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At long last, Madea returns to the big screen in TYLER PERRY'S MADEA GOES TO JAIL. This time America's favorite irreverent, pistol-packin' grandmomma is raising hell behind bars and lobbying for her freedom...Hallelujer!

After a high-speed freeway chase puts Madea (TYLER PERRY) in front of the judge, her reprieve is short-lived as anger management issues get the best of her and land her in jail. A gleeful Joe (TYLER PERRY) couldn't be happier at Madea's misfortune. But Madea's eccentric family members the Browns (DAVID and TAMELA MANN) rally behind her, lending their special "country" brand of support.

Meanwhile, Assistant District Attorney Joshua Hardaway (DEREK LUKE) is on the fast track to career success. But Hardaway lands a case too personal to handle - defending young prostitute and former drug addict Candace Washington (KESHIA KNIGHT PULLIAM) - and asks his fiancée and fellow ADA Linda Holmes (ION OVERMAN) to fill in on his behalf. When Candace ends up in jail, Madea befriends the young woman, protecting her in a "motherly" way as only Madea can.

Lionsgate and TPS Present A Reuben Cannon/Lionsgate Production of TYLER PERRY'S MADEA GOES TO JAIL. Based on Perry's successful stage play, TYLER PERRY’S MADEA GOES TO JAIL is produced, written and directed by Tyler Perry. The film is produced by Reuben Cannon. TYLER PERRY'S MADEA GOES TO JAIL also stars RONREACO LEE, SOFIA VERGARA, VANESSA FERLITO, VIOLA DAVIS, ROBIN COLEMAN and BOBBI BAKER.

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  • ruth robinson 1734 labelle st.

    i watched 100 times its funny and madea is stupid funny and that lady said hey sexy u wanna spend some time with me and be my client cury is she a doctor and a lawyer in a sick home you no she a pritute

  • shirley john orlando fl

    how bout u just let people watch the movie instead of buying it cause now a days people don't really watch madea but I do and I aint got time to be paying for a 2 hour movie and be signing up for it which will take about 30 min thank think about what I said

  • Lanell Follins Jackson ms.

    I been married about 2years and me and wife like you very very much. We watch all your movies we like to come see you very but we can not because we are on income. But we lovebThe haves and the nots.much love to you from Lanell and shriley Follins

  • lacy martingsburg wv

    were is your next play

  • Apostle Gilbert Paneng Johannesburg South Africa

    Hi Tyler once more again it is very nice to watch your movie called WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO ? You are one of the best actor like Eddy Mavis . I would like you to come and minister in my church here in South Africa. You can watch us on the Livestream on the internet by connecting to www.wordrevelation.co.za.or twitter me apostle Gilbert. Love you man stay bless my brother. Your brother fromSouth Africa Gilbert

    • analle new jersey #2128725

      you movies should be free all the time my favorite movie of yours is medea goes to jail but i have to pay please put it for free :]

  • Lidia NV

    Hello Mr. Perry! My name is Lidia and I am 16 years old. I would love the opportunity to be able to act on one of your future film productions. I’ve had over 3 years of training in acting school. Some of the courses I took include: improvisation, scene study, commercial audition techniques, monologue, and etc. I am truly passionate about acting. My life hasn’t always been easy for me. Acting gives me an escape from any hardship I have ever come across. It gives me the ability to become another character with a whole new personality. Being able to act will always put a smile on my face. I continuously look for ways to audition in tv/film productions. I am a hard worker with great memorization skills. I am extremely easy to work with and I take direction very well. I have a lot of energy that I could bring to one of your future films/shows. I also enjoy singing. Music is a huge part of my life as well. I promise I will not let you down and you won’t regret your decision for choosing me. I had a talent agent at one point during the year of 2010 but unfortunately he was fired from his job. I have seen each and every single one of your movies and they’re amazing. Madea Goes to Jail and The Single Mom’s Club are my favorite. You are truly an inspiring actor, director, as well as just an overall person. I thank God for the blessing of living and I will be truly blessed and honored for an opportunity to work with such a humble, kind, caring, and generous person like you. I appreciate your time. Thank you.

  • Mary Ann Uschak Union, New Jersey, USA

    Tyler Perry, You are truly a genius for discovering Madea....I have been laughing all morning.....God Bless You!!!

  • Tim McGraw Texas

    Best movie ever! I love the "Living for the LORT" scene. hilarious!! I'm waiting for even more movies.

    • solomon tzaneen #1888100

      There your right tim

  • diana america

    this movie is the bomb don't give up. and i would like to act your show

  • Pablo

    That movie is the s***

  • Yejide Martins Lagos, Nigeria

    Such an interesting and hilarious Movie! I like the theme and what it teaches about love, care and forgiveness too! God bless you Tyler! God bless you!

  • javious jackson texas

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmm I love these movies

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