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If you can count on one thing from "Madea" Mabel Simmons, star of the smash hits Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Madea's Family Reunion, it's that she's got something to say. Now the beloved, sharp-tongued, pistol-packing grandmother has her own book-part memoir, many parts hard-won, hilarious, straight-up in-your-face words of wisdom.

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  • Debbie Hamilton Rossville, Ga

    I have read this book three times, I have never laughed so hard over a book in my life. I wish Mr. Perry wouls male a movie about it. I have all Tyler Perrys movies & plays. I wouldlike to have his other book (Madea's big happy family) but I can afford ot right now. When I am down his movies are my go to they always cheer me up and lift my spirits. Thank God for Tyler Perry he is such an inspiration. I think he should run for president.



    • M.H #2084917

      What a book to read!

    • M.H #2084952

      I wonder how Madea feels tonight?

    • M.H #2100189

      I didn't know but now I do.

  • Lisa Florida

    I loved this book. It was funny and truthful and as usual full of attitude.

  • vanessa battle creek mi

    Mr.'Perry, I've read the book, it was so funny, that I was sitting outside lol when my neighbors stuck their head out to ask what had me belly rolling. I told them what I was reading and they wanted to read it to, I told them they would have to buy their own copy, cause I wasn't sharing mine(I never get my books back when I lend them out). I then found out it was on audio I bought it and love it better than the book. I play it when I'm down and need an up. I tell everyone about it. I think you should promote the audio book more. Just hearing Madea's voice, and her wisdom, just makes my day.

  • ms mccoy palm beach

    Great movie. Lol...

  • Erica McDaniel-Nap Greenacres FL

    (Greenacres DOES EXIST). Anyway I wanted to say Tyler that I LOVE reading this book. Whenever I need a good laugh, I always get this at my library. I've read it at least 5 times. I know, why don't I just buy it? I've thought about it. I just haven't. But the life lessons and the humor in it are exactly what I need to get through what ever difficult time I'm going through. I have recommended it to my girlfriends and they all love it. Madea knows BEST!! keep up the great work and I hope to see another book out soon

  • Ora Richman Marion, Arkansas

    I absolutely loved Don't Make A Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings. I loved the pearls of wisdom that Madea had to share. And oh yeah, the section about the ugly man....I myself do not care for looks. My granny use to say: "TO H.E.L.L. WITH LOOKS!" And I honestly feel the same way she did....thanks for writing this book...I love it!

  • Dora Charlottesville va

    I Love everthing t.v shows ,moves , plays , Keep up the good work . BE BLESS

    • Asome Bide Silver Spring #2146571


  • alicia deland fl

    I have been watch in your movies since I was 1 and I love all your movies

  • Anijah austin pauls valley

    hello tyler perry my name is anijah I am ten years old and I have been waching your movies since I was one years old and I luv them very much my fav character is madea but I also like mrs.hattie well that's all hope u right back and may god bless u with your work because without god u will surly fail. p.s I am using my moms email I not aloud to have one yet

    • tracy guy Paulsvalley,Ok #1845401

      hi mr.perry I am anijah austins mother and I am sure she ment to say mr.tyler perry, right now we r watching madeas big happy family the movie, anijah's favorite part is PULL YO PANTS UP and look like somebody be a leader and not a follower, well mr.tyler perry we luv u so much u r an inspiration in all of our lives and this movie is why our family is fixed right now.

  • Lahoma Adams Killeen Texas

    I never seen this movies so where can I find it

    • Michelle Syracuse, New York #1989363

      You can find all of Tyler Perry's movies and plays at Wal-Mart

  • G dallas

    Hello! Just wanted to say hello! I wanted to know when you will be making another madea movie. I miss her so much! she make me laugh and she is so real! I hope all is well and you have a wonderful and great year as always. Keep it real and we love you dearly and say a prayer for you always. Love you G.

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