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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Every year since I've been successful my mother would ask me this question, “What do you want for Christmas? You are so hard to shop for.” I really didn't want her to give me anything but she insisted.

I knew it was driving her crazy trying to figure out what to get for me, so about eight years ago I told her that all I wanted were flannel PJs. So every year for about four years she would go to Wal-Mart and buy me some flannel PJs. Every Christmas I would smile. I didn't have the heart to tell her that the tops were so short that the sleeves where almost to my elbow and the bottoms were well above my ankle. I would just thank her and smile. She was so happy. Needless to say, over the years I collected a nice group of PJs that were all too small. I have a drawer full of them.

I was getting ready for work this morning and I came across a pair of them. I smiled so hard. It made me remember her smile when she gave them to me. It made my heart warm. I thought about how much she loved Christmas. I thought about how much she loved me. I thought about... well, I just thought about her.

This year, as we enter into the holiday season and some of you are worried about what to buy or if you can afford to buy anything, I want you to remember this story. My mother’s gift came from the heart and a gift that comes from the heart is more valuable than the most expensive thing in this world. She died four years ago and those PJs are still giving me joy. I think I'm going to sleep in them tonight . High waters and all...

I thought about sending you a picture of me in them but I'm afraid of what the blogs will write... LOL. I can see it now, "Tyler Perry has gone crazy, look at what he sleeps in.”

I hope you have the best holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. God bless.

A Madea Christmas opens in movie theaters December 13th. I'll see you at the movies.


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  • Meachy C. Albertville AL

    Tyler 1) I say if u wanna take and post the PJ pic. 2) I'm sure the bloggers already knows that your crazy 3) laughter is good for the soul lol

  • M.H

    :-) So sweet

  • M.H

    I love you♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Where are you?

  • Marquita Wichita is.

    you really inspire me and I'm sure that you inspire a lot of other people my age I just want to thank you for being who you are and never letting anyone or anything change you for anything about you and I really do appreciate you

  • Rhodora Texas

    Thank you Tyler Perry ! For all the joy, laughter, and tears that "cleanses the soul" ...for all your creativeness , Thank you Tyler Perry !

  • singlemom n.c

    the little things aré what mean the most..my biggest gift to my kiss would to lose weight so i can be a healthier mom to my kids ame live to see them grow up and go to college..all i jersey is a treadmill....

  • Emma Young Lake Charles, LA 70607

    Hi Tyler, It's been awhile since you last heard from me. Things has really been rough but God has taught me how to keep on striving. Looking forward to hearing from you while you are in Lake Charles, LA. Naturally strength has been gathered and now just waiting for the season that has silently been ushered ashore for me. EMMA

  • Brite-i Oregon

    I briefly assumed when I read this post it was just pasted form what you sent last year. I truly thought your staff pasted your entry from lost year because it got posts... I past over this post til now, for have been sick since the day after Christmas... I am so glad that you are in a better space than you were last year, and that your heart is softening as you shed the layers that have been holding you back.. I laugh because my mother is still living and the PJ's are pilling. Geesh!! Have a Momma bought your pajama party.... I hate this forum.. I have been coming back to hear your words for years now because through your experiences I find strength. Seriously, I was browsing your site in the hopes that I could find that little boy so that I could again reach out to that little girl... Have a blessed evening ... You can inbox me that photo it you like.. (((SERIOUSLY!!!!)))

  • Nicole Cape Town, South Africa

    This just warms my heart! Thank you for sharing ❤️

  • Sheritha Currie Cleveland

    This year i gave the gift of love and forgiveness. My late ex-husband left a wedge between me and his family after his untimely motorcycle accident. I take our children over for the holidays. This year I told my son to pick out a housecoat for his grandma. They have a gift exchange, she said that she truly needed one and that it made the holiday more special. That little angel spoke to my heart too, my grandmother always gave pjs and hpusecoats for Christmas. Im spending quality time with my dad, took him to his first comedy show. He loved it.

  • Angelica Allen-Bentley Milwaukee, WI

    Mr. Tyler Perry, I love this story; like your movies, there is comedy embedded in it, but it also reveals the truth in a heartwarming way. I like that you said even though you have high water pajamas, when you see them, it still brings you joy because you knew her gift was from the heart. I love that just one day out of the year can bring so many great memories for us regardless of the cost of our gifts. Thank you for sharing this! -Angelica Allen-Bentley, author of forthcoming book Abracadabra; How Your Mind Plays Tricks On You & How To Win Every Time

  • Elena Baldwin Park, CA

    Hi Tyler, went to see A Madea Christmas this past weekend. I am a big fan of all your movies and plays. I must say I was a little disappointed not in all the movie but because a lot of the clips that they show on the commercials were cut....did not see the part about the child being held upside down or when she is playing santa. I love all your movies and can't wait to see Single Moms but please do not cut the parts that are part of the trailers. I know that you probably didn't have much to do with it, so tell the studios to leave your movies how you intended them to be showed.

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