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How Was Your Fourth?

I hope you had a great Fourth of July. I know I did. I took a few folks on vacation and we had a blast. 

Now back to the grind :-). I tell everybody if you're gonna live like you're rich, you better work like you're broke. Too many folks want to live like they're rich and not work. Ain't nobody got time for that :-).

Kevin Hart had a great weekend. His movie "Let Me Explain" opened this weekend. Congrats Kev.

Hey, you know tomorrow is Tuesday, so not only is it The Have And The Have Nots day on OWN but I also have two DVDs coming out. Finally, the most powerful movie I think I've ever done is on DVD: Temptation. You can get it tomorrow, Tuesday. And also, a new play starring Palmer Williams Jr. and Patrice Lovely (Floyd and Hattie) is out on DVD tomorrow. It's called The Haves And The Have Nots, but it's not like the TV show. It's a comedy stage show. Confused yet? LOL.

I wrote the play long before I did the TV show, but I liked the title and the concept so I used it for the TV show. Ok, you get it? I hope so. I hope you get it and you get it. Can you tell I'm rested? Being so silly…

Anywho, I'm headed back to work, then to the gym… too much BBQ and Henn this weekend… LOL.

See you tomorrow on Twitter for The Haves and The Have Nots.

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  • Ms Proverbs Owings Mills Maryland

    Hi there Tyler, I had a wonderful 4th of July enjoyed it with family. I ate plenty of food and wasn't even concern about the calories...LOL! I'm glad you had a great time too for fourth of July holiday :-) I'm here at work finishing up this monthly report that is due today yet thinking and so excited about relocating to GA this fall..Whew I can't wait :-) Tyler I can tell that God Is Up to Something Great :-) Welp I guess it will just be my son and I . I'm a little nervous but my excitement overrides that Thank God! Today Temptation is out on DVD YAY!! I love this movie..I'm getting my copy and not a Bootleg Copy...LOLOL too funny Also I will be purchasing "The Haves and Have Nots Play on DVD that was so good and funny I saw it live August 2011 at the Cobb Center in Ga starring Hattie and Floyd they are hilarious :-) Tyler Boom Shakalaka Roll Call tonight The Haves And The Have Nots..LOL! Hoping to Meet you tonight on Twitter..Tweet with you later sir :-) Yes I'm smiling Happy Tyler Stay Blessed :-) Ms. Proverbs

    • Ms Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland #1850984

      Well Tyler I'm getting ready to get my "Work Out" on Relentless on tonight Gotta stay Healthy :-) Yes Lawd Tweet with you later :-) Ms Proverbs

  • Marletta Priscilla Fomby US

    Yeah you are rested! Have a blessed day.

  • Tommy Mt

    Had a great 12 days off watched fireworks and rested. God is great all the time!

  • Paula Amsden provo utah

    when I read this , I thought, how do I want to respond and it came to me..."money doesn't grow on tree's, but the seed of a tree labors to grow the roots that eventually becomes the fruit of it's labors'...everything has to work, to reap it's reward


    Hello, Tyler. I'm a string artist and an aspiring writer. In late 2008, Bishop Paul and Debra Morton bought a portrait of yours I did with strings and gave to you. My name is on the back of this art. I'm a gifted writer, and God promised me a future in the film business. I have 15 scripts including family animated, inspirational and historic fiction scripts. I'm a Madea fan and I couldn't resist writing a script for Madea; it will blow you away. I also wrote two thirty minute episode of For Better Or Worse that are riveting; I'm a woman and I keep it real. Tyler, I say this with confidence yet humility that when you read my scripts, you'll not only snatch them off my hands, you'll put on your team, and that's all right with me! I have posted several comments and have tried seeing some people that have worked with you, and no break yet. I know my time is here and sooner or later, I'll be discovered. Thank you.

    • paula amsden Provo utah #1850821

      contact me, I think we have a lot in common. I've also written movie scripts..and have a an idea for a madea movie

  • Nkanyiso Mdunge SA South Africa

    Hy u always. Come wth powerful movies hy u beta thnks God each everytime He's been so gud hy I thnk u ur work is so high

  • Gerry Iquo Abuja,Nigeria

    Mr Perry, It is good to hear from you. It is good to know you enjoyed your 4th of July. Thanks for the WORD that "if you want to live like you are rich,you need to work as if you are broke". I thank God for the Folks you took on vacation,those folks are very LUCKY and BLESSED to go on vacation with the Great Tyler Perry. I wish i had such a miracle and an invitation by the Great Tyler Perry to go on vacation with him,oh my God it means i would come back uplifted and greatly inspired. But they are all wishes and looks impossible! But since you,Mr Tyler Perry are always encourage us your readers on www.tylerperry.com to "only Believe",i am believing in God that one day i will get invited by the Great Tyler Perry to go on vacation and i will return back greatly uplifted and inspired by the Great Tyler Perry. lol! Oh my God if such dreams could ever be a reality and true that will be the greatest vacation of a lifetime for me. lol! Well Mr Perry,keep posting your inspirational messages to keep me uplifted,inspired and blessed. God bless you abundantly. Gerri

  • Annmarie Wylie Clovis

    My fourth was good, but I hated that I had to go to work the following day. The Haves and the Haves Not is getting GOODER :-)

  • Linda Pennsylvania

    My 4th of July was very quiet, but that's ok, sometimes its nice being quiet. I'm glad you had a great time Tyler : )

  • Trenice Williams Wichita, KS

    Have you thought about doing/hosting "America's Next Actress/Actor? I had this idea a loooong time ago and couldn't think of anyone better than you to kick it off and discover tomorrows next super star(s)!!! I actually have the entire plan laid out! I should make plans to fly to ATL soon!!! Love U

  • Trenice Williams Wichita, KS

    The 4th was relaxing!!! We'd just returned from a weeks vacation in Orlando w/ our entire family enjoying Disney World for the first time ever :-) so on the 4th my loving hubby took the kids to a cookout and I watched "Madea's Witness Protection" on Netflix again!!! Excited and can't wait to see more phenomenal work!!! (I have your next child star for any new plays! She's a 10yr old triple threat ;-) Love U!!!!

  • Courtney Nugent Louisiana

    Hey TP! Just wondering if you and O are tweeting exactly while the show is on? Like, does time zone make a difference? 4th was awesome! Had BBQ with my best friend and her fam, then finished up VBS that evening! It was great! I'm glad you had a good one too. =D

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