“Sistas”, the new one-hour dramatic comedy by Tyler Perry, follows four single girlfriends who have reached the milestone beyond young adulthood, and are now closer to who they are to become. All the ladies are in their 30’s, and they are all still single. Set in present-day Atlanta, Georgia, Perry takes viewers on a roller coaster ride of emotions and hilarious quagmires that single women can relate to on their own journeys to finding “Mr. Right.”
Andi (KJ Smith), is a newly hired attorney at a prestigious law firm. Hardworking and virtuous, Andi’s love life gets complicated when she becomes involved with a married man. She learns she must lean on her best friends, Danni (Mignon), Sabrina (Novi Brown), and Karen (Ebony Obsidian), if she wants to make it through this. Ever the comedic relief, Danni is an abrasive and young at heart airline supervisor. Sabrina is the more sympathetic one of the bunch who works at a bank, and Karen is an entrepreneur who has opened her own beauty salon.
It is against this backdrop that Perry’s new dramedy takes flight. The four friends learn that at times, their shortcomings can build them up or tear them apart. “Sistas” explores the twists of fates, the unforeseen consequences, and the complexities that come along when matters of the heart are involved. Things will get as bad as they possibly can, but through it all these young women learn to find the humor in almost every moment and laugh out loud. Tyler Perry’s “Sistas“ makes this point with poignancy and candor: that if a person has loving relationships from friends and family, they can have joy in the midst of almost any pain.

Cast: KJ Smith, Mignon, Ebony Obsidian, Novi Brown, Devale Ellis, Chido Nwokocha, Anthony Dalton II, Brian Jordan Jr., Kevin A. Walton

Network: BET: Black Entertainment Television

Directed By: Tyler Perry

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