Tyler Perry talks “Tyler Town” with The Hollywood Reporter


Tyler Perry sat down with The Hollywood Reporter at Tyler Perry Studios, the massive film and television production lot that friend and collaborator, Oprah calls “Tyler Town.”

When completed, Tyler Perry Studios will not only be five times larger than his old Atlanta facility, but also double the size of Warner Brothers in Burbank. The new studio will eventually house 12 sound stages, including a 60,000 square foot colossus that will boast its own water tank.

Although construction at the base is booming, the studio is already up and running and current filming includes six of Perry’s own series, along with a consistent schedule of third-party productions like HBO’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and AMC’s The Walking Dead. With the sheer size of a project like Tyler Perry Studios, and with a relentless schedule of producing, directing, writing, and acting, it’s no wonder that THR has named Perry, TV Producer of the Year.

The interview looks deeper into Perry’s career, revealing the first person that took a chance on him (Mike Paseornek at Lionsgate) and the worst job he has ever had (used car salesman). Perry also detailed a typical day in his life, which involves arriving at the studio at 6 AM for the onsite spin class they hold for the studio crew. Then he’s off to work on set and tries to leave by 10 so he can get to sleep by 11, proving he works even harder now than when he was “hitting the boards,” performing his plays over 300 times a year nearly two decades ago.

Perry told The Hollywood Reporter that to this day all of it is still surreal, saying he is just as much in awe of his current set up as every person that sees it.

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