Local Students participate as TPS hosts the Atlanta Concours d’Elegance Car Show

It isn’t every day you get to ride around in a piece of history but for students from Atlanta’s Tri-Cities High School, this past Sunday saw them step back in time as they toured the 4th annual Concours d’Elegance car show hosted for the first time at the oh-so-historic, Tyler Perry Studios.

The studio is built on hallowed grounds as the old Fort McPherson army base dates back to a time when a horse and buggy were the accepted transport of the day. All that history not only makes it a fantastic shooting location but a superb backdrop for Atlanta’s most prestigious car show.

Atlanta’s Concours d’Elegance rolled onto to the lot this weekend and Tyler Perry Studios wanted to make sure the list of invitees included students from Tri-Cities High School. The kids participated in a guided tour with one of the Concours experts and learned a lot about the early automobile and how the old classics were meticulously restored.

During the tour, the students were invited to try a few of the cars out for size!

Beyond the excitement of the tour, the underlying purpose of inviting the students was to expose them to the unique experience of a claccic car show and a career field they may never have thought about entering in the future – automobile restoration.

A portion of the proceeds from this annual show supports Shepherd Center, McPherson College Automotive Restoration Program, Metropolitan Atlanta Chapters of 100 Black Men and the Georgia Defense Force.

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