New York Magazine Charts Tyler Perry’s Rise


New York Magazine’s Rembert Browne discusses Tyler Perry’s turbulent upbringing, rise to success, and the criticism and praise thrown his way.

The former Grantland, now NY Mag mainstay visits Tyler Perry Studios, where “even dreams believe,” to interview the playwright/mogul/entrepreneur/actor/philanthropist and to discover the indelible role Perry plays not just in the city he calls home (Atlanta), but in the greater narrative of African-Americans making film.


Some highlights from the interview include:

On criticism: “It is unfair for black people to say, ‘Carry my story in your story — show me in your story,’” he says. “And for people to say that they’re stereotypes of black people, that’s bullshit — it’s offensive. These are real versions of us. And every one of us has the right to tell our own story.”

On his work: ““There are so many people that society says their stories don’t matter because they’re poor.”

Read the full article, entitled “The Brand Keeping Oprah in Business” here.

Lead image by Graeme Mitchell for New York Magazine.

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