Tyler Perry Gives Exclusive Interview On Joe Scarborough Presents

Image: MSNBC

This week, Tyler Perry appeared on MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Presents for an exclusive interview. Speaking to Joe, Tyler reflected on his journey over the last few decades of his inspirational life and career, from sleeping in his car to running a successful production studio.

For the interview, Joe traveled to Atlanta to visit Tyler Perry Studios’ 330-acre campus, where Tyler showed him filming locations for The Oval and Marvel’s Black Panther, Madea’s house, the studio’s historic district, and more.

Tyler shared what he’s learned from his own lived experience, noting how looking for little moments of encouragement each day carried him through his struggles and offering words of motivation to viewers.  “Every step is a step forward,” he says, “One step at a time — keep going.”

Watch the full interview below.

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