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From the award-winning playwright Tyler Perry comes the hit success Diary of a Mad Black Woman, which began as an accomplished play. Charles, an attorney, and Helen, his devoted wife, seemed to have everything – money, a beautiful mansion - the American Dream. However, as Helen prepares to celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary, her life takes an unexpected twist. Helen is forced to rediscover love, life and religion on her pursuit for happiness.

The comedy extravaganza continues as Perry’s four popular plays are made available for the first time ever on DVD. In Madea’s Class Reunion, Mabel “ Madea” Simmons has decided to “go on head an go” to her 50th Class Reunion. In Madea’s Family Reunion, Madea has a wedding, a funeral and a family reunion…and she did it all for only $75. If you thought Madea’s family was crazy, wait till you…Meet the Browns. In I Can Do Bad All By Myself, see what happens when a family is torn apart by one sister’s selfishness and another sister’s refusal to let go of the love of her life. All the while, Madea is in rare form and is determined to get and keep the family together.

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  • Darryl FL

    Happy 10th Anniversary of this Film Tyler! today is it's 10 year release since it hit theaters in 2005! :)

  • Darryl G. FL

    February 25th, 2015 will be this movie 10th Anniversary since it first hit the Big Screen February 25th, 2005 I wish there was some type of sequel for this like like ''Diary of a Mad White Woman'' a story this time about Helen Friend a white rich woman who is dealing with the same problems that Helen been through with some advice and help from Madea & Helen now that would be funny!

  • Tracey-Ann Brown Kingston Jamaica West indies

    I am fan of all your movies. But dairy of a mad black woman in its own class i love it.

  • claire England

    Massive fan of your work, you did a movie called Temptation confessions of a marriage counceller and i loved it. it is so nice to have movie with a strong sense of morals and belief at the core. Never seen diary of a mad black woman but i cannot wait to watch it!! soo excited!!

    • claire England #2022878

      "I'm not bitter, I'm mad as hell!!" love it!

    • Kimkim Rochester new york #2047239

      So so so so so so so good!

  • Berenice az

    I love this movie so much. It's relatable in many circumstances and it's just an awesome movie. One of my favorites!

  • Thandeka Mbatha South Africa, Durban

    Hi Tyler Perry I just want to say this was the best movie that I can ever watch and the first time I watch it changed my life because I was abused also by a man and instead of leaving him I kept on making excuses for him on my family and friends but the day my friend made me to watch this movie my life change and I can tell you no man has ever abused me and it will never happened, I'm now a successful women and working my dream job and also very proud and independent women. Thanks

  • Samanta Trinidad and Tobago

    This was me at one time. For all who have been through that experience, give it time. Allow yourself to grieve the lost then allow yourself to love again. Interesting that you could relate Mr. Perry.

  • Faith Karibo port harcourt Nigeria

    I must say Tyler, u inspire me a lot w** your wonderful movies and your story lines are also exceptional, thanks for always givin us hope in our relationships. I look forward to have a picture with you.#cheers#

  • M.H

    I love you so very much!

  • Neina Californi

    OMG I love this movie it is just so real to me . I have been hurt in my life and i just gave up on myself. I thought since he was gone out of my life then I had nothing else to live for. But, you could say i found my Orlando !!! My man cares about me,he loves me,and cherishes me like a gift. And i thank god for giving me such a wonderful blessing and getting my life back together .So,thank you Tyler for once again creating a masterpiece and giving us woman hope around here . Love , A grateful fan

  • Clement USA

    This is the most beautiful movies I have never seen. I watched it more than 20 times and each time, it produces the same effect on me. Even though I know how the movie ends, it always give tears; it also gives me the strength to love my with harder. No woman must go through this. Thank you for the happy ending.

  • yessie taveras United States

    I can relate to this movie deep in my skin the man that desire me so much bad and wish me dead so many times is today in a hospital bed wishing he was dead and going through so much I have a 6 yr old girl and 8 yr old boy raising all by my self in the project of nyc the ghetto and guess what my health nsurance from my job is paying for his hospital bills and im stuck with all the copays but I know GOD is good and someday I will be free

    • ELL L A KENYA,MBS #2071443

      Hi Tyler......Thank you for bringing out what only our pilloows know best. out here we try to wear a strong,loving and beautifull face but deep inside we hide our burning scars.I was once here and i never thought i wuold make it on my own,after watching this...i got the strength and courage to walk out.Now am a very happy single mum and no man whatsoever will ever take me back there.thank you so very much.