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This Is For Frustrated Dreamers

I was driving in to work this morning and I started thinking about all the days I dreaded going to work. I was so sick of it… the job, my boss, the people I worked with, the traffic… I would wake up angry every morning. I didn’t want to deal with the crap of the job, but I was forced to go. I had been homeless, I was broke, living paycheck to hopefully the next paycheck. I couldn’t take a day off for fear I would get fired. I was just frustrated. I thought I hated my life and the job.

It was so aggravating because God had placed all these dreams and hopes in my soul and mind and I had no idea how they were going to come to pass. To have a dream of being something better and living better than the way I was at that moment and to not see a way of getting there felt like death to me. I thought, “Dear God, why would you give me so much hope and not make a way?” But what I learned through prayer was, with no path in front of you and no road map… this is where true faith begins. With faith I realized that I wasn’t frustrated with my life or the job, I was frustrated because I was a person who had dreams for myself, a person who had visions for my life and I wasn’t living it. Have you ever been there, where you felt so strongly that there was more to this life than what you see in front of you?

One of the most difficult things about being a dreamer is the fear that the dream will never happen. I’m here as a living witness to tell you your dreams can come true. You can’t give up. And I am here to let you know that everything can work together for your good. The time that you are spending on that job that you think is a dead end is not. You’re being prepared just like I was. I was a shoeshine boy, I worked as a bill collector, a used car salesman, in housekeeping in a hotel, and they all were preparation for where I am now.

What do these things have to do with where I am now? I’m glad you asked. I am able to use skills that I learned. I shined shoes, so I know how to shine my shoes if I need them to look nice. Selling used cars was a great way to learn how to close a deal. Bill collecting taught me great negotiation skills. Working at that 5-star hotel taught me a lot about travel. Every experience in your life is here to teach you something.

Today, while you’re at work, don’t be frustrated. Look around you and ask God what are you there to learn and how will it be a part of your future dream. Honor that job, do the best you can at it, because God will bless you for honoring something that belongs to another. 

I hope this inspires you today. If you need a little more inspiration then watch my first sit-down interview in years with Oprah on Oprah's Next Chapter. It airs this Sunday on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network at 9/8c. I talk a little about not giving up. I know it will move you.

Here’s a prayer for today: “God help me hold on, help me to get to what I dream of, help me to honor where I am today so that I can appreciate where I will be tomorrow. In Jesus' name.”

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  • Stefanie detroit MI

    Very inspiring especially for someone like myself who has somewhere along the way has lost myself in raising a family and working a job to survive. My life has always been about trying to take care others and along the way I lost who I am and what makes me happy. How do you get out of the vicious cycle of just surviving everyday to living everyday. I know I was put here to do great things and to help inspire others who struggle, I just have to figure out how to make it happen. Keep inspiring others like me and putting out positive energy for you never know who life you are touching.

  • patricia palmer Bowling Green KY

    I do not own own cable yet sorry I will miss the show but I have seen the behind the scene and it look good

  • Michelle North Carolina

    Just wanted to let you know that I watched and enjoyed the interview with Oprah. I'm looking forward to tuning in to the new series' too! Love all that you do to uplift, inspire, correct, and protect...you are making a difference in the lives of many!

  • Joyce Hayes Houston

    I am just reading this, thank you so much Tyler. I needed this, God Bless You!

  • miss church girl CA

    Mr. Tyler Perry (Lord have mercy!), I was crying last night when I watched your interview with Oprah. It was just so, so real and also confirmation for me. God can take a nobody and make them a somebody, I'm a living witness also! He'll take an unknown and put them right up there with the known. That's what happened in my life, and I felt the same way you did, "Why am I here in the midst of all these big name people? "You chose me Lord?" Anyway, you are a man of God who is living walking in your destiny, purpose, and call. It's all about helping others make a change in their lives. When you know you're touching someone else, you're doing the job! Love u in Christ.

  • Rana Florida

    I just have had the chance to read this post. I really was thinking to myself last week what my present job has to do with where God is taking me. This was very inspiring for me. I know that God doesn't waste anything in our lives. I appreciate how you open up and keep it real with people. Blessings

  • amarie Snellville, GA

    Mr. Perry, You are awesome because you allow yourself to be used on so many levels. Your efforts are not just for fame and fortune. Your efforts are for me. I receive them and I am inspired by your simply following the path God set for you. Most people do not know how to transform the hideous parts of their lives to give God glory. God has a plan for you and you are walking in it. Keep on your path and God will ensure that you have the desires of your heart. And those of us watching will benefit time and time again. You are blessed. You are a blessings. Thank you. God bless you and all that authentically comes through you. amarie

  • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland

    Hi Tyler, how are you this morning? Hope you are well.....Last night I was so inspired by your interview with Oprah (I'm sending BIG SQUEEZING HUGS your way this morning :-) I thank God for using you to be an example for so many of us...I admire how you handle negativity with humility (God's Way) Sometimes I know it's not easy but I can only imagine the hatred criticism and venomous remarks that come from people..Nevertheless but God who gives you (us) the strength to endure and persevere in these last and evil days...Believe it or not I've just discovered who you were about 3 to 4 years ago I didn't know who you were but Thank God I do now through your work (which only gives us who you are in part) Your work is from your heart's passion that bless millions of people..Tyler as the old folks say..."New Level, New Devil" but God got you back Always..We are forever safe in Him as long as we keep him first....You, We, His Children are Ok :-) :-) Oh I know the Houston family appreciate you looking out for babygirl Bobbi Kristina...I'm smiling (*-*) She really needs that What A Blessing you are! Well Tyler enjoy your day and I will do the same Ok Talk to you later God Bless You :-) Ms. Proverbs

  • Marie Portland Oregon Via the South

    I saw your interview tonight on OWN - Good Job!! I was both inspired an saddened by your success.. For your greatness only eliminated to a higher level. I am truly a Tyler Perry rider and I have been so for quite awhile finding my way to your page for uplifting words of encouragement and shared prayers. I remember when your page was yet 4 or 5 plays, listening to your pleas not to burn CD's. I had a question for you that pondered in my mind.. It had to do with that internal feeling that felt like death. You see I had culture shock in relations to way thing are and the way they should be in relations to my education and life experiences. I was yet a second generation teen mom, and my education exceeds a Masters degree... I chose to give my life holistically to giving back and making a positive influence in the lives of others... For if I was able to save yet one person it was all Good.. All blessings be to GOD - For I am still Here.. Beat up and tathered but yet I am still here.. Experiences create resistance and endurance needed to perservere.. For if there are no mistakes then what is the lesson learned? May this message find you in Gods Grace.. How and when do you know the battle is won? Being at that point inwhich things continually fall into place.. I have given myself freely to others with limited complaint-

  • Noleen Williams South Africa Johannesburg

    Good day MR Perry Wow how inspiring this is if u know that you are a dreamer and God has called you to be greater we are in so much need of inspiration especially the youth of today I'm 27 and know the experience God has taken me through is for a greater purpose I'm a cancer surviver brain tumour surviver 29 tumours on my spine surviver carotid body tumour *2 surviver nt because of my doing but because of His grace being sufficient for me and because I know that everything is to help me to inspire and motivate those around me we thanlk GOd for favour .I look at our youth healthy and not educating themselves not dreaming and they jus need a push in the right direction jus someone to look up to with everything I have been through especially the brain tumour having to stop my studies when I was diagnosed I said to God this is my beginning and not the end I will by your grace show this brain tumour it did not define me and my life,on tuesfay I write my last paper thank God for favour and I contunue to make a success of my life showing my 6 and 2 year old that nothing in life defines u when God calls you ,you overcome the hurdles and continue chashing that dream Thank u for inspiring me Noleen

  • Stacey Dallas,TX

    Thank you Tyler, just what I needed. God bless.

  • aferguson ny

    I am so imspired by you , you really know what real people are going through i face iit everyday, to me it's like living for that day when i can sit back and relax and not think about my bills and if i'll have a job tomorrow. I think we are hear for a purpose but i don't know what mine is? I'm in my 50s and still strugling to make ends meet i wish i had your outlook on life!!! i just don't see a headway.

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