe it.

  • Debbie Lawrenceville GA

    I would give anything to see more episodes . I have seen them all so many times I have them memorized. I would give anything to see new episodes of Meet The Browns too

  • Keona Savannah ga

    Of course we want it back.I have any answered questions that need to be addressed from the finally.Come on.My family and I used to watch it together.

  • caira

    I really did enjoy House of Payne. It really helped me feel better if I was feeling down. I was so upset when I herd that it would be the last show. To me this show was just the type of Therapy I needed. Please bring it back. Please please please I'm on my knees lol :)

  • Anne Grey New York

    Yeahhhhhh! We would like to see new episodes of House of Payne!

  • TFranklin Waldorf, MD

    I would like to see House of Payne return.

  • Klb AZ

    Good morning :-) Not on Facebook or Twitter ( I refuse). In my honest opinion, House of Payne and Meet the Browns were good shows for their time. Evidently, there were reasons why the shows ended. If any of the reasons had to do with ratings, that would need to be taken into consideration, especially if you would have it on OWN. There are still a great number of people who do not have OWN, primarily due to it not being offered or being part of a higher priced cable package, which most can't afford or just won't pay for. If there is anyway that can change, that would be great. I would love to upgrade my package and watch every show on OWN, but that's not an option right now. I just pray God leads you to do what is supposed to be done, regardless of the comments. Don't over extend yourself. We'll love you either way. :-)

    • Eric Oklahoma City, OK #1875850

      I agree. If he does bring back HOP please don't put it strictly on OWN. I myself do not have OWN and not even sure if it's offered. If it is, it's at a higher price than what I have now which I don't want to subscribe to anymore channels. Please Mr. Perry, if you do bring it back, bring it to a station that everyone with cable (and not a purchased package) can watch

  • Angela M Jones Middletown

    Hope u you use your imagination to write the episodes!! Repeating my sorrows past and present isn't creativity or hard work!! Some thing are meant o be private between God and that person, invasions of privacynot funny at all!!! It's not funny when you're hurting other people in the process!! But then again what do you care as long as you look good in the media!! You talk about how you believe in GOD a lot?? When I pray to the God of my understanding as least I know I'm for real and forthright and honest about my pain and sorrows and how I live my life out front and behind closed Doors!!! With God anyway that's the only one that need to know unless I out right choose to share!! My God is true and the truth will come out!! I hope it's sooner than later!! Jehovah God help me forgive those who trespass against me!!! You can laugh all you want laugh hard and good!! Sincere good honest hearted people are hard to find!!! YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN!!!

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