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Can You Believe It's Only Been A Year?

I just realized that it was almost 1 year ago to the day that The Haves and the Have Nots premiered on OWN. I thank God for you all. We're so grateful. Thanks for watching The Haves and The Have Nots. On now on OWN.


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  • M.H

    I know y'all are grateful.

  • natyia poinciana fl


  • A.Triplett Las Vegas, NV

    I do not like to see our black women shown as tramps and whores. I would like to see Candace cleaned up and have a power relationship with the newest man in her life without telling him to get on his knees then saying good boy. She then pushes him on the bed. He is not that kind of man. This is not my show and I know my opinion does not count, but I would like to see them as a power couple without people like Jim going after her for something that is over. Jim got what he deserved. He is the ultimate tramp of the show. Let Candace get a job as an attorney. I think she will need to protect her brother.

  • Bridget Dixson Philadelphia, PA

    One more week and my Haves and Haves Nots Tuesday night friends gathering will be over. We've started the gathering because the show is fantastic and we discuss what's going to happen on the next episode. The weather has been really bad in Philly and today was the perfect day to have our gathering. For the last couple of weeks we had to call each other when a commercial would come on to discuss the show because of the snow storm. Let's hope next week we can have our Tuesday night friends Haves and Have Nots gathering. We are already planning for next season show gathering. Mr, Perry you have us on the edge of our sits. The First HAVES AND HAVE NOTS Friends gathering. Bridget, Aaron, Tanita, and Dave

  • Ellen Loy Nicholasville, Kentucky

    Help me, Help me PLEASE. I started to watching The Haves an Have nots, about the middle of January,2015. I have searched and searched the internet for earlier episodes to no avail. I need to know what went on before I started watching. I love the show and dying to know what went on before I started watching.. I told my husband I guess I would Have to just call you or Oprah . He laughed and said Good luck with that. Please help me if you can. Thanks in advance.

  • Lenore Washington, DC

    Tyler I love your website, but you need to separate things here. I love writing you to talk about your shows which I love, then you have many folks begging for money. Make a separate folder on your site and call it "Beggar's Corner." Because it's ridiculous how many write to ask you for financial assistance. What do they think you are, personal ATM?

  • lorraine henry kingston jamaica

    I am from Kingston Jamaica and I have been writing to you seeking your help. I know a lot of scamming is going on here in jamaica but this isnt one of them I do needs your help. My contact is 1.

  • Phyllis McGuire New Jersey

    You always welcome, I love watching your TV shows, movies and plays. I'm getting ready for " Love Thy Neighbor " watching the repeats now until the new one comes on. Thank you Tyler

  • Tazzye Freeman Arkansas

    Hey Tyler. I just wanted to add my two cents after watching the season premiere of THATHN. As usual you killed it with one minor mishap. You failed to finish the cliffhanger from last season. I realize that you are intelligent enough to know that you didn't follow through but that is my complaint as well as other viewers. You already have your diehard fan base, your plots are on point and the flow is seamless, so my thought would be that we deserve better. This ploy is not needed to keep the viewers interested. Your writing and thought pattern is awesome so please don't make this a habit. It tends to be a turn off to avid readers/viewers. I know you want to give me my two cents back, but those are my thoughts. Be blessed. Tazzye

  • C. K. Danaby Baton Rouge, LA

    Good afternoon, Mr. Perry. I guess one would consider me to be an unusual fan. I define myself as such because I don’t have cable to watch this particular show nor am I on social media to follow all of your work. I believe I’m from the Ice Age or something, but I am familiar with your plays and movies. Every time I go into the hair salon, my beautician is always comparing my writing to your show the Have and the Have Not’s and to Shonda Rhimes’, Scandal. She is forever teasing me about not having cable, but I disconnected/ shut down social media, so I could connect more to my imagination. Why am I writing you ask, if I haven’t seen the show? Well, I was able to catch one of your shows online, and I was amazed by your work. It is truly inspiring to see you blossom and flourish as a writer. I want to say THANK YOU for inspiring me to work harder and to continue to pursue my passion in writing. God has a funny way of making things happen, maybe in a couple of years we would be having Oolong Tea at Oprah’s house thinking of new show ideas together (who knows)… lol Take care and keep doing what you are doing. I know you hear that a lot but lets face it you deserve to. See you in the future!

  • nancy Hinsdale New Hampshire

    Hello Tyler, I just love "The have and have nots". I must say candice is so evil, and so is judge cryer. They are a good pair. I just don't understand why judge cryers wife stays with him cause he is always making her think she is so stupid and unworthly of having a good life. I think you should make her stand up to the judge and put a new twist on the cryer family. My husband is a screen writer as well and him and I each week think of new ways we would write the next show. we do it for fun because it's hard to rewrite something that's already perfect. Thanks for bringing this mighty show for all to see. keep up the great work. we love ya tyler and pray God will always bless you.

  • Dianne Moore Stone Mountain, Georgia

    Mr. Perry, I am 58 years young and I only WISH the opportunities you provide existed when I was in my 20's and 30's trying to make it in this business. I thank god for good people like you who can give the future generations of African Americans that they too have the same opportunities as non-African Americans have. We no longer have to believe that our children have to look like another race to be successful and for that I thank you.

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