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44 for 44

At 44, here are 44 things that I have learned and know to be true. Have a great day today my friends.

1. Yes, God is real.

2. Your gift can make room for you.

3. A baby can heal broken hearts.

4. A mother's love is stronger than distance, more powerful than time and can transcend the grave.

5. Take time to smell the roses but be careful of the bees.

6. God will really make your enemy your footstool.

7. A footstool is only needed when you need to get higher. Let your enemy lift you.

8. God will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies so let them watch you eat.

9. Be careful what you say, life and death truly are in your own words.

10. There will be rough nights but joy really does come in the morning.

11. Fear is a sprit that really can stop you from living.

12. God has not given us a spirit of fear.

13. The joy of The Lord really is strength.

14. Being alone doesn't necessarily mean that you're lonely.

15. True love can come more than once.

16. Let go and love with the same amount of might.

17. Life is short but heartache is shorter.

18. Don't share your dreams with everyone and don't be angry with non-dreamers.

19. It takes a while to build a dream.

20. The dream will outlive the dreamer so dream big.

21 If you lie to yourself you will lie to God too.

22. Live where you are so God can meet you at your needs.

23. Never wish to be somebody else.

24. The grass may be greener on the other side but the the water bill is higher.

25. Don't let people change who you are just be who you are with someone else.

26. Heartbreak can make you hard! But don't let it make you bitter.

27. Bitterness is as toxic as stage 4 cancer.

28. While the most dangerous person in the world is a person with nothing to lose, the most powerful person in the world is a person with nothing to prove.

29. Don't try to be seen, God may be hiding you on purpose.

30. Your beginning never dictates your destination.

31. The will to live is as strong as the will to love and be loved.

32. You really will reap what you sow.

33. You can learn something from everything and everybody, especially the elderly.

34. Childrens' laughter is like medicine to sadness.

35. Prayer really can change things.

36. If it had not been for The Lord on my side I don't know where I would be.

37. Who you are at 20 will not be who you are at 40 and if it is, SOMETHING IS WRONG!

38. You give away your power when you don't forgive.

39. Always aim for right and avoid doing wrong at all costs.

40. Never argue with what is.

41. Teach but never try to change people because sometimes they change back.

42. Share wisdom with those who will receive it.

43. Be aware of the darkness but your focus should always be the light.

44. Nothing is impossible for God.

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  • Lisa .Arlington, VA

    Copied the list and saved it to my desktop. An encouragement for me to come up with 56 next year. Hope you had a happy b'day. Living in Atlanta, the land of good cake (as I know from relatives who are now baking in Heaven), I imagine you had yourself a good slice. Or two.

  • Yolanda Mathis Houston, Texas

    Thank you so much Mr. Perry for the 44 things you know to be true, it really gave me the conformation for what I already know that with prayer, faith, and belief in God nothing is impossible. God knows what we need before we even ask him, but he wants to continue to pray to him and have the faith and belief that he is going to do a great work in our lives. I truly believe that God test our faith, to see how much we are really going to rely on him to bring us out of a situation, and when he brings us out of something we can praise him, and be a testimony to others of how powerful God really is. Thanks again for this may God continue to bless you Mr. Perry.

  • kailey

    AMAZING!!! Tyler Perry you are truly a one of a kind soul full of spiritual knowledge and depth not often found. You are changing the world for the better with you words. Please continue to do amazing works with the help of our wonderful God. You are a blessing to mankind! Continue to speak truths for it shall fill others with the fruit of knowledge. Many Blessings - Kailey

  • Yolanda Alabama

    Thank you, for sharing this 44 things. It has help to remember to give up on myself and My God!

  • Traci Wells Memphis,Tennessee

    You know what every Sunday I go to church. I am talking about every Sunday and it seems like me and my family relationship will never get any better. My mom and I are not getting along at all and I think we never will. I am 31 and I am fed up with the same aurgments and fights that we have all the time. The cops mean nothing to me. I don't even know what the justice system is for in America. The bible say that you are better off single and I am going single all the way. I know GOD is real I guess that is why I feel like I can keep living my life. You have 44 things that you know to be true I am going to hold on to the first thing you said and that is GOD is real. Have a nice day! I thought you were 43 I guess you had a birthday. Happy Birthday!

  • Linh Mount vernon, WA

    It is a good message! I really agree with your message number 1 and number 44 it is best thing need to believe I am so thankful to my host family through them I can watch your drama you made! it is great ^^ I love it! you make me think Madea is a real woman not a man but when everything done I realize this is a man thank for your drama! it not only make everybody laugh but also have a deep lesson behind that :)

  • M. MD

    Hey TeaPea! You're doing real well, I know. Just read your 44 for 44. Question, and you don't have to answer. Are you about to become a daddy or have you already become one? #18. Absolutely! Do not judge those who may seem to not want what others may have (furthermore, we don't always know HOW they have gotten what they have), or who do not reach for the stars, so to speak. Most of us have "dreamed" about what we wanted to be in life or wanted to pursue, but due to circumstances beyond our control, were not able to pursue those "dreams" or goals. That's just life, just the way it is. But that doesn't mean that we are lesser than. AMEN! Have a pleasant day! your sister, M.

  • Yejide Martins Lagos, Nigeria


  • Raxine TX

    Happy belated "Cupcake" day! Remembered you on your special day but was so super busy! Hope that it was very peaceful, tranquil, calm, restful, quiet, still, relaxing, soothing, undisturbed, untroubled, private, secluded, serene, composed, placid, at ease, unworried and content. Blessings to see many, Many, MANY more! Ps. Thanks for the "44". Have a wonderful and productive day! ;-)

  • Charmissa Edmun Dallas, TX

    Tyler, Happy Belated birthday man of God! I JUST LOVE YOU AND SO THANKFUL TO GOD FOR YOUR EXISTENCE! God bless you and increase you even the more to bear fruit and much more fruit for the kingdom! Charmissa E.

  • Sherri Freeman raleigh

    I love this may continue to bless you as you have used so kuch insight with your fans

  • Brenda Atlanta

    Mr. Tyler your 44 for 44 is absolutely phenomenal!!! Thanks for sharing, because it was very encouraging and a big reminder for me to carry in my mind constantly. Happy 44th birthday and may God bless you with another 44+ years!!!!!!! :-)

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