Tyler Perry sits down with Twitter


Tyler Perry kicked off the press tour for Acrimony today in the heart of tech country, Silicon Valley. With a two-week run-up to the film’s premiere that will have Perry crisscrossing the country before its release on March 30, the director-producer-writer decided to get things started in the land of social media and the microchip.

In a day that also saw him visit HQ at FaceBook, Perry sat down with Head of Recruiting at Twitter, Trier-Lynn Bryant and took questions from the Twittersphere.

During the 30 minute conversation Perry spoke about the creative process behind his new thriller starring Taraji P. Henson, his approach to storytelling, and how building a major motion picture studio has opened up new possibilities, not just for his ability to create, but for filmmakers from around the world.

See the full interview below and get your preorder tickets to Acrimony here.

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