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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Every year since I've been successful my mother would ask me this question, “What do you want for Christmas? You are so hard to shop for.” I really didn't want her to give me anything but she insisted.

I knew it was driving her crazy trying to figure out what to get for me, so about eight years ago I told her that all I wanted were flannel PJs. So every year for about four years she would go to Wal-Mart and buy me some flannel PJs. Every Christmas I would smile. I didn't have the heart to tell her that the tops were so short that the sleeves where almost to my elbow and the bottoms were well above my ankle. I would just thank her and smile. She was so happy. Needless to say, over the years I collected a nice group of PJs that were all too small. I have a drawer full of them.

I was getting ready for work this morning and I came across a pair of them. I smiled so hard. It made me remember her smile when she gave them to me. It made my heart warm. I thought about how much she loved Christmas. I thought about how much she loved me. I thought about... well, I just thought about her.

This year, as we enter into the holiday season and some of you are worried about what to buy or if you can afford to buy anything, I want you to remember this story. My mother’s gift came from the heart and a gift that comes from the heart is more valuable than the most expensive thing in this world. She died four years ago and those PJs are still giving me joy. I think I'm going to sleep in them tonight . High waters and all...

I thought about sending you a picture of me in them but I'm afraid of what the blogs will write... LOL. I can see it now, "Tyler Perry has gone crazy, look at what he sleeps in.”

I hope you have the best holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. God bless.

A Madea Christmas opens in movie theaters December 13th. I'll see you at the movies.

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  • Karen

    I love your stories. It would be great if you wrote a book of memories of your mom. As you can see can relate and have similar memories of their own. You can even leave a blank page in between each for the reader to write a similar letter or story. It would be entertaining and therapeutic. My favorite is your mom asking you to take her to Walmart to cash her check.

  • mschristyls South Carolina

    Love the reflection on the past to the present and how it still affects you to this day. I remember those Christmas's where my mom did the best she could to make Christmas special for my two brothers and I with no help form that husband of hers. And would especially struggle to find the right gift from me. I was always happy with things that were made as opposed to something bought. You put time and thought into it when it was made especially for me and no one else had it but me. Just like those PJ's. of yours. Your mom wanted that be that one thing that was special just for you and clearly it was because you held onto them. I'm blessed to still have my mom at 72 years strong now. And to watch her just enjoy being with family. Priceless... She doesn't ask for much and we don't allow her to buy or make us gifts anymore. We just love to see a smile on her face while she is still able to recall who we are... She is slowly slipping into the child like stage of getting older so this holiday and all the holiday's to come we will try to make them special for her. She's getting a new TV since her eyes are not like they used to be so I know that will be her highlight and to meet her new great grand daughter. You know... I actually still have some of the hand made things she made for especially for me that made my holiday always special. I don't let nobody touch them. God Bless and Always keep it positive. Happy Holidays.

  • Joyce A. MB, Canada.

    Dear Tyler, Thank you for sharing your life with the world. YOU are a gift from God that keeps giving. I've learnt a lot from you, your loving generous spirit has influenced me a great deal, especially in the last four years. I can honestly say that I am a better person today for 'knowing' you even though I haven't actually met you...yet. I know I'll meet you someday.

  • singlemom nc

    The least expensive gift is the gift that means the most. Watchman your movies time and time again helps me cope with all the tragedy I have endured in life...Now most of all its almost Christmas again and I still don't have a job, now without a car and can't buy Christmas for my kids again like it was last year...Pray for my family....

  • Sherry los angeles

    Mr. Perry that was your mother quietly letting you know that she is with you and the holiday near and telling you softly what do you want for Christmas? Life begins in death..eternal life.:-( She is with God and she knows your in Good hands because God is watching over you. Prsyers goes a long way. I still what u to visit my church in pasadena, california, Holy assembly church on villa street so you can Preach your first ceremony. Ya never know God's plan. Lol. God bless you.

  • Brisnana Home

    I laughed so hard when I read you email re: the flannel pjs; in my famiy it was flannel gowns. I spend each holiday in rememberance of the 3 women who worked so hard to influence the woman that I am today. My Grandmother (1995), my Mother (2003) and my Aunt (2010). Each had their own resposibilities and believe me, they did not overlap. I wore my Grandmother's bed jacket until it literally fell to pieces. In the front of my daily planner I have a rememberance of each of them. My Grandmother's Medicare card with her signature, one of the hundreds of lists that my Mom used to write and my Aunt's listing of her medications. Each one is in their handwriting and each day I am reminded of how Blessed I am to have had these wonderful women in my life. Once you experience unconditional Love, nothing else compares. Praying for the best for you always. May God's Favor continue to Bless you.

  • Patricia


  • shelita Detroit Mi

    DHey Tyler, just want to say you put a smile on my face when I got your email I was just sitting her feeling down. about a month a go were I was leaving the landlord sold the house right up under me so I had to put my stuff in storage and leaving with a friend is not cool she all away's want some money even after she get her rent money. I can't save no money to move cause she all away's got her hand out. I'm not ask you for anything I'm just venting I really don't have anybody to talk to but GOD. But I apologize How are you doing i hope you are doing fine? I was looking through my collection to see which one of your plays or movies I don't have the only one I don't have is I know Iv'e Been Change and I don't have your book Don't Make A Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings. I GO TO THE STORE AND BUY ALL OF YOUR MOVIES AND PLAYS. I'm that i can have a happy holiday even if I can't get my grand kids anything I JUST PRAY I CAN GET MY OWN PLACES FOR THE HOLIDAY. TYLER PERRY just keep on doing what you are doing GOD IS REALLY BLESSING YOU. AND I LOVE YOU I CAN'T WAIT TO YOU COME OUT WITH ANOTHER PLAY I WOULD BE THERE WITH BELLS ON

  • not gonna say. Just a fan. Texas

    LOL! I love your story about the PJ's! I miss my mom too. I actually have a shirt she used to wear and sometimes I sleep in it. I hope you do sleep in one of your special PJ's your mom gave you tonight. It may feel weird physically to you because it does not fit properly, but that's ok. There is love in every section of the fabric that you will be wearing. It's kind of like life to me. Sometimes what God's purpose for our life seems to not fit perfectly with what we think should happen, but it's not about the "fit" that's important. It's how you wear it that counts. For example, look at Michael Jackson. He was famous for wearing "high water" pants and he even had glittery socks on too. The pants didn't fit like everyone elses pants, but he wore it well. Wear your PJ's boo. I'll be wearing mine right wit' chu'! ROTFL!..........Because I Care, T :-)

  • Michelle

    LOL...please, please, PLEEEASE...post a picture...lol

  • Klb AZ

    Thanks for sharing another memory of your mother. It was beautiful. Hey, maybe you can use the flannel material from one or two of them and have someone turn them into a pillow case or a small throw pillow for your bed. That way, you're using them all the time, without being choked to death, losing circulation, or getting a wedgey. Just a thought. :-) I was just remembering my grandmother last night. I was looking over an old address book of hers. I loved her handwriting. Looking at pictures and remembering what beautiful, loving people, my grandparents were and wishing things would've been different. Have a blessed holiday season and I'm looking forward to the new Madea movie in Dec. Much love.

  • Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue NY

    What a sweet story about your mom! Happy holidays to you too!

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