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I'm so glad that thousands of you have decided to come out and see the live DVD taping of my two new plays, AUNT BAM'S PLACE and I DON'T WANT TO DO WRONG.  Ms. Ella (Cassi Davis) is going to be in rare form in AUNT BAM'S PLACE on Tuesday and Wednesday then on Friday and Saturday, Palmer Williams Jr. (Floyd) and a new find of mine, Ms. Patrice Lovely are going to make you laugh until you hurt in I DON'T WANT TO DO WRONG. I'm telling you, they couldn't even get through the table read, they were laughing so hard. Again only $25, at the Cobb Energy Centre in Atlanta, Georgia on August 30th-31st & September 2nd-3rd.  This will be the most fun you and I probably have had in a while. Come laugh with us.

Had to tell you this.

I saw a movie called, THE HELP that opens this Friday. I must say, I really enjoyed it! I love looking back and seeing how far we've come. And the performances in this film are stellar. Ms. Cicely Tyson was exceptionally Cicely. Viola Davis, this woman is remarkable. Octavia Spencer, she was like watching joy rise on the screen.

You know I don't recommend a lot of movies, so this one has to be special, right? Well it is! Go see it if you can this weekend. THE HELP!

I really enjoyed it.


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  • Marlene Louis Gilles LAWRENCE, MA

    Hey. I'm sharing and express my feeling. I really enjoyed the show episodes, there is nothing i can do about it, i just love it. My heart is for the show, may be you pray with these people in the studios, I did schedule myself to watching the show episodes most of the time. Please keep up the good work, may god bless you upon your wonderful work. Best Regards. Dear Marlene

  • Marlene Louis Gilles Larence, MA

    Dear Mr.Tyler Perry, we are gratefully enjoyed your fantastic establishment show and movies operation in Atlanta Georgia. My appreciation from the bottom of my heart for all you have been done for the fans. I will always keep you in my prayer for God to comlpete your achievement goal and vision toward your future. I just want you to know, that, you are a remarkable person surelly God have his eyes on you. As a fan or friend i will keep encouraged you to keep up the good work, in being the best in very best you can imagine in your life time style as a young producer loving in care for people. I really enjoyed to laughing all time. Have good blessing day sir. Love u, Best Regards dear. Marlene

  • Gina Weese Akron, Ohio

    Hi Tyler, I have not yet been able to see your new movie Mr. Deeds. I lost my job and it is not going to be possible for a while. I will not miss it. I promise, as my family will never miss a movie that you create. There is always a beautiful message and leaves you to think deeply on how to use what you learn in your own life. I think we have seen everything that you have made. Keep em coming. You have a good spirit and it shows in all your work. Loved by the Weese family in Ohio. Gina :)

  • Grace E Hinton Raleigh -Knightdale NC

    Mr . Perry I know many people write you and are blessing you as I do also. I'm 64 yrs old and picked up diabetes from being treated for breast cancer three times in five years. People will not hire us for certain jobs with diabetes treated with insulin. I understand your mom had this awful disease and I know with your contacts and money if it were possible you would have done anything for your mom. True the doctors don't even tell people this can be reversed. I was a nurse for many years in the correctional system in Wash.DC and a school nurse for the school system with the mentally challenged of all ages . None of our race of actors,singers ever spoke of this disease. I am a writer and wish to work for you in any capacity,I met all kinds of people that got arrested in the District of Columbia. I attended many White-House dinners and functions. I was forced to retire because of the diabetes. I went to school todrive a (18 wheeler) to go back to law school at 52yr of age because of the insulin its not allowed and I can understand why. I worked two forty hour jobs to be a success and show my children success. While being treated for the cancers a (14) yr. old ran a red light hit me and the police didn't catch him but once he jumped out of the still running car someone hid him by the time the police approched a crowed ofAfrican - Americans standing around. I am slow moving but I have a lot a life left in me , had it not been for my savior I would not be here today. It was years before my job and oncologist realized the real extent of my injury. I could not speak or write a (3) lletter sentense. What you are reading now was then impossible so the (5) yr.time to file a law suit with my own insurance co was also gone nobody knew my brain was affected til it was to late. As you read this which was not possible . I would like to send you a few stories I have written. I don't worry about the diabetes as much as when it was annouced to me. It was a shocking think to hear that coming out of my doctors mouth and I did all possible to not get it. People don't talk about getting it from a drug called Prednisone,nobody talks about that.If your doctor puts you on it its usually a life threatening matter. You take it because you need it to stay alive my hands were tied I don't mind riding to Atlanta to work if neccessary. I ride the Amtrax regularly. Thank You very much for reading my note.

  • Elairie Thornton Fort myers FL.

    Good evening mr. Perry, I wanted you to know how Madea Christmas was to me and my family. I thanks God for you and the message that you send out in all of your plays, you are a bless man and god have been good to all of us regardless of our problems that we may go through he is able to bring us out. Many times I felt that I didn't have a friend when hard times came alone, just trusting in the lord knowing he was right their and he is an on time god and his name is Jesus. I think about your movie Madea goes to jail, about those branches you spoke of and the leaves and the root that always be their and his name is jesus. So to sum it up my brother ,I thanks God for you and continue seeking him and putting him first be sweet and may the lord watch over us and protect us in this cruel world.

  • Beatrice Philadelphia

    Yes, the movie was indeed special and inspirational!

  • Jackie Ray MICHIGAN

    I watched the new Tyler Perry Christmas Play, I was not happy with it at all. I have seen much better work come from Tyler Perry. After watching it I thought back about the rest of the movies and plays that I have. Each one it seems that his work is getting worse than the one just before it. I know that I am only one person but it starts with just one person, Tyler you have to better or you will lose my business.

  • Michael Philadelphia

    Aunt Bam's Place when will it come to Philadelphia or will come here or the closest place would be NY City?

    • Brenee Ohio #1590260

      Hi Tyler. I wanted to tweet with you, so I guess one day I will get a chance. This is the second time I haven't been able to get though. Maybe its not meant to be. I will continue to watch everything that you make and continue to send you comments. Always keep God first and he will see you through.

  • maria east st.louis baby !!!!!

    Hi Tyler, How are things going in the world of Production? I cannot wait until " For Better or Worse" comes on TBS. I also want to see "Alex Cross as well as "The Have and Have Nots". By the way I loved the Visionaires program on OWN. Wonderful!!! You have a beautiful home and the studio is lovely! Looking foward to seeing your next vision!!!! Take care of yourself. Respectfully Yours, Maria p.s. I see who really is a lover of canines!!!! If I see you walking them, I will have to wave from a distance!!

  • Georgia St. Louis Mo. 63136

    Hello my friend, I am so glad to seee that God is still doing amazing things in and with your life. I am also happy to see how God is changing so many lives of the people working with you. The TP Network is not only a housewhole name but it is a Spiritual Gatway that gives families something more positive to view that the Mess that is being shown to us today. Thank you. And as always in closing, I know you are busy, BUT, "WHERE AND WHEN CAN i BUT THE SOUND TRACKS TO EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE?" Much Love and Respect. Georgia

  • Brenda Baton Rouge, LA


  • Sista Mary Darlene Williams Tampa, FL

    Hello Man of God, I Pray this Notation finds You Well in Spirit, Mind, Body, Soul and Aspirations. I Sincerely Pray for You, Your Family, Business Partners /Associates, Friends, and Employees may you all get to where you all are supposed to be In and Through God. I have just read some of Your Fan Comments and i Honestly Pray that Your Big Heart will not put more on You Than God means for You to handle. You are Very Intelligent, Focused and Driven to be the best you can be and from watching You share on OWN Sunday Night not so easily turned into a Lollipop (Bravo)!!! Sometimes the Job that God has given You requires Much, Watching and Praying as people want a Deliverer and Supplier of their needs and look to someone else's Money, Gifts and Talents to save them. Only God Can Do THAT and it takes Faith in Him. So Sister to Brother let God lead You, not guilt nor greed and begging. God knows who, when and how to bring a Divine Appointment to Fruition. All Things Work Together for the Good of Them Who Love THE LORD and are Called according to His Purposes. Mamma Maxine ain't raised no fool and saying no at the right times don't hurt. Without Faith it is impossible to Please God. So Please God- Man of God, the best You can Do, is Please God!!! He has Blessed You to own Your Label so use it Wisely, i have Faith that You Will... Much Love and Respect... Sister Mary Darlene Williams Seeing You walk by Faith is Motivation enough for me.

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