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Ok, with my heart and soul I will help and protect this child, just as I tried to do for Whitney. So with that said, one thing I knew that Krissi would need after Whitney's death was a safe place to grieve. So when she told me she wanted to act I said I would help. If she had said she wanted to be a doctor I would have tried to help her get into the best schools. But because she said acting, that was easy for me. I thought, "this is great". This way I could have her on the show, while at the same time be there for her and help her walk through this grief. So I wrote her into For Better Or Worse, which airs tonight on TBS. Now I wrote a very small part because I wasn't sure if she could act. She had never done it before. So needless to say I was a little cautious, but BOY WAS I WRONG! Krissi was so good in that small part that I went back and wrote major scenes for her and even one entire show around her character. I'm so proud of this kid. You have no idea. SO PROUD OF HER! I know Whitney is smiling down on her baby girl.

Here's what I'd like you to help me with if you don't mind. It is one of my heart's desires to see Krissi happy and joyous and moving through the pain of this tragedy. I know that the news media has moved on but the pain is still very real to her. What I also know is that every little bit of sunshine can help her move through. Trust me, I know. You helped me move through the grief of my mother's death. So if you will, after you watch Krissi's performance on For Better Or Worse tonight on TBS, please post a comment on my message board letting her know what you thought.

She's been through hell and to see her smile melts my heart. So I know if she reads your comments she will be even more inspired. And you better believe she'll be watching and reading...lol. You know how these teenagers are with the internet.

Lastly, if you will whisper a prayer for her and the Houston family I know that they would appreciate it. Most of you have no idea what it's like to lose a mother, especially at 19. I'm 42 and it still brings me to my knees at times.  

Be well, God bless and I'll be reading tonight.

Love ya,


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  • rosalyn webber mansfield, ohio

    Bobbi krissi performance was wonderful,I am looking forward to see more of her acting. May God continue to cover the Houston family with protection and healing.

  • Carietha Poston Florence , S.C.

    Tyler , I am really enjoying Bobbi Krissi's performance on For Better Or Worse she is a natural. I missed her last week ,but I will be tuned in tonight. She is in my prayer as she deals with the grief of her mother's sudden death. Tyler as a mother I want to thank you for what you are doing for her. You are a true friend. God Bless You . Much Love Carietha

  • lakendra Boynton Beach, FL.

    Bobbi K...is amazing..I know her mom is so proud of her..keep up the good work...and please don't stop house of pain....

    • Agnes Mendenhall Newport News, VA #1726381

      Bobbi Kristen was great so real just like a 19 year would say and act. I love watching her and her smile. I cannot help but to think about her mom and she would be so proud of her baby. I pray that her pain would get easier to live with and her memories would be her comfort. Love, Agnes

  • Rosalind Tampa, Fl

    I am so very proud of Bobbi Kirstina. Keep up the good work n keep reaching for the stars. Try to stay strong in the lord, your Mother will love your progress. Love Much!

  • Kimdillinger Atlanta Georgia

    Krissy is Definelty doing an outstanding job I am so proud of my friend ... You showing the world that you are strong and whatever you set your mind to will be done. Praying everyday that you heal. Love you a bunches

  • Deeq Adan Saint Paul, MN

    Good Job Bobbi Kristina... I know your mom will be so proud of you and don"t forget to Thank God everyday for having people who are in your surroundings & that love you very,very much and thank Tyler Perry for giving you this wonderful chance & opportunity On For Better or Worse.. I wish he could give me a chance, LOL.. Anyway Good Luck.. Be ready for a great success working with Tyler Perry or whoever you end up working with in the future.. God bless you...

  • Martha Haynes Ellaville, Georgia

    You are wonderful as always. May God richly bless You and continue His protection.

  • naisha franklin georgia

    i recently watched the episode and i have to admit she did an amazing job i was surprise as well, she got me rolling on that episode where she had to walk the dog etc i was looking forward to watching her last friday but her character was not there at all she def need to come back more often she was great good job girl be Bless! dont let anyone take your sunshine away

  • magaly nieves elizabeth nj

    Krissi did an awsome job Tyler I'm so proud she has such great men or a man like yourself helping her go thru the toughest time in her life she needs to stay positive n allow god to be the driver. My life has n is rough but with gods love I will always be a survivor, my neice on July,2012 was driving back to nj from Florida she do so good during school yr her treat was Disney world on way back they stopped at another cousins house for a day. When they got back on road almost 1 am in Virginia their suv overturned because a tractor trailer cut them off out of the 7 people my family members only 4 made out alive lost 47 yr old sister in law 8 yr old neice n 21 yr old neice in law. This is tragic n me n my neice she is 14 n we watched all 4 shows together n I saw a smile that I hadn't seen in so long then we made it a madea night Ty for putting that smile on her face. Sincerely Magaly Nieves from New jersey may god give me the strength to be the best role model for her. Krissy u did amazing n mom is smiling down on you n you truly have an angel looking over you just stat positive n let god be the driver god bless u sweetie.

  • NPashaThomas Fairbanks Alaska

    The baby girl of the famous Whitney Houston is as intelligent and witty as her mother and I'm certain that she will become a great actress who achieves oscars & emmy awards.

  • Vicki Atlanta, GA

    Tyer: God bless you. We pray that you continue to bring it to us through film. Your plays and films cause one to examine himself. I have a very special request. I received "the call" tonight from the hospital that a long time friend with whom I lost contact with for 8 years, passed away. She was diagnosed on June 26th with inoperable lung cancer. My heart was so heavy for her that I reached out to be there for her, but when I found out she was literally homeless, I extended my hand even more. I had the wonderful opportunity of nurturing her; pampering her and praying with her for 28 days. Surprisingly, she even rose to worship (she played in the presence of the Lord) on the keyboard on Sunday prior to being rushed to the emergency room on Monday morning around 12:45am. Unfortunately, she didn't have family, especially children; no insurance; etc. She lost her job in March. Could you please reach out and extend a hand again to others? I know you have given to so many people in various situations. I will attempt to call Donald Trimble Mortuary tomorrow to inquire about the least expensive cost to funeralize her. She was a born again Christian who helped the needy, handicapped adults, high risk youth and many, many others. We met on the mission field in the 90's and she was a tremendous blessing to me and my children. She was always coming to the aid of others. If I had the funds I wouldn't dare bother you. I thank God for all you do for so many others! You may contact me at . I must call the hospital first thing in the morning to tell them who to call to pick up her remains. Thank you for all you do for the community, and the world!

  • carla alabama

    Hi I pray for the Houston family all the time I lost my grandmother and she was just like my mother. It's so nice to see you smile keep God first and congrats on your new career.

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