Netflix Debuts ‘Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming’ Official Trailer

“The legend. The diva. Icon. The queen. Is back.” These words fill the screen in the newly released trailer for Tyler Perry’s highly anticipated “A Madea Homecoming” premiering February 25th exclusively to Netflix.

Perry, who’s been giving fans a taste of Madea in this month’s posts to Instagram, finally served up the appetizer. In the trailer, audiences get to experience Perry’s most beloved character through her family’s one-liners. “All hell’s about to break loose now, ”Braless and lawless,” “There’s the legal way and then there’s the Madea way.”

Although dynamics with Madea’s family often showcase relatable bumps, their reunion for her great-grandson’s graduation ceremony will certainly be a comedic treat.

“When I tell you I want you to laugh so hard that you can’t stop! I MEAN IT!” Perry commented in a recent interview. “We’ve been going through too much in this world! All I want this movie to do is just make you laugh out loud for real!”

Watch the trailer for Tyler Perry’s, “A Madea Homecoming” here and mark your calendars for its release next month.

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